10 Insane (But True) Facts About Davion Mitchell

10 Insane (But True) Facts About Davion Mitchell

Davion Mitchell, arguably the greatest defender in the recent NBA draft class and the leader of the national champions the Baylor Bears. He took a massive leap to fame in the past couple of years and it paid off by being selected by the Sacramento Kings in the lottery section of the first round. However, not much information is known about Davion Mitchell. In today’s video, we are going to be talking about ten of the most interesting facts regarding the former Baylor superstar. Stick around until the end of the video to find out which team had the most interest in him heading into the draft outside of Sacramento. For now, we will jump straight into the list.

Number ten. Davion Mitchell wasn’t a very big name when he first got himself into college, unlike many of the other top draft picks in the recent NBA Draft. Davion entered as a four-star prospect and chose to take his talents to Auburn in 2017. He joined with fellow top prospect Chuma Okeke, who now happens to be a forward on the Orlando Magic who has even started a couple of games throughout his young NBA career. In Mitchell’s first season with Auburn, he averaged just 17 minutes per contest and came off the bench. It was unfortunate because he was so close to eeking out the starting job from Jared Harper but wasn’t quite there yet. It’s hard to believe a player of his caliber being thrown to a bench role where he didn’t get many minutes, yet everybody has to start somewhere. This fact happens to lead us into our next one as well

Number nine. Davion transferred over to Baylor after that freshman season. According to Auburn coach Bruce Pearl, Davion wanted to be the leader of a team and build upon his skills, something he wasn’t getting the opportunity to do while sitting behind Harper on the bench. Pearl said it broke his heart to see him leave but Mitchell wanted a serious opportunity for himself. Unfortunately, Mitchell was forced to sit out the entire 2018-19 season but return the year after for his junior year. Davion was quickly named the Big 12 Newcomer of the Year and emerged as a top talent in the college scene with his new squad. Plus, you can’t forget the fact that Mitchell was one of the biggest contributors and leaders on the team, a team that ended up winning the entire NCAA Tournament by defeating an undefeated Gonzaga team led by two lottery draft picks Corey Kispert and Jalen Suggs.

Number eight. Davion Mitchell is often compared to the young NBA superstar Donovan Mitchell, the shooting guard for the Utah Jazz. Obviously, this would be a frequent comparison due to them sharing the same last name, but the comparisons go deeper than just that. They both also share the same jersey number, number 45, a number not very common for shooting guards yet they both wear it with pride. When it comes to their overall basketball game you can tell they are almost the exact same player. They have related play styles, similar shots, and are the same build as one another physically. It’s not just the fans and analysts noticing these similarities because the Portland Trail Blazers superstar point guard Damian Lillard took to Twitter to talk about the comparisons. He said “You play for Baylor bra? I’m confused lol.” He sent that tweet over to Donovan Mitchell who ran along with the joke and replied, “Lmao I got two years of eligibility left.” Who knows, maybe we could possibly see these two young stars team up down the line, wouldn’t that be a fun backcourt to watch huh?

Number seven. His nickname fits in perfectly with the way that he models his game. Davion loves to play defense, so much so that he was heavily considered the best on ball defender in the recent draft and for good reason. He is often called Off Night, a nickname that first started to come around because that’s exactly what his opponents usually have when being guarded by him. While his height or wingspan isn’t exactly what other elite defenders have like Kawhi Leonard, he uses his rare combination of strength, quickness and tenacity to get after his opponents. Throughout his last season at Baylor when they won the championship, he averaged 1.9 steals per game and was second in the Big-12 picture behind only his teammate Jared Butler. Davion also made sure to sweep all three National Defensive Player of the Year awards last year just to further prove his defensive dominance. No matter where he ends up throughout his career, that defensive style of play will make him an immediate impact player no matter what team he goes too. This is one of the major reasons he was sought after by so many different teams. Stick around until the end of the video to find out which teams had an interest in the young man.

