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The 10 Best Mikal Bridges Facts On The Internet

Mikal Bridges, the emerging star of the Phoenix Suns. He was drafted out of Villanova back in the 2018 NBA Draft and has been getting better and better ever since then. Starting off as a three and D guard, he is transforming his skill set as time goes by, that being most notable in Game 2 of this years NBA Finals, when he broke loose for 27 points. But despite his name growing in popularity over the weeks, there is quite a lot that people don’t know about Bridges as a person. In this video, we will be going over ten of the most interesting facts about Bridges, many of which you likely don’t know about. Stick around until the end of the video as well because we have one of the coolest stories saved until the end!

Kicking off our list with probably the funniest and most relatable story of them all at number ten. Mikal Bridges has a full-blown Chipotle obsession. That’s right, the man can’t stop eating at Chipotle. He recently did a feature alongside CloseUp360 where he toured a Chipotle restaurant and talked us through his wild obsession. In the video, he talked about how much love he had for room service. That love had him ordering food all the time which is how he stumbled upon Chipotle. It doesn’t even matter where he is, whether he is on the road with the Phoenix Suns or right at his own house, Bridges is going to get his Chipotle when he wants it. That isn’t even the best part either. Bridges did something that many people can only dream of and that’s getting his very own personalized Chipotle card. He is now allowed to have a free order a day from the restaurant which definitely helps when the team has to go out on the road. To top it all off, he took to twitter a few years ago to quote this “I’m your biggest fan @ChipotleTweets”

If any of you watched the NBA Draft the year that Mikal Bridges was selected, you would know this next fact. Coming in at number nine is the fact that Mikal Bridges mom used to work for the Philadelphia 76ers. The reason this is all such a big deal is because on draft night, the 76ers actually selected Mikal with the tenth overall pick, making both him and his mom ecstatic about the opportunity. It would also mean that Mikal would get to play for his hometown which does not happen that often in the league. Though that excitement was short lived when Philly chose to trade him just a few picks after for Zhaire Smith. Smith is now no longer on the roster anymore while Bridges is emerging as a young star over on the Phoenix Suns. At the time of the draft this year, the 76ers were going through a general manager issue where they basically didn’t have one. Their head coach Brett Brown was acting as the interim general manager for Philly and felt horrible about pulling the trigger on the Bridges trade once he realized his mistake. Bridge’s mom went on an interview to mention that Brown must have apologized to her a gazillion times. I think its safe to say that Brown and the 76ers organization regrets that decision completely. However, I am sure Bridges, and his mother are just fine with how his situation ended up.

Number eight…..Mikal Bridges was actually compared to both Robert Covington and Trevor Ariza coming out of the draft back in 2018. Given his skillset, that is surprisingly a very accurate comparison. Both Covington and Ariza are above average defenders who play the wing position on the floor. They each can shoot the three ball incredibly well but have little skill when it comes to creating their own shot or driving to the rim on anything other than a Fastbreak. Bridges was just that in college, he shot the leather off the basketball and was excellent defensively on some of the best prospects in the nation throughout his years at Villanova. Bridges now has an opportunity to become better than his previous comparisons in his NBA career. So far, he has shown that his three-point shot, and defensive abilities are his best attributes but since being drafted he has developed a strong mid-range and an ability to get to the rim. His passing still needs some work, but it is likely that we look back on these comparisons at the end of his career and think to ourselves, man he really is better than those guys.

Number seven, Mikal Bridges is nicknamed The Warden. Many of you may be wondering where this nickname came from and after looking through numerous news outlets, I believe it was suggested to him during an Instagram Live and he ended up liking it quite a bit. The nickname is due to the fact that he always locks down the opposing teams best offensive player nine times out of ten. It is a ridiculously fitting nickname for one of the lengthiest and most active defenders that the NBA has to offer right now. Hopefully we will start to get a little bit more information regarding his incredible nickname and maybe even catch some of the commentators calling him that during the games. Now that would be pretty cool, almost as cool as the number one fact that we have on our list. So, stick around until the end of the video to find out what we have in store for number one!

