12 Most Interesting Facts About Khris Middleton

12 Most Interesting Facts About Khris Middleton

Khris Middleton has just had a pretty outstanding run with the Milwaukee Bucks, as they won the historic 2021 NBA championship. Middleton was one of the key guys on the team, teaming up with the Finals MVP “The Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo for the first franchise title since 1971.


But you’re a real fan, aren’t you? And you don’t stop at knowing just some simple facts like that? Of course, you gotta know something special! That’s why we’re bringing you this video.


So what are the 12 most interesting facts about K-Midd! You’ll see — by the end of this vid!


Make sure to stick with us until the very end to learn what is the history of Khris Middleton upsetting the Phoenix Suns (yup, this year’s Finals is not the first time he’s done it), what does Khris’ senior year in high school has to do with Brisbane, Australia — and most interestingly, how his career highlight relates to the late, great Kobe Bryant.


Born on August 12, 1991 in Charleston, South Carolina, the future two-time NBA All-Star James Khristian Middleton attended Porter-Gaud School and played basketball for the Porter-Gaud Cyclones. That’s a reeeaaally small and unknown school, around 1,000 students, so what are the chances of it producing an NBA prospect? We know you’re thinking slim to none? You would be wrong!


And, as we’re kicking off our list of 12 most interesting fact about Khris Middleton, here is our #12 to prove that — starting right there, in his native town of Charleston, South Carolina, on the banks of the Ashley River where Porter-Gaud School is located.


And guess what? The Milwaukee Bucks forward is not the only active NBA player that attended the tiny South Carolina school called Porter-Gaud. The Boston Celtics have recently drafted Aaron Nesmith in the 1st round of 2020 NBA Draft. Interestingly, he also played with the Cyclones! Isn’t that amazing?


And Middleton is still like an older brother to Nesmith — back in the day, they would go at each other during private pick-up games during the summer at their high school alma mater. The Porter-Gaud alumni have met numerous times during this past NBA season too, when the Bucks played the Celtics — and the two have great relationships! Check out some pics on their ‘Gram as they pose together!


Alright, moving on to the #11 most interesting fact about Khris Middleton.


It turns out, Khris wasn’t nearly a championship caliber player when he got to the big League. Matter of fact, he almost dropped out of the NBA — and well, he actually did.


In his first year, Middleton saw limited action with the Pistons, who drafted him 39th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft, so as a rookie, he got assigned to the G League — known as the NBA Development League back then. So during his rookie season, Khris spent time with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, averaging a mere 11 points per game.


We’re telling you — you wouldn’t want to entrust the future of your team to this guy, and you definitely wouldn’t bet on this guy to be a decisive factor in the NBA Finals. But stick with us!


And speaking about the G League… Here comes the #10 most interesting fact about K-Midd.


Khris Middleton has actually made history when he appeared in his first NBA All-Star Game. Then 27-years old, he has not only made the All-Star debut a monumental occasion in his professional career, but also a historic one for the G League!


Believe it or not, Middleton has become the first NBA G League alum in history to become an NBA All-Star!


What a motivation for the G League players, isn’t it? Khris has worked his way up, earning the spot on the Detroit Pistons after his short run with the Mad Ants in the G League, later was traded to the Bucks — and never looked back ever since — becoming an NBA All-Star and eventually the NBA Champ!


But leaving the Pistons before his prime, was actually not the only time Khris Middleton left Detroit “before the buzzer“.


With this, we’re taking you off the court — for the #9 most interesting fact about Khris.


When he was already with the Bucks, Middleton was destined to leave Detroit again — and this time, on the Bucks’ co-owner Marc Lasry’s private jet. And even before the final buzzer in the game went off. Wait, what? Let us break it down for you.


In April 2019, when Milwaukee was just about to clinch their first series victory since 2001, closing out a sweep of the Detroit Pistons — during the halftime of the game, Bucks staff got the news about Middleton’s girlfriend, Samantha, who had gone into labor with their first child. The baby wasn’t due until June — but Samantha’s water broke that April night.


Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer immediately took Khris out of the game, and arranged the private jet with Marc Lasry. They departed right off to Milwaukee — with even the police escort guiding them to the airport.


And the baby? She arrived the next evening, strong and healthy — and Khris and Samantha named her Audrielle.


But we call it: K-Midd out of Detroit, waving bye-bye, and saying hi — to the new heights!


And the new heights surely followed! Khris Middleton went on to not just become an NBA Champion, he did that with a bang! And it’s our #8 most interesting thang!


Middleton was the key factor during the whole Finals series this year — to the level that in Game 4 of the Finals, he actually scored his playoff career-high: 40 points — to help defeat the Phoenix Suns. It was an important game too: as the Bucks were able to even the series 2-2.


Middleton was the man in Game 6 as well: no personal records this time, but Khris recorded 17 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, and made some crucial baskets in the final minutes of the game to put away the Suns 105–98, closing out the series 4–2, and securing the Bucks’ first NBA title in fifty years.


But that 40-point playoff career-high is interesting in another way too. Which brings us to our #7 most interesting fact about Middleton — the number 40, which is magically showing up as another stat line, and another career high for the Bucks wing.


Khris has played 40.1 minutes per game during the 2021 Playoffs — which is not just his playoff career-high, but is even higher than his total career MPG which is at 31.7 minutes per game, and higher than his highest regular season MPG when he racked up 36.4 minutes per game back in 2017/18.


