An Elbow, 40 Stitches And A BRAWL! 5 Best Karl Malone Fights

An Elbow, 40 Stitches And A BRAWL! 5 Best Karl Malone Fights

Karl Malone once tried to fight an entire team, just watch the video until the end and you’ll see what were talking about!

The Mailman, otherwise known as Karl Malone. He is still regarded as one of the best players in Utah Jazz history and was known for competing against the best of the best during his time in the league. Despite being a relatively calm man out on the court, he did end up getting into a few altercations and fights throughout his long career. In today’s video, we are going over the top five fights that he was involved in, including one time when he was ready to fight an entire team, so stick around until the end of the video to find out what team he tried fighting!

Kicking off our list with Karl Malone and the Utah Jazz were going up against the physical Detroit Pistons in this particular matchup. Isiah Thomas was driving to the basket and jumped up for a layup before being met by the elbow of Malone, knocking him to the ground hard. While the play was likely an accident, Thomas was lying on the ground as a bloody mess while referees called for medical assistance for the injured player. That was when a player on the Pistons bench decided to sprint onto the court and rush Malone as he was standing still to defend his point guard. He was caught pretty early on and was dragged down the tunnel and into the locker room but the animosity in the arena started from that point. Even the Detroit head coach ran onto the floor and was arguing with the official over it. Thomas eventually was taken off the floor and went to the hospital to receive around 40 stitches for his injury! Meanwhile, the game continued, and Bill Laimbeer took it upon himself to get revenge for Thomas. Malone thought he was wide open for a layup when he was met from behind by the forearm of Laimbeer. Bill was taken off the floor pretty quickly and it was obvious that the hit was intentional given the events that transpired earlier. Laimbeer wasn’t even upset either, but instead he was yelling and smiling while high fiving people on his way out. I could imagine Malone wasn’t too happy himself but then again, he did give Thomas 40 stiches on his face and cause a bench player to sprint onto the court in an effort to fight him. So, I guess everything was all even, right?

Here at number four, we have more of a confrontation than a true fist fight. However, it was intense enough to get on this list, especially because it was the time Malone went face to face with Shaquille O’Neal during a game. In a match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Jazz, Shaq fouled Malone incredibly hard on the way up for a layup. So hard that it actually knocked Malone flat on his back with Shaq towering over him. Malone slowly and calmly stood back up and get right in the face of Shaq, as the two began exchanging words to one another and giving a warning of what was to come. Eventually cooler heads prevailed because they were each charged with a technical foul for the altercation and Malone lined up to shoot his two free throws from the previous foul that started this whole fight. Even though Malone is one big dude, I don’t know if I would have ever tried my luck against the tower that was The Big Diesel himself. Malone is a calm individual though, and even though the two got into a verbal fight they each restrained from throwing a punch or extra shove after the play was already dead.

This next fight ended up getting a little more physical than the last one though, which is why it lands at number three. Rodman was fighting on the boards as he usually does in a game against the Utah Jazz. This was during his Chicago days with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as well. Rodman and Karl Malone were going at it over a missed shot, they each attempted to grab the basketball but got themselves tangled up trying to do so. When they both tried to break off one another they ended up knocking each other to the ground pretty hard. The referees instantly blew the whistles at the both of them and Malone sprung up angrily while Rodman was pleading his case to the officials. After some deliberation they decided that there wasn’t enough to eject either player so there were just a few common fouls handed out. Rodman picked up his fifth foul for the act, though it wasn’t enough to get him out of the game just yet and he made sure to let Malone and Utah know that. He blew a kiss towards them while walking back down the court and just laughed. But that was just how Rodman was during his time in the league and boy did he irritate the hell out of Karl Malone. Outside of this specific altercation, Rodman and Malone were tangled up numerous times in multiple other games. They even fought while Rodman was on the Los Angeles Lakers towards the back end of his career, so yeah, the disliking of one another was pretty obvious. It seemed like every time these two guys stepped on the floor at the same time, there was going to be some type of fight or verbal altercation. There was another time when Rodman and Malone fell onto the floor together after they each got tangled up going for a rebound. They tried to get back up but fell on one another, then did it one more time for good measure. When they got up, they argued a little more and Malone even hit Rodman with a little elbow while pleading to the official. In normal Rodman fashion though he just laughed and kept on moving. That was the complete opposite of what happened in this upcoming fight, so stick around until the end of the video to find out what happened!

Moving into a pretty serious verbal fight between Brian Grant and the Mailman at number two. Grant was securing rebound after rebound in this particular game between the Jazz and the Portland Trail Blazers. One time, he came down with the board and held onto it to make sure everybody cleared out and he could hand it to one of his guards. Malone took a swipe or two at the basketball but was unsuccessful in stealing it. Right after as he was running back on defense, Grant faked a pass to the back of Malone before handing it to a point guard. The referee behind him saw the fake and instantly called a technical foul on him. I guess their coach Mike Dunleavy was already on the verge of a breakdown because he lost his mind after that call. He ran out onto the floor screaming and yelling at the referee while having to be held back by numerous people. Meanwhile, Grant and Malone walked over to one another and stood just inches away from each other’s faces. They were arguing and exchanging some words to one another for a good while as Dunleavy went berserk. The talk between them was so intense that it seemed like a punch would be thrown at any given moment. That was when officials ran over to separate them before they attempted to make matters worse than they already were. However, Grant and Malone continued to argue for a few more minutes despite being dragged apart. When they showed the replay of the two men arguing, you could see Grant leaning into Malone almost as if he was gearing up for a headbutt, though he never actually attempted one. Either way, the Jazz ended up running away with that game but remained in a 3-2 hole in the series, I am sure the fight between these two guys got things a little more intense the rest of the way.

Heading into number one we have the time Karl Malone almost fought an entire team! The Jazz were against the Golden State Warriors, and they held a three-point lead with just seconds left on the clock. Golden State had the basketball, but one player lost the handle, sending the ball right into the hands of Malone, who ran to center court and looked to hold the ball until the time ran out. However, he was fouled when he stopped to turn around, likely a frustration foul given how the game was now essentially over. When he stopped, he locked arms with a Warriors player that intentionally fouled him to save the game. Malone gave him a shove that was eventually returned before firing the ball at his chest. The other Warriors player took the ball and launched it at the back of Malone while he was walking away. This made almost every single player on the court turn around and ram into one another in a massive pileup towards the sidelines. For a good few minutes, it looked like everybody was shoving everybody and that nobody was in the clear once they stepped inside that group of guys. Even coaches were getting themselves tangled up with other players because there were so many shoves being thrown. To make everything a little crazier, there happened to be a fan who ran onto the court and into the pile during all of that! Nobody even realized that until the fan was shown being escorted through the tunnel and away from the floor when everything was finally starting to settle down a small bit. This fight had the potential to be a whole lot worse had a few things gone differently in the middle of the pile. Malone actually was vanishing throughout the pile once he rushed back towards the player that hit him with a basketball. The cameras couldn’t spot him for a minute or so before he finally emerged. It was a pretty bad way to end a basketball game and it happened in Game 2 of the 1987 NBA playoffs just to make it all worse. I can imagine that the former NBA commissioner wasn’t happy about that ending whatsoever. Utah still took the 2-0 lead in the series despite the fight and the game was in turn just ended at the time of the fight. There may have been a second or so left on the clock, but the referees decided to just get everybody into the tunnels and off the floor.

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