5 Best Luka Doncic Fights You’re Too Lazy To YouTube

5 Best Luka Doncic Fights You’re Too Lazy To YouTube

Luka Doncic may be very young in his NBA career, but he has already shown the NBA world that he is a superstar in the making. Some would even argue that he already is a superstar given how fantastic he has played during his time in the league. Despite his young age, Doncic plays the game with a tough attitude and has the leadership and mentality of a ten-year veteran. In this video, we will be going over the time where Marcus Morris Sr. tried to intentionally hurt Doncic right in the middle of a postseason game against the Mavericks! But be sure to stick around until the end of the video to catch up on a few other fights that Doncic has had throughout his career!

The fight took place just a little bit ago in the NBA Bubble. The Dallas Mavericks were up against the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the postseason when things started to get a little chippy. Marcus Morris Sr. had quite literally slapped Doncic on the head once he got past him on a drive to the rim. The slap ended up knocking Luka to the ground pretty hard. The referee was holding back and talking to Morris about the foul while Boban Marjanovic had the very tough task of grabbing onto Doncic and trying to hold him back. Because Luka charged up so quickly, Boban ended up having his head right in between his arm and his torso. Honestly it seemed like he was putting him in an accidental choke hold just trying to keep his friend out of trouble. Though the real reason Luka was so upset with the hard foul was because of Morris’s history of intentionally injuring players to help his team win the game. Just a little bit earlier in the same playoff series, Doncic went to grab an inbound pass while Morris ran behind him and seemingly stepped right on his ankle. The step ended up hurting his ankle quite a bit, but he was thankfully still able to compete throughout the rest of the series. It didn’t stop fans from creating a ton of speculation about the incident, as many thought that it was in fact intentional. Morris obviously denied those rumors and Luka even backed him up saying he didn’t think it was intentional. However, after getting slapped in the head intentionally just a few games after, his opinions changed a little bit. Morris was handed a flagrant foul and was subsequently ejected for his actions. Luka took the postgame interview as an opportunity to voice his disdain for the play, saying how terrible it was for basketball. Morris took his chance to respond to Luka’s quote on an Instagram post that had his words, all he said was “Cry me a river. Clips in 6.” I think it is very safe to say these two aren’t going to like each other for quite a while, and there could possibly be even more beef between these two in the future.

Guess what though, the Clippers had another player start some beef with Luka during that exact same series. It’s almost like they were sending everybody that they have to just annoy him and get him ejected. This fight was against Montrezl Harrell and ended up being a little bit different than other notable altercations in the NBA. Harrell was backing down two Dallas defenders in the post and was able to send Doncic back quite a bit with a hard post up. He then sank the layup to give his team a clutch bucket. While he was running back to play defense, the cameras caught him yelling “B*tch A** White Boy” towards Doncic. That wasn’t all either. Two possessions after those comments, Dallas missed a shot and the players were running down to the other end to get in their spots. Harrell and Doncic accidentally got tangled up with Harrell falling down to the floor. Referees whistled for a foul on Luka but there truly was very little contact to warrant an actual foul on the play. That didn’t stop Harrell from hopping up and yelling at Doncic, trying to get into his face. The two may have had a chance to throw punches had Morris not stepped in between them and kept them separated. Cameras went back and looked over the incident and they caught Luka telling Harrell “Stop flopping big man” right after Harrell fell onto the ground. The arguing kept gong on until the officials handed each of them a technical foul to silence them. After the game, Doncic caught wind of the white boy comments that he never ended up hearing during the game. Harrell was ripped up on social media by other reporters, analysts and even coaches from around the league. So, the very next game, Harrell went out of his way to go over and share a hug with Doncic, apologizing over what he said the previous matchup. While the beef was settled for that series, I am sure the anger towards one another is still very much alive. That is something we will have to just wait and see.

Similar to how we have to wait and see how the beef between Doncic, and head coach Luke Walton will turn out. As many people probably now, the Sacramento Kings famously passed up on Doncic in the draft, opting to select Marvin Bagley second overall instead. Doncic always makes sure to give the Kings his best performances to show them that they made a mistake passing up on him, though he still loves the Mavericks just as much. During a game against the Kings, Doncic was filling up the stat sheet while leading his team to a massive double-digit victory. At one point at the end of the third quarter, cameras caught Walton yelling “Hey Luka, do me a favor. Give him your autograph after the game. He’s a fan. He’s a fan of yours.” Walton was referencing a specific referee that just so happened to whistle the most fouls against the Kings when Doncic drove to the basket. Luka ended up responding to Walton, saying “Don’t do that.” Later in the contest Luka drilled a long three pointer and made sure to stare down the Kings head man after the shot. The feud continued after the game as soon as reporters caught wind of the exchange. There were tons of questions about the situation directed to both Doncic and Walton. Luka said that Walton was yelling something about him that he wasn’t a fan of while Walton denied even saying anything at all.

However, Walton yelling things out towards Doncic wasn’t as expensive as the shove that cost Doncic and Marquese Chriss thousands of dollars. When you hear about the fights involving Luka, there are very little of them that end up getting physical. Most of his altercations are verbally because he doesn’t want to get himself ejected and can contain himself on the court for the most part. However, this fight was a completely different outcome than the rest, and it was against the Golden State Warriors. Luka got his shot swatted away by Chriss right under the basket. As the ball rolled out to another Dallas player, Chriss sent some trash talk to the future superstar player. Another Dallas player immediately got a shot of his own up, but he missed as well, leaving the rebound to fall right into the hands of Chriss under the basket. Luka attempted to steal the ball but missed and Chriss made sure to laugh at him right afterwards. He wasn’t laughing for long though, because he turned around to dribble up court and lost the ball. Another Golden State player was able to recover the basketball and drive-up court, but Chriss and Doncic bumped into one another while going for the loose ball. The two got tangled up a small bit on the baseline and Doncic sent a minor shove to Chriss for some separation. Chriss responded with a hard two-handed shove that sent Luka sprawling onto the floor and into the camera men that were sitting courtside. Luka sprung up and was furious over the shove, but he wasn’t able to get close to Chriss because of the people standing in between them separating them. Neither player was ejected in the moment and Chriss was just hit with a standard technical foul call. The league took matters into their own hands after the contest and hit Marquese with a $35,000 fine for the shove. Looking back on it, there has rarely ever been a shove that has cost a player that much money. It must be nice for these players to consider that “pocket change.”

Finally, we have the last fight of the video. Unsurprisingly, the fight comes against a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. If I were the NBA, I would just try and keep Doncic as far away from the Clippers as possible because it seems like there’s a fight almost every single game. This one was during a regular season contest, when Luka accidentally picked up an offensive foul against the young Terrance Mann. While Doncic was confused and talking to the referees about the whistle, Mann chose to smack the ball out of Luka’s hands and start walking away with it. Doncic started yelling at him and the two went nose to nose while arguing with one another. Eventually, they each sent very small bumps and shoves back to one another as people were running in to get them split up. Even though Doncic was considered a superstar in the making, Mann didn’t seem to care nor did he back down from him even a little bit. Luka had to be pushed back because if he were to get himself ejected it would leave a massive hole for the Mavericks in the contest. Mann didn’t seem too phased by the confrontation and the commentators were proud that he stood his ground. Meanwhile, Luka had to be calmed down by a few other people on the court because he was visibly angry at the young guard for Los Angeles. Since this fight, they have each met up a few times in the postseason and there has never been another major confrontation between the two players. I guess they were able to find common ground despite getting caught up in the moment for one game.

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