8 Must Watch Charles Barkley Fights

8 Must Watch Charles Barkley Fights

Do you know all 8 of Charles Barkley’s most memorable nba fights? Well make sure to stay until the end to watch them all and let us know below which was your favorite!

Charles Barkley, the loveable TV analysts that happens to have some of the worst takes of all time. Though, thankfully not all of those takes have been terrible. Barkley had a very exciting NBA career a while back, he was one of the best talents that the league had to offer at the time. However, he didn’t always draw headlines for his fantastic play on the court. Most of the time he was the headline of reports because of his fighting. Barkley chose to never back down to anybody so obviously when he was upset with another player, he let them know about it with his hands. Make sure you guys stick around until the end of the video to find out what was the most notable fight of Barkley’s career!

Starting off with one of the calmer fights of Charles Barkley’s established NBA career at number eight, one that he in fact started. It happened to come during the Olympics, when Team USA was completely dominating their opponent and doing everything right. Barkley caught a go ahead pass down court and laid it up for two points to add onto their huge lead. When he landed, he chose to send a hard elbow right to the chest of one of the opponents just standing there for no reason. Not only was this poor dude having his team blown out, but he was sent a ridiculously hard elbow to the chest just for standing there trying to defend! The referees caught onto the elbow and whistled him for a technical foul, though the player ended up missing the free throw just to make matters worse. No doubt this guy was just having a really bad day, there isn’t much that he could have done to get rid of that bad luck! Barkley was definitely just having a bad day in our number one spot, but you will have to just stick around until the end of the video to find out what happened!

At number seven we have the time Charles decided to slap an opposing player right in the face! Barkley and Charles Oakley got a little tangled up at the end of one play, which resulted in Barkley shoving Oakley back a little bit for some space. The two kinda gave each other a look and Charles took that as an opportunity to literally slap him right in the face. One of Oakley’s teammates saw the slap and immediately stood in between the players to confront Barkley, but Charles just threw an elbow right at him as well. Oakley was just furious that he was slapped as you would expect, and he had to be restrained the next few minutes while Barkley calmly just walked down the court and back over to his end of the floor. Nobody ended up getting ejected over the incident and surprisingly it calmed down relatively quickly considering the slap in the face. Either way, it ended with less punishments than this next fight.

Barkley apparently loved to slap opposing players, and he did just that once again here at number six. This time he chose to slap Rick Mahorn right in the middle of the game! The two were fighting for a rebound and it was pretty clear that they were shoving each other during the play for positioning. Though, you could tell that there weren’t all clean intentions with those shoves, and it was only a matter of time before something took a wrong turn. Right in the middle of the play, you could see another player step in between Barkley and Mahorn before suddenly the crowd went wild and all the referees started sprinting over towards them. Mahorn never truly got a chance to retaliate to Barkley’s slap in the face, but words were definitely exchanging for either side. A little bit after they were separated, you could see both Barkley and Mahorn laughing about the entire situation while finding a way to get away from their restraints and began walking over to one another. There were still a few people standing in their way so nothing worse ever ended up happening, but it was truly surprising to see two players who were ready to fight a few minutes ago, now completely happy and messing around. However, this next fight, didn’t truly end the same way, as frustrations had finally boiled over for either party.

At number five we have Vernon Maxwell going up against Charles. The Houston Rockets were up against the Phoenix Suns and Hakeem Olajuwon was fouled hard when attempted a layup. The cameras were watching him wince as he got help standing back up and before you could even process what was happening, Maxwell was being restrained by a teammate while screaming and pointing at a player on the Suns. His anger was clearly directed at Charles Barkley once the replay was shown to the fans. Barkley seemingly pushed Hakeem on purpose to avoid giving him an easy layup and Maxwell defended his teammate by getting up in his face. Barkley was actually the one who made physical contact as he shoved Vernon away with two hands. One referee motioned for Maxwell to be ejected straight away on the back line, though I don’t know if he heard that call. Because just a few seconds later another referee was seen talking to him and he motioned for him to be ejected and Maxwell threw his arms down and was arguing pretty hard over the call. Before he could even do anything, he had two security guards holding each of his arms to avoid him doing any physical damage on his way out. I guess it is safe to say that Charles got off pretty lucky in this situation, had he not been going up against a man who was literally nicknamed Mad Max, this situation may have had a different ending.

