11 Facts About Jalen Suggs That Will Blow Your Mind


11 Facts About Jalen Suggs That Will Blow Your Mind

In today’s video we will be going over 11 of the most insane facts regarding Jalen Suggs. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to find out how good he was during his high school days. For now, though, we will jump straight into the video.

Number eleven. Jalen Suggs is already popping off at the NBA Summer League. Right after being drafted fifth overall to the Orlando Magic during the recent NBA Draft, Suggs was placed onto their Summer League squad and hasn’t disappointed. He missed a couple games due to a sprained thumb but throughout his first three games he averaged 15.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.7 steals per game. Suggs displayed gorgeous playmaking ability with a couple of flashy passes on the court. Couple that with his leadership and he is already one of the best game managers in the league right now. However, he has shown that he doesn’t have much of a scorers mentality because of that. It seems like he is used to differing the basketball to his teammates rather than be aggressive himself, which is fine until you turn into a Ben Simmons type of player who simply refuses to put shots up. Jalen is terrific at driving into the lane and forcing contact, but he doesn’t look for jump shots as often as you would expect. There’s more though, Suggs shined on the defensive end. Deflections aren’t tallied in the Summer League, but boy would Jalen have been at the top of the rankings there. When you watch his games, it was like he always found a way to get his hands on the basketball and break it up or force it a different direction. He showed great timing and versatility while defending all types of different players on the floor. Lastly, Suggs displayed fearless tendencies by battling hard for rebounds. There aren’t many guards out there that try to use their athleticism for rebounding besides the fantastic Russell Westbrook. Jalen looks to already be one of those guys. Mind you all of this was simply in the Summer League, so already you can just tell that he will be one of the best young point guards in the NBA this upcoming season if given the minutes necessary to do so.

Number ten. Jalen Suggs became the first athlete in the state of Minnesota to win both Mr. Basketball and Mr. Football in the exact same season. It was the first time in history that a player was able to do that. By the time Suggs decided to leave Minnehaha Academy, he was ranked number one in all time scoring at the school with 2,945 total points. The team was also able to win three state titles because of Suggs excellence on the floor. Then over in football, Suggs played as the quarterback for his team. He was able to throw for 2,213 total yards and 25 touchdowns while adding on 978 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns on the ground.

Number nine. Suggs was ranked incredibly high on the ESPN 100 back in 2020. They had him marked down as the sixth best overall prospect coming out of high school. Suggs ended up committing to Gonzaga where he became the highest ranked recruit to play for the school since the year 2007. Suggs also became only the second Gonzaga player in history to be named to the McDonald’s All-American team back in high school. Zach Collins, the former Portland Trail Blazer, was the only other player to get such honors and head to Gonzaga, he did it back in 2016-17.

Number eight. Jalen Suggs had a phenomenal debut game for Gonzaga. The school wasn’t playing an easy opponent either, they were facing off against Kansas, who was ranked sixth at the time. Jalen stepped up to the challenge though and dropped 24 points in the contest. That is now tied for the fourth most among any freshmen who debuts against a top ten team in the last 25 seasons. The only other players who have scored more points than him in this category are RJ Barrett with 33 points back in 2018, Zion Williamson with 28 points in the same year and Tyrese Maxey with 26 points in 2019. All three of those players have since made it into the NBA also, with Barret joining the New York Knicks, Zion on the New Orleans Pelicans and Maxey on the Philadelphia 76ers. Not bad company for Suggs to be around if I’m being honest. Fast forward a little bit and Suggs was being named to the second-team All-American and picked up First Team All-West Coast Conference honors. Jalen also grabbed Newcomer of the Year and All-Freshman Team Honors. Safe to say he was walking away from his first and only season with Gonzaga with a ton of hardware.

Number seven. He is cousins with the former NFL superstar Terrell Suggs. Terrell had famously spent the majority of his career on the Baltimore Ravens following a small stint on another team the year before he chose to retire. Terrell was a linebacker and edge rusher mixed into one and was able to get to the quarterback 139 times throughout his career. Those numbers are enough to get him ranked 12th on the NFL’s sack leaders list. Terrell also won two Super Bowls during his time in the league. Success seems to run in the family and Jalen may be able to pick up where he left off, though this time in the NBA and not the NFL.

