6 HEATED Steven Adams Moments! Don’t Mess With Him…

6 HEATED Steven Adams Moments! Don’t Mess With Him…

Steven Adams once Fought An NBA Legend!! Make sure to stay until the end to find out exactly which legend it was!

Many of you may know Steven Adams, some more than others. Adams is a fairly young player in the NBA still and is known for being such a massive human being. Because of his size and looks many have even deemed him as Aqua Man! But Steven doesn’t end up fighting like most other players in the league, in fact, he is often seen as the peacemaker despite always being one of the biggest men out on the court. In this video, we go over the top fights of his young career up to this point, even though their doesn’t happen to be many of them out there. Make sure you guys stick around until the end of the video because the number one fight we have in store happens to come against an NBA Legend!!!

Kicking this list off at number six, we have an unusual type of fight. This one thankfully didn’t involve any physical contact, though it did involve a fan. The Oklahoma City Thunder were playing the Denver Nuggets in this one. The score was pretty even but Steven Adams was whistled for a foul when going up to block a shot by Nikola Jokic. Adams wasn’t very happy about the call so you could see him arguing with the referee a small bit while everybody got themselves set up for the free throws. However, when Jokic was shooting his free throws, one camera saw Adams having a heated confrontation with a Denver fan in the front row behind the net. The two were yelling the entire time the free throws were being shot, with Adams actually trying to walk over to the man after a free throw. One referee was able to keep him held back but the fan was clearly about the action as he stood up to confront Adams himself when he started walking over. Had that one referee not been in between the two men, this had the potential to get ten times worse! Similar to the last fight we have in store, so stick around to find out who he fights there!

At number five we have Steven Adams going up against Khris Middleton. The Oklahoma City Thunder were up against the Milwaukee Bucks halfway through the second quarter when emotions started to flare up a small bit, well, for the Bucks anyways. And who can blame them, they were down 20 points at the time and were just getting absolutely crushed in every category. Russell Westbrook drove into the lane before kicking it out to a wide-open Paul George in the corner. While that was happening, Adams and Middleton were fighting underneath the net for positioning when shoves started to get thrown. Adams was pushed by Middleton and responded by putting his arms in the air and resuming the play. George ended up knocking down that three-point shot, something we didn’t get to see enough of in the postseason with the Thunder that year, and Adams ran over to the basketball. He picked it up and flipped it back towards Middleton so that they could check it in and resume the game, but Khris wasn’t very happy with Adams at the moment, so he threw the ball at his chest. They each looked each other dead in the eyes and bumped into one another before a wave of people sprinted in to split them up. They shared a few more words while they were walking back to their own bench, but the animosity was still clearly there throughout the rest of the game, kind of like in this next fight.

Number four features an certain NBA player that is known to get physical no matter what team he happens to be on. That man goes by the name Jae Crowder. Going back to his time on the Utah Jazz, they were up against Adams and the Thunder with the game just kicking off the fourth quarter. Westbrook was able to hit a big shot to get the crowd all riled up, but Adams and Crowder got themselves locked up during the play. It seemed like each of them were fighting for a rebound when the shot went up, but when Adams turned to run back down the court, Crowder elbowed him in the back. They looked each other dead in the eyes and shared a few words but the second other players and referees flew in to separate them, Adams showed that he didn’t want anything to do with this fight. He slowly started pushing through people just to get out of the pile and return to his bench alongside a few other teammates. Meanwhile, Crowder was still being held back by a few players because he wasn’t done with the argument just yet. This animosity between Adams and Crowder has been there for quite a while now. A while back Westbrook fouled Crowder on a fast break before running to the referee to argue over a non-call. Crowder took exception to the foul and ran up to get into Westbrooks face, Adams ran up to play the peace maker roll but was eventually elbowed right in the face by Crowder. Adams didn’t say a single word and instead just continued to break the two up, but Crowder wasn’t very happy about being restrained.

Coming in at number three we have Steven Adams going up against Damian Lillard. Both of these guys are very calm and composed players on the court, so the fact that these two went up against one another just goes to show how serious they were in this exact game. It was the infamous playoffs series between the Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers, when Lillard hit that deep three pointer right in the face of Paul George to send them home. This was just Game 2 of that series though, with Portland ready to go up 2-0 in the series behind a 16-point lead with a few minutes left in regulation. Russell Westbrook was taking the ball up court in a hurry in an effort to drag his team back in the game. Steven realized that and set a screen on Lillard who was trying to defend him while he ran up court. Lillard never ended up seeing the screen coming so he was absolutely crushed by the massive man that many believe is Aqua man. Right after the next whistle was blown, Lillard walked over to Adams and the two started exchanging some words. It never truly seemed like they were trash talking to ready to throw hands, but it was clearly enough to get a few referees to run over and try to separate them. A little bit after that, you could see each of them kind of thumbs up and nod their heads as if they were now on even ground over the whole situation. Wouldn’t it just be nice if every fight was able to end like this, but then again, where’s the fun in that?! There was quite a bit of fun happening in this final fight, but first we have to get through number two.

Number two is a great one as well though. It was during the first few years of his career, when the Thunder were up against the Los Angeles Lakers. Adams went to set a screen for a teammate and crushed Nick Young in the process. Young, just like Lillard from earlier in the video, was unhappy with being hit by that hard of a screen and took exception to it. At first, he tried to just maneuver around Adams, but Steven didn’t even budge a muscle. After about one- or two-seconds Young decided that he was just going to flat out shove Adams backwards with two hands. Young could be seen barking at Adams the entire time but as soon as Steven attempted to walk over to him, a referee ran into frame to keep him back. It didn’t even look like Adams said much to Young, he simply stared him down and walked a little bit closer before being told to get back. But honestly, who can blame Young in this situation. If I was being hit by a massive screen every single time, I tried to defend my matchup, I would get a little annoyed after a while, and this was in the fourth quarter so emotions must have been building. Either way though, it wasn’t right of him to just swing his arm at Adams and shove him out of the way, that wasn’t the correct way to handle that. But that is just the thing with fights around the NBA, they are simply never handled the correct way, just like this next fight.

It comes against a legend in Vince Carter too surprisingly. The Thunder were against the Dallas Mavericks and Adams was able to come down with a huge offensive rebound for his team. The second he hit the floor with the ball, he was just harassed by two Mavericks defender, one of them being Vince Carter. They were slapping and grabbing for the ball but because of the strength that Adams has, they weren’t able to pry it loose. Steven eventually kicked the ball out to an open player who missed the shot, but Adams came down with yet another offensive rebound. The second he came down with it the referees blew the whistle, and nobody quite knew what was going on at first. In the replay, it showed that Adams accidently nudged Carter in the face with his elbow while trying to get enough space to pass the ball out of the paint. Nothing was called for that nudge but a few seconds after Carter got his revenge by blatantly elbowing Adams right in the jaw when he went to grab the second rebound. And funny enough, Adams didn’t even flinch that much when he was elbowed, he simply just ignored the hit and went up for another board. The referees had to take a nice long look at the replay to determine who was handed what punishments. Carter was in fact handed a flagrant foul for his intentional actions but even the crowd was shocked when they saw the replay. You could hear exactly when the replay was shown because the whole stadium made a collective noise over the elbow.

As gentle and harmless as Steven Adams normally is, it is never a good idea to get onto his bad side or else bad things will start to happen. But with that being said, that just about does it for this video on the best Steven Adams fights of his career so far. If you enjoyed the video, make sure you leave a like and subscribe! Also, remember to hit that bell icon so that you never miss another video because we have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the future!


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