Number six. Going back to his national championship victory with the Baylor Bears, Davion Mitchell received a very special award. Something that many players have never even though about receiving before. Mitchell was officially handed the Key to the City in his hometown of Hinesville, Georgia. He met up with the community at his former high school, Liberty County, to celebrate his recent achievements and official claim the key. That wasn’t the only thing that happened either, a county wide holiday was also made in his honor. April 15th from now on is to be considered Davion Mitchell Day in Liberty County. Davion said that he hopes these recent accomplishments can motivate and push other young kids to do better and to keep working hard. He wants to be remembered around his hometown for a long time coming and hopes to inspire other people to put in the work.

Number five. Davion prides himself on being the hardest worker in the room and that attitude has paid off, especially on the defensive end. Some people who have never heard of Mitchell before his recent championship season with the team would often think that he was a one-year wonder. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth here. Davion is a player that has worked his tail off for years now, always trying to get himself both mentally and physical prepared for the challenges set in front of him. After all, there is no way he would be nearly as talented of a defender if he chose to just sit around and not work hard at his craft. This hard work was also the reason his scoring took a major leap forward. Having this type of work ethic and attitude is something that tons of NBA team are looking for and should help him develop into an even better basketball player in the future.

Number four. Mitchell’s biggest role model is his mother. Like many other NBA players around the league, their parents have been their biggest motivator to their rise to success and that is exactly the case here with Davion. When he was being asked about his journey through different schools and being able to win a championship, he talked about how his family had always pushed him, especially his mother Lakisha. Davion talked about his confidence taking a big hit after being relegated to the bench in his first college season at Auburn, but his mother always stood by him and told him that everything was going to work out in the end as long as he puts the work in like he has been doing. Knowing that all of his hard work would eventually pay off helped him keep his confidence up and was one of the biggest reasons he felt good enough to leave Auburn to try and get himself into a better opportunity elsewhere and look what happened out of that.

Number three. Davion believes that he has never been on a losing team, and from what we could see he hasn’t been throughout his life. Mitchell was asked a couple of questions about his mentality and impact on winning after he was selected with the ninth overall pick by the Sacramento Kings in the draft. He talked about how he has definitely lost a couple of games and even tournaments but has never once been on a losing team. He says that no matter what he was always winning, and the facts back that statement up. I mean, he just helped the Baylor Bears finish with a 28-2 record and a national championship in one season with them. It was the first regular season crown for the Bears dating back to the year 1948, and Davion is a massive part of that surprise success.

Number two. Mitchell was named the Lefty Driesell award winner in 2021. This is an annual award that is normally handed out to the best Division One defender in all of basketball and is named after a legendary head coach that is now long removed from the sport. It makes sense that Mitchell was able to come home with this award, he is without a doubt one of the best defenders we have seen in quite some time. Like we talked about earlier, his nickname is literally Off Night because he harasses and impacts his opposition so badly. It should also be mentioned how he was able to be this effective defensively while simultaneously guarding the opposing teams best player every single night. That is something that only a few NBA players can do consistently, with the aforementioned Kawhi Leonard once again coming to mind. Mitchell has just won so many awards for being a stellar defender that we are actually running out of crazy things to say about him on that end, just know he is THAT good defensively.

Number one. This seems foolish to talk about considering he was a top prospect but genuinely every single team was taking a look at Mitchell in this draft. This can be said about a couple of players in this recent draft, but it was more serious for Mitchell, who was one of the few players who can fit in any situation given his talents and skillset. Due to his age, just 22 years old, a couple rebuilding teams were taking deeper looks into him to see if he could help get their team out of the depths while a lot of the championship contending teams were hoping to steal a young kid who can immediately contribute defensively. He was ultimately taken to the Kings, a young group in need of a backcourt upgrade outside of DeAaron Fox, Buddy Hield is simply not cutting it anymore. Though a lot of mock drafts leading up to the big day had him landing with the Golden State Warriors. That move actually makes quite a bit of sense considering the Warriors were hoping to get both Steph Curry and Klay Thompson back on the court for the first time since they were in the Finals against the Toronto Raptors. He would have slid in perfectly alongside them and his defensive mentality would have even made Draymond Green proud of him. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to see that happen but if he is able to showcase that defensive ability that we can’t stop raving over, then teams around the league will be chasing after him throughout his career even if he never develops much more scoring abilities.

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