Moving onto number four on our list, we just so happen to have another great fight between Barkley and Oakley. Barkley went up for a layup with a few opposing players around him, he missed it but grabbed his own rebound. Once he hit the floor, Oakley had a hand on the ball as well and basically tackled Barkley to the ground. In what seemed like a flash, the two were standing up and throwing punches at one another. It was a wildly messy situation that the referees had to find a way to sort out afterwards. Both of the players threw a flurry of punches at one another and even connected a few of those punches to players who were just trying to break the fight up. It took a multitude of players on either side to get both players separated and calmed down on their own benches. I could only imagine the punishments that would have been handed out if this situation happened in todays game. Just like how this next situation would have caused a lot more chaos than it actually did.

Charles Barkley decided to take out Paul Mokeski here in the number three spot. The two players were both running up the court to get back to their spots when they locked eyes and turned around. They each tried pushing one another but ended up cancelling out their shoves. They both backed up a step before charging at one another, with Barkley missing the punch he threw, though his whole arm still hit the side of Paul’s head. Mokeski ended up throwing a punch of his own after being hit in the head, but Barkley dodged it and Mokeski fell onto the ground. The funniest part of it all was that Barkley didn’t even seem to care that he knocked Mokeski onto the ground with his punch. In fact, the cameras could see him clearly laughing while he walked back down to his end of the floor!

Coming in at number two we have the fight between Barkley and infamous trash talker Bill Laimbeer on the Detroit Pistons. If any of you have ever watched The Last Dance, then you would know how physical and dirty of a player Laimbeer used to be. Barkley didn’t back down though when given the opportunity to throw down. Laimbeer tossed the basketball right at the face of one of Barkley’s teammates, who was then restrained before he could ever get a punch off on Laimbeer. However, Barkley flew in and shove Laimbeer back with two hands before they both started exchanging punches. They each landed a few shots on one another before eventually tumbling onto the ground, dragging a ton of other teammates down with them right on the baseline. Before you knew it, there was two different fights going on, Barkley and Laimbeer were right in the middle of one cluster while a few others sent some shoves a few feet in the other direction. It was a mess to get cleaned up because they were arguing and fighting even while walking back to their own benches, but finally they got everything calmed down and resumed action. However, that isn’t always the case straight away, luckily this next fight was able to get calmed down after a very heated fight.

Here at number one, we get to the infamous fight between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Barkley was tied up in the air when he tried to go for a layup. He then collected himself after landing and tried to jump again, only to have a whistle blown while also being met with the shoulder of Shaq. Nothing was intentional about the play from what you can see, Shaq just accidently bumped him in midair and his hand landed on Barkley’s head. Although that isn’t quite how Barkley saw the whole thing. Charles winded up and threw the basketball right at the head of Shaq, actually connecting and hitting him. Shaq instantly grabbed Charles and put him in a chokehold while Barkley picked his leg up and tackled him. Both players ended up wrestling on the ground for a bit before Shaq was pulled up from the pile and another Lakers player jumped in on top of Barkley to wrestle. They were both ejected from the contest given their actions on the floor, but it is truly ironic how they can go from choking each other out and wrestling during the middle of a game to longtime friends on a television network. This just goes to show that anything is possible in the long run, rivalries that you thought may never end could turn into a beautiful friendship.

Addicted to watching your favorite NBA players involved in fights? Well your in luck, click on the video that appears on your screen to keep watching more fights. Let us know in the comments below who we should make a video on next!


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