5 Players Who Risked Their Lives To Fight James Johnson

5 Players Who Risked Their Lives To Fight James Johnson

You won’t believe which 5 players actually fought James Johnson. Make sure to watch until the end to see who exactly those players were.

There should honestly be a rule in the NBA about fighting James Johnson, because that is almost always going to be a bad idea for you. He is not only one of the most experienced and toughest players left in the league, but he is also ridiculously good at karate and fighting in general. This has come in very handy during a few fights, that we will get too later in the video, but other than that most players think better than to challenge him. In this video, we will be going over all of the best fights throughout Johnson’s career in the league, and unsurprisingly there isn’t many of them. Make sure you guys stick around until the end of the video as well to find out the worst fight that Johnson has ever had, along with one that could have seen him throw a punch or two.

Kicking off this list we actually have one of the most recent fights of Johnson’s career at number five. It came while he was a member of the Dallas Mavericks during a game against the Charlotte Hornets. The game only had two minutes remaining and Charlotte was up by quite a bit, so you would expect everybody to kind of mess around and dribble the clock out. However, you would be completely wrong as Johnson did something to extend the game by another few minutes with this fight. Now I have zero clue as to what set James off in the first place, but when Charlotte was taking the ball up court, Johnson decided to body check Cody Martin out of bounds. Martin was literally just trying to get himself into position, yet he was handed a hard shot to his chest. The two immediately got up in each other’s faces and shoves were then exchanged right in front of the Mavericks bench. Boban Marjanovic tackled the tough task of holding down Johnson and keeping him from making the situation worse. While a few other teammates and staff members desperately held onto Cody, so he didn’t lose his mind and retaliate, because he was definitely fighting through his restraints to get back at him. They were still talking trash even though they were all the way across the court on their own benches just a few minutes afterwards.

Number four happens to come during a game between the Toronto Raptors and the Detroit Pistons. It is worth mentioning that the Raptors held a 17-point lead with just six minutes remaining in regulation, so this game was pretty much wrapped up. Johnson passed the ball to a teammate and cut towards the basket, breaking wide open. Andre Drummond was the only Pistons player left in the area to play help defense, but his emotions ended up causing him to stand still and shoulder check Johnson as he ran to the rim. This caused Johnson to go flying into the ground and started a full scuffle right on the court. One Pistons player ended up pushing Johnson away and the two moving backwards from the pile but then cameras caught Chuck Hayes pointing at Drummond and marching over to him while being restraint himself. Both teams coaches were all over the floor and it seemed like 50 percent of the players out there were being restrained in some way by somebody. Johnson tried spinning away from his teammate in order to keep going but his trickery failed, and he decided to just walk back to his own bench under control. It didn’t take long for the referees to come to a decision about the incident, something that unfortunately we aren’t able to say anymore. They quickly handed Drummond a flagrant two foul for the shoulder check while nobody else was really hit with any type of punishment.

Coming in at number three on our list is the fight between Johnson and Taurean Prince. Johnson was on the Miami Heat and Prince was on the Atlanta Hawks, it was yet another decided game as well. The Heat were up by 19 points with five minutes left, but they were still adding onto their lead. Hassan Whiteside came down with an offensive rebound after a missed shot but when he jumped to put it back up, Prince grabbed both of his arms and slammed him onto the ground. While it may have been unintentional in the end, the sound Whiteside made when hitting the floor and the way he was writhing around in pain definitely didn’t paint Prince in a good picture. Johnson instantly jumped over Whiteside and shoved Prince, getting all up in his face over the knockdown. People were able to get a hold on the situation rather quickly, as Johnson was pulled away by his head coach Erik Spoelstra and was walked away to the teams bench. Meanwhile, it looked as if there were five people bodyguarding Prince from any other attacks that either he makes or somebody else makes. They were huddled around him towards the baseline where Whiteside was still laying. Almost the second that the camera went to see what was going on with Whiteside, Johnson had apparently ran back onto the court and was continuing his feud with a few Atlanta players, specifically Prince. It was lucky that Whiteside was able to roll over a few minutes later and eventually stand up under his own power. With the way he fell down on his back you would have thought he could have been seriously injured. Just like how Johnson was almost badly injured after being body checked, but we will get to that video in a little bit.

For now, we will go over his feud with Ben Simmons, the young point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. The fight came right in the middle of a heated playoff series between the 76ers and the Heat and could have been a lot worse, which is why it is number two on our list. Philly held a 2-1 lead in the series but was down a few points with a few minutes left in the second quarter. That was when things took a drastic turn. Goran Dragic was able to somehow end up with the basketball after players like Joel Embiid and a few Miami guys dove onto the hardwood for a loose ball. Dragic rand down the court, past Simmons and towards the rim. Where he was eventually knocked down pretty hard by Robert Covington. Johnson was following closely behind Dragic, so he instantly shoved Covington up against the stanchion under the net. Simmons ran over to protect his teammate and Johnson chose to turn his anger onto Simmons instead. Causing quite a big pile that consisted of basically all 76ers players. Johnson was seen gripping onto the arms of Simmons, refusing to let him walk away from the confrontation and was not listening to the security guards that ran out onto the court either. Even the commentators didn’t know where to begin with this whole fiasco. On one end, you have an injured Heat player, on the other, you have another banged up player in Dragic. Then right in the middle you have Johnson fighting both Covington and Simmons while other Philly players pushed and shove around in the pile. It was an entire mess for the officials to clean up but the only thing they were certain off was that a flagrant foul was to be handed out to Covington for his smack on Dragic in the Fastbreak. Without that smack, this whole fight would have ceased to exist!

Finally, we have come to the last major fight of Johnson’s career at number one. The Raptors and the Miami Heat were up against one another in the second half when things got a little heated. Toronto was setting up an inbound play, so Serge Ibaka was just trying to get himself into position against his defender, who just so happened to be James Johnson. You could see them both exchange small shoves during the play before they each took a step back and shared some words. Then it took a drastic turn when Johnson threw a punch and connected right to the face of Serge. This resulted in Ibaka throwing a punch right back at Johnson, though he ended up missing the swing. Then both him and Johnson got up into each other’s face and shared some more words, although Ibaka just held his hands up in the air like he did nothing wrong the entire conversation before Johnson was pulled back by the referees. Given how intense these two guys can get on a normal basis, it was truly shocking to see both of them relax and calm down just seconds after the altercation. In fact, Ibaka didn’t need anybody to pull him back, he just walked away calmly and got back to his bench while Johnson went over to his sideline while being comforted by another Miami teammate. I would say this has to be one of the weirdest fights of all time, especially for Ibaka. It is wildly rare to see two players exchange punches mid play, then calmly walk away from the pile without talking that much trash or fighting to get another shot in. Either way, this was probably the best-case scenario because they would have been hard to separate had they actually wanted to throw down in the middle of the current game. Especially because of Johnson’s fighting history outside of the game of basketball. This one had the potential to get a whole lot messier.

Before we wrap this video up though, it is worth mentioning why Johnson doesn’t have many fighting videos during his long time in the league. But the answer to that question doesn’t have anything to do with basketball or circumstances and instead is because Johnson is a black belt in quite a few things. He has even talked about joining the UFC once his career is over because he loves to fight and is ridiculously good at fighting. I have even seen a few commentators claim that it is an unwritten rule in the NBA to never mess with James Johnson because of his fighting prowess. Had nobody known about his fighting abilities off the court maybe more people would have felt the need to challenge him. Everybody seems to know that they should stay away from one of the toughest dudes to ever play in the league.

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