10 Most Unexpected Cade Cunningham Facts

10 Most Unexpected Cade Cunningham Facts

Did you know these 10 facts about Cade Cunningham???? Make sure to stay until the end to find out all 10

Cade Cunningham, the most recent number one overall selection in the NBA Draft. He was taken by the Detroit Pistons after just one year in college yet is already one of the most highly anticipated rookies in the league. However, there is still so much more we don’t know about him yet. In today’s video, we are going to be going over ten of the most interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Cade Cunningham. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to find out what Cade thinks is his biggest strength as well! Now let’s jump right into it.

Number ten. Cade Cunningham decided to take his talents to Oklahoma State the second he was out of high school. While I am sure he had loads of offers on the table at the time of his decision, at the end of the day he thought that Oklahoma State would be the best location and fit for him as a basketball player and as a student. Because of his commitment to the school, Cade became the first five-star basketball recruit to head to the school dating back to 2012 when Marcus Smart committed to them. Cade was a terrific catch for the school as his presence immediately turned them into contenders throughout the season despite coming up short in the NCAA Tournament. Still though, it is pretty shocking that somebody like Cunningham would opt to go to a school that minimal five-star recruits choose to head over too. Maybe we can see this start to become a trend with future top recruits, or maybe they will just continue to head on down to Duke or Kentucky.

Number nine. Cade’s father used to be a pretty talented football player back in his playing days. His father, Keith Cunningham, was one of the biggest influences on his life as a basketball player. He was always by his side throughout his life, and it is safe to say that he obtained his agility and athleticism from his dad. Keith didn’t end up playing for the NFL or anything like that but was a talented player on Texas Tech during his youthful years. Keith has mentioned that it is a dream of his to see his son Cade excel at all of the things he wasn’t able to do. Luckily, he was able to witness that just a few days ago when Cade was officially drafted to the NBA.

Number eight. Remember how we said it was weird for a five-star athlete to suddenly chose a smaller school? Well, we have the answer for you right here. Cade has an older brother by the name of Cannen, who is currently nine years older than him. Cannen was a very sought-after talent during his basketball days in college, as he played for SMU. During his time with the school, he ended up surpassing the school record for games played by a student. Then after his college career finished up, he played a season of professional basketball over in Poland. After that he ended up deciding that playing just wasn’t for him and he began a coaching career for the sport. Then out of nowhere, Cannen became an assistant coach for the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the year 2019, just months before Cade chose to commit there. It must have been a dream situation for Cade, who got to not only learn and be the main talent on a lesser-known team, but he got to work out and learn from one of the role models in his life.

Number seven. Did you know that Cade has an adorable daughter!? That’s right, he welcomed his beautiful daughter Riley into the world at the young age of 17. Cade has mentioned how he is always trying to better himself and fight through tough times for his daughter to help give her a better life. Riley normally stays with Cade’s parents when he is off at school, but he flies down to see her every chance he gets. If you were able to tune into the NBA Draft just a little bit ago, you would have seen the incredible relationship that Cade has with his young daughter. However, there is absolutely zero information regarding his significant other, which is perfectly reasonable. Whether or not they are still together or chose to not share any of their private information is completely up to them, it is still nice to see how much effort Cade puts into making his daughters life as good as possible.

Number six. Cade was phenomenal during his high school basketball days. This is probably common knowledge to most considering he was just drafted to the NBA, but he was still incredible throughout his four years there. In 2020, Cunningham was awarded for his stellar play on the court by being named the Naismith Prep Player of the Year. Because of this he was the unanimous number one recruit out that and was listed at five stars like we mentioned earlier. Cade was also thrown onto the McDonald’s All-American squad because of his dominance on the basketball court. He started out this insane high school run over at Bowie High School in his hometown of Arlington, Texas. However, he didn’t spend his full four years there, instead he transferred over to Montverde Academy in Florida. This is when his play really took a massive jump, and he began to reel in all the awards that we just mentioned earlier. This Montverde Academy team during Cade’s senior season ended up going down as one of the greatest years in history by a high school team. It is hard to ignore the fact that Cade is probably the biggest reason for that accomplishment. I am sure Montverde was thrilled when they heard the announcement that a top-rated recruit would be transferring over to their school. There is a reason that he is a top-rated recruit as well, but in Cade’s opinion his biggest strength is a bit different from what we think it is. Stick around to find out what he believes is his biggest strength on the floor.