Now that’s an impressive title run, isn’t it? You can tell that he left it all on the court to get this ‘Chip!


But stick with us to the end of the video to learn how another one of Khris’ career highlights is connected to Kobe Bryant — and why is it being mentioned in one sentence.




In the meantime, we’re counting down to the #6 most interesting fact about Khris Middleton — and this one is intriguing too!


During the 2021 NBA Finals, the Bucks — and Khris in particular, have certainly upset the Phoenix Suns big time. But it turns out that it’s not the first time they did so: there has been at least two more times before that.


Let us take you back to December 2014, when it was the first time that it happened. The game was on the line, and the Bucks were down by one to the Phoenix Suns with under four seconds remaining on the clock. Clutch time! And the ball ended up in the hands of no one else but Middleton — as he was able to hit a contested game-winning buzzer beater to defeat the Suns, 96–94. Whoa!


And if it wasn’t enough, there was even another time Khris has upset the Phoenix Suns coming into the historic Finals. That, in turn, was in November 2017, when he scored 40 (yup, another 40) in a close 113–107 overtime win over the Valley boys.


That was a tough battle on the court!


But how about some tough moves in business? Khris is making those too, already! See what those are all about as we’re moving on to the #5 on our list.


While still playing in the League — and still having another solid decade to go, the two-time All-Star is already cementing his name and making his investment game strong.


It has been announced that Khris Middleton is set to become a minority owner of the Australian professional basketball team, the Brisbane Bullets. He will link with an already impressive ownership group led by the Bullets’ majority owner and ex-NBA player Kevin Martin and the recently added Chicago Bulls forward Thad Young.


We’re hearing the Australian NBL is becoming the second-best basketball league in the world, and it looks like Khris is quickly realising the quality of the league and taking the opportunity!


Good for him! And the Brisbane Bullets!


Anyways, we’re about to take you back to Middleton’s high school years down in South Carolina — when he couldn’t dunk! And that’s the #4 most interesting fact on our list. Let’s goooo!


You heard it right: accolades aside, Khris Middleton couldn’t even dunk until the end of his sophomore year in high school.


He wasn’t drawing interest from major nearby colleges. The coach of South Carolina at that time, Dave Odom, spotted Middleton as a sophomore while scouting other players. He asked Middleton’s high school coach if Khris could dunk. He couldn’t. Odom reportedly lost interest.


Earlier though, when Khris was 12, his father would take him to Atlanta, Georgia, a five-hour drive from their hometown Charleston, South Carolina, to practice with a high-level AAU team. The Atlanta players dunked — but Middleton couldn’t. He remembers those times by saying: “I thought I was good… [but] realized I was shitty.”


Imagine his love for the game of basketball, Khris would even cry sometimes on their drives back home. And it brings us to fact #3 — and we think it’s pretty interesting. Yes, it’s partly sad too, but funny as well. Let us know in the comments what you think!


So… When Khris started crying, his father would stop halfway through their drive — in Columbia, South Carolina, and bring Khris to Fuddruckers, for the famous hamburgers, fries and shakes. Sounds yum!


He’d let Khris order whatever he wanted, saying: “Get yourself together. I cannot let you come [home] crying, or I’m going to be in trouble with your mother.”


Now we don’t know what lil’ Khris ordered, but we’re pretty sure he loved hamburgers too, so he definitely had lots of fun at that Fuddruckers!


Because — you wouldn’t believe the coincidence… And that’s our most interesting fact #2, we’re pretty amazed by this one, check this out.


Remember how Khris started building his investment portfolio by allocating his funds all the way to Brisbane, Australia?


Well the first time his childhood favorite burger spot Fuddruckers expanded outside of the United States was nowhere else but… the city of Brisbane! With their first Australian store opening in Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier shopping centre.


How crazy is this coincidence? Or is it even a coincidence? Hmmm! You tell us in the comments!


Alright, slowly but surely we have finally approached the #1 most interesting fact about Khris Middleton — and, as promised, let’s see how one of his career highlights relates to the late Lakers and the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, and why is it even mentioned in the same sentence?


On January 28, 2020, just 2 days after Kobe’s tragic death, Middleton had just an outstanding performance. He went off to set a new career-high at that time, scoring 51 points, making 16 of 26 shots, including 7 of 10 on 3-pointers, leading the Bucks to their ninth straight win — a 151–131 victory over the Washington Wizards.


Playing without Antetokounmpo, Middleton and the Bucks had their way with Washington en route to their 16th win of the season by 20 or more points. And Khris had stepped up.


After the game, Middleton dedicated his performance to Kobe Bryant — saying Kobe was one of his favorite players growing up, besides Michael Jordan.


“I took a lot from [Kobe’s] game… To go out there and play and put on that type of performance, I definitely can dedicate that game to him as a thank you for what he did for the game.” — Khris added.


Indeed, a historic performance, an amazing effort and the dedication to the right cause.


Khris Middleton has been all classy — throughout his career. And he still got gas in the tank! Big up the Champ!


And let us know in the comments — which fact out of our Top 12 do you think is truly the most interesting and entertaining? Have we missed something?


We would also appreciate it if you let us know about which players you want to hear about! Or coaches? Anything basketball! Comment away, and we’ll be right there for ya!


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