Number six, did you know that Mikal Bridges was able to claim the Julius Erving Small Forward of the Year award during his time at Villanova? Well now you do! The award that was created due to the absolute dominance of former basketball player Julius Erving is an annual honor that many small forwards look to get throughout their time in college. Bridges ended up staying in college at Villanova for quite some time, longer than many young players do nowadays with aspirations to get into the league as fast as they can. But Bridges went a different route and it paid off during his final year with the school that helped him grow so much as a person and basketball player. After a stellar final season, the voters got together and announced that Bridges was to be the winner of this prestigious award. If this award doesn’t ring any bells with you, then here are a few other winners of this award to show you how honoring it is. Denzel Valentine was awarded with it in 2016 and Stanley Johnson grabbed it the year before that in 2015.

Number five, Mikal Bridges was able to win not one but TWO NCAA championships with his college team Villanova. The first one came back in 2016, when the Wildcats had to fend off a 64 percent three-point shooting night from North Carolina to pick up the 77-74 victory. Fun fact, Ryan Arcidiacono grabbed the Final Four Most Outstanding Player award. Bridges only played about 20 minutes per game that year but still averaged 6.4 points and 3.2 rebounds per contest while defending at an extremely high level every single game. Fast forward two full years and the Wildcats were competing in the finals yet again. They battled against Michigan but in the end emerged with a 79-62 victory behind one of the best college performances of all time by Donte DiVincenzo. Shooting 10 for 15 for 31 points, five rebounds, three assists and two blocked shots. This season was very different for Bridges, as he averaged nearly 33 minutes per game. That equated to a lot better production, including 17.7 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game with 43 percent shooting from behind the arc. He also started in every single game, so his durability was crucial to this squad. There are a lot of players who can’t even get close to a championship in the NCAA, yet he won two of them!

Number four, Bridges shared the floor with one of the funniest NBA players in the league today, Josh Hart. Many people around the basketball world remember Hart as the guy that literally always gets left hanging when he goes for a high five…I mean seriously, why does it happen to him so often? Anyways, he and Bridges shared the court during their first championship win back in 2016 before Hart decided to declare for the NBA Draft. He was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers but ended up getting traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in the massive Anthony Davis deal. Hart was one of the best players on that 2016 team which helped him win the Julius Erving Small Forward of the Year award just like Bridges did. Had he not been on their roster for as long as he was, chances are that Villanova team wouldn’t have gone all the way. Don’t get me wrong, they were still an absolutely fantastic team all around, but Hart gave them that edge that other teams didn’t have that year. Bridges gave them an edge in his own right also, making their duo that much more formidable. These two guys were scarily similar, if only we had gotten to see them play together for longer.

Number three. Mikal could have been involved in a trade with the now Philadelphia 76er Tobias Harris. I was looking around online, and I stumbled across a very in depth look at the 2018 NBA Draft and the trades that emerged from it. As it was stated earlier in the video, Bridges was traded to the Suns in exchange for a later pick and Zhaire Smith. Had the 76ers not had that extra draft pick, it is likely that the Tobias Harris trade never would have happened the way that it did. Mikal would have had to be involved in any trade for the former Los Angeles Clippers forward. Seeing Bridges over on the Clippers would have been a pretty crazy sight, one could only imagine how differently these last few years would have worked out had Philly not traded Bridges on draft night.

Number two, Mikal Bridges is in fact not related to Miles Bridges. The number of times that I have heard people compare the two forwards and act as if they are related is insane. These two guys are definitely not blood related at all despite the fact that they share their last name. Like Mikal, Miles Bridges is a wing on the Charlotte Hornets and has emerged as a fantastic defender and dunker. He shares a pretty similar skill set to Mikal but due to his circumstances he has developed a lot more versatility. His shot creating and three-point shooting has begun to transform him into an elite two-way player alongside their other young stars. Unfortunately, if he and Mikal come out to be superstars in the next couple of years, we are going to have to go over the fact that they aren’t related millions more times.

Finally, we have number one. Did you know that Mikal’s girlfriend is actually an athlete of her own? Grainger Rosati, Bridges girlfriend at the moment, used to play for the varsity lacrosse team over at Villanova. To give an indication to how talented she is, she once recorded a hat trick during a game against Drexel and got rewarded with being named the Big East Midfielder. Grainger is even a huge basketball fan on her own, as she played basketball back when she was in high school before flipping over to her new love, Lacrosse. The two started dating back in college and have been inseparable ever since, sports truly brings people together huh?

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