Number five. Cunningham was a massive contributor when the USA was able to win the 2019 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup. The competition took place in Heraklion, Greece and spanned a couple of weeks. However, not team ended up being any match for the USA, as they cruised throughout the tournament before knocking off Mali by a score of 93 to 79 in the finals. Cade was a big factor in their championship here, but he wasn’t the only big-name player that happened to be on the roster. For example, Tyrese Haliburton was another star player on this squad, and we all know he was drafted early in the first round a season ago by the Sacramento Kings. There aren’t many players out there that can get an invite to compete in international competitions like that at such a young age, but Cade was one of those guys. Their gold medal that year ended up going down as the seventh title the USA has grabbed in the Under-19 category. Given how much talent is flowing through the college scene right now, you can imagine that the Under-19 squad is going to collect another gold medal soon, it is just a matter of time before another generational type of player steps to the plate now that Cade is gone.

Number four. When Cade first thought about making the transfer from Bowie to Montverde Academy, his mother wasn’t on board at all. In fact, she refused to let him go at first because she wasn’t convinced that he would be able to take care of himself down there. However, after a little time she ended up telling herself that her son was ready, and Cade ended up heading down there. Not only did he excel on the basketball court, but he was able to keep himself together incredibly well despite living on his own at such a young age. But speaking of his mother, Cade often talks about his love for her whenever he gets the chance, saying that she has always been his rock and stabilizer when he faces tough times. The two share a very special bond that has made it through so many obstacles throughout their lives, its great to see them doing well and having everything work itself out.

Number three. Cade was able to take home the Oscar Robertson National Player of the Week award in his first and only season with Oklahoma State. The reason he was given this honor was because of a fantastic game he had against Oklahoma. The young point guard led the way for his school, dropping a career high 40 points and 11 rebounds to help eek out a victory in overtime. The score ended up being 94-90 and likely wouldn’t have been close at all had Cade not flipped his scoring switch. While that may have been one of the few times he brought home the award, Cunningham had a few other fantastic performances that went under the radar. This includes a game where he scored 29 points, with 13 of them coming in the final 90 seconds of the ball game. The insane scoring stretch down the final minute and a half helped Oklahoma State knock off Oral Roberts by a score of 83-78.

Number two. Despite being the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft and arguably a generational type of basketball player, Cade has admitted that he has a couple of flaws he needs to work on. He appeared on JJ Redick’s podcast during the offseason and JJ asked him what he felt were his biggest weaknesses. Cade took some time to think about an answer before listing two of them. The first was his defense, but not on ball defense, off ball defense instead. He said his goal is to be constantly locked in on the court even if his matchup is nowhere near the basketball at the moment. He said he wants to improve his mental awareness and be able to help his team out defensively even when he isn’t involved directly. For the Detroit Pistons, this was probably exactly the answer that they wanted to hear. Having a young and exciting scorer talk about how he wants to vastly improve defensively and help his team out in any way he can is a great thing to have on your roster. Then he moved onto his second weakness, which he feels is his turnovers. A lot of people have critiqued Cade when it comes to his turnovers, mostly because he averaged four of them a game during his college season. However, he had a 29.1 percent usage rate in that year at Oklahoma State which is likely the cause of those numbers. Assuming he isn’t the only member of Detroit touching the basketball offensively this upcoming season, there is no doubt that he can clean those numbers up. Cade said that he has been working on getting tighter handles while also trying to be more decisive in his decision making. Though let’s not just talk about his weaknesses.

Number one. Cade believes his biggest strength is his ability to elevate is teammates. Yep, we just talked about what Cade feels is his biggest weakness, it is now only right to talk about his biggest strengths as a player. Cunningham’s personality truly showed with the way he answered this question. Many people love to talk about a part of their game that they find the best while Cade opted to talk about his impact on the team instead. You can tell that all the fame and respect he has garnered around the world hasn’t gotten to him at all. For somebody that is set up to be the franchise point guard and leader of the Pistons, being a team player is precisely what you are looking for. I personally can’t wait to see Cade lace them up and get out on the court next season, he is definitely going to be one of the most exciting players to watch for a long time coming.

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