Number six. Jalen Suggs buzzer beater will be going down in the history books. If you happened to tune into the NCAA Tournament this year, then you would have likely heard about the insane buzzer beater that Suggs was able to knock down in the Final Four. Gonzaga was locked into a close match against UCLA and the teams were ties with just a second or two remaining. Suggs caught the ball and fired away from behind half court, time expired while the ball was still in the air, but it banked home! It made Suggs and the rest of this Gonzaga squad the 10th team in history to enter the national championship game with an undefeated record. The most recent team to accomplish that feat dates all the way back to 1979 when Indiana did it. This shot was the fourth game winning buzzer beater in Final Four History and the first one since the year 2016. It was also a massive reason why the game was eventually voted the 2021 ESPY Best Game of the Year.

Number five. Suggs was able to win a gold medal already. That’s right, Jalen Suggs competed in the 2017 FIBA Under-16 Americas Championship, located in Formosa, Argentina. He averaged 7.5 points and 2.8 rebounds per game, but the team was able to come away with the gold medal. He actually returned to the team in 2018 for the FIBA Under-17 World Cup, once again located in Argentina. This time he bumped his scoring averaged up to 8.7 while picking up 3.3 steals per contest. That team also won the gold medal. It may sound like a broken record at this point, but he was involved in the 2019 FIBA Under-19 World Cup as well. This one was located in Heraklion, Greece and had a number of other recent draft picks on the roster. He averaged 9.6 points per game and that team won gold to no surprise. Suggs now has three gold medals before he even reached the NBA and give the fact, he improved each and every year with the team shows how talented he could become in just a short time in the NBA. He even put together one of his strongest performances in the Finals of the tournament, dropping 15 points against Mali. Jalen was already proving that he turns his level of play up when the lights start to shine down the brightest. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video to find out about Jalen’s time in high school, because he was one of the best players in his state!

Number four. Suggs was given a multitude of college offers before ultimately riding with Gonzaga. We talked about him being the highest ranked player to commit to Gonzaga in quite a while, but we didn’t mention that he was a five-star recruit in basketball and a four-star recruit as a quarterback by ESPN. This was more than enough to make him one of the most sought-after players coming out of high school. He got offers from Iowa State, Minnesota, Florida and Florida State just to name a few. However, he felt like Gonzaga would be the perfect fit for him and help him grow the most as a player. I guess that decision definitely worked out in the end.

Number three. As a quarterback, he received plenty of offers. Schools felt like he was a very talented dual threat quarterback who could be developed into one of the best in the country. He picked up offers from Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan State, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Iowa State. As we all know he ultimately decided to go into the basketball route instead and declined all of those offers. Suggs was the quarterback of SMB, which is a program of four Minnesota schools. He ended up leading that group to not one but two state championship games during his junior and senior season. They won the title in his junior season behind his four-touchdown performance. Fast forward to his senior season, and suddenly Suggs was playing on the defensive side of the football also. The team had him out as a defensive back and boy did, he perform better than they could have expected. Suggs snagged nine interceptions and brought two of them back for touchdowns.

Number two. Jalen has remained close friends with a women’s basketball star, Paige Bueckers. Paige is arguably the most talented player in women’s college basketball right now and the accolades prove that. She wept every single national award when she was just a freshman at Connecticut. She averaged 20 points per game and shot 52 percent from the field, 46 percent from behind the arc and 87 percent from the charity stripe. Bueckers grew up very close to Suggs and the two had met up with one another when they were just in elementary school. They both had dreams of making it in the basketball world and cheered each other on in their respective Final Four appearances.

Number one. We have been hinting at how talented Suggs was during high school and have mentioned his accolades for football, but not basketball. Jalen led Minnehaha Academy to three state championships on the hardwood and was on track for a fourth one before COVID-19 shortened his senior season with the school. However, during that senior season he averaged 23.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 3.8 stelas per game. Suggs was teammates with another five-star recruit right now Chet Holmgren, who is actually the consensus number one overall prospect in the 2021 recruiting class. Holmgren also happened to commit to Gonzaga and is heavily expected to be a top five selection in the 2022 NBA Draft. Holmgren and Suggs proved to be a lethal combination on the court and who knows, If the Orlando Magic aren’t able to turn things around soon enough, we could see them get perfect draft position to snag Holmgren and reunite the two players.

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