An Elbow, Slap And Punch? 5 Best Hakeem Olajuwon Fights

An Elbow, Slap And Punch? 5 Best Hakeem Olajuwon Fights

Hakeem Olajuwon tried to punch who??! Make sure to watch until the end to find that out!

Hakeem Olajuwon, otherwise known as The Dream during his time in the NBA, Is still known for his legendary play on the court and will most likely forever be etched into the Houston Rockets Hall of Fame. Many people knew him for his calm demeanor on the court, as he would always just stay quiet and calm while completely dominating your favorite team. However, there were times that other players decided to push him over the edge, sparking a few fights throughout his long career. Believe me, some of these were not very pretty and even including a few punches being thrown. In today’s video, we have gathered five of the best fights involving Hakeem Olajuwon to show you all. Make sure you guys stick around until the end of the video because the number one fight on our list is absolutely insane and could have been ten times worse! Let’s not waste any time and jump right into number five.

Here at number five, we have a fight that was fairly tame compared to some of the other fights we have coming up, so make sure to stick around until the end of the video so that you don’t miss any of those. For now, we will be going over the altercation with Hakeem and Anthony Mason. Hakeem was working to back down Mason in the post when he turned and accidentally clipped Mason in the face with his elbow. Anthony fell hard onto the ground and sprinted up to bump into the back of Hakeem, who was facing the other direction and trying to walk away. A ton of people swarmed into the frame to pull Mason away from the Dream, who was simply walking away from the confrontation and avoiding making matters worse. However, Mason broke free of his restraints and bumped into Hakeem once again only this time it was chest to chest. They stared each other down and exchanged a few words before once again they were broken up. Mason looked furious after he was pulled to the side, and one could imagine it was because they gave him a technical foul but not Hakeem. Houston got to shoot a free throw and maintained possession while Mason was sitting over on the sidelines steaming because he felt he was wrongly hit in the face intentionally. Just to top it all off, it happened to come right in the middle of the 1994 NBA Finals. Intensity was already at an all-time high, and emotions were flowing throughout the entire stadium, so it could just be one little thing that completely sets off the entire stadium, like an elbow to the face.

Moving onto number four on our list comes the fight between Hakeem and Billy Paultz. This fight is probably the most random and questionable of his entire career, because there doesn’t seem to be any prior indication as to why this whole thing started in the first place. Hakeem Olajuwon was still in his rookie year with the Houston Rockets, and the team was right in the middle of a Game 5 against the Utah Jazz. Hakeem and his matchup, backup center Billy Paultz, were standing in the paint preparing for the upcoming possession. Hakeem doesn’t look to be in much of a prepared stance like Paultz was, and it showed when he cocked his arm back and full on slapped Paultz right in the face. Paultz was surprised by the hit and stumbled backwards while Hakeem carried on like nothing happened. There had to have been some type of trash talk shared between these two men leading up the slap because it is so rare for a guy with talent such as Hakeem to randomly hit somebody in the face for no reason. However, that seems to be the case for this particular fight, though we are probably lucky that Paultz was so stunned to return fire. Because if these two guys decided to get into it, we could have been in a load of trouble. I’m sure the league wouldn’t be too happy to sort through the incident and have to hand out punishments either, they already had their hands pretty full at this time.

Heading into number three, we have Hakeem Olajuwon against Maurice Lucas. It was during a game in the 1987 NBA playoffs and actually didn’t even start with Hakeem. His partner in crime on Houston, Ralph Sampson was actually the one Lucas was going after when the fight first broke out. Sampson and Lucas got into it during a play and the referees blew the whistle to stop the action pretty quickly. It didn’t stop each of them from trying to shove the other though. Hakeem ran in to pull Lucas away from the action and restore peace, but Lucas wasn’t having any of that. Instead, he shoved Hakeem backwards and screamed at him, causing Olajuwon to try to charge back at him in retaliation. Another Rockets player was able to get Hakeem out of the growing pile before anything could happen but somehow both Lucas and Hakeem met back up a few feet to the right of the pile to continue their scuffle. The trash talk began to intensify as you could see them both yelling at one another despite being pulled pretty far apart. Hakeem tried to convince the coaches that he was all calm and relaxed while being pulled away, but everybody knew that the second he was to be let go, he’d go right back at Lucas if given the chance. Meanwhile, Sampson walked away form the pile the second that Hakeem pulled Lucas backwards. Throughout the entire fight you could literally see Sampson standing a little away from the ensuing fight and was just standing there relaxing. This man clearly wanted to part of whatever was going down and that was obvious! Either way, it wasn’t a terrible fight but was more than enough to be placed on this list due to the shoves and arguing that Hakeem and Lucas shared in just a few minutes of time. It was nowhere near as bad as these upcoming fights though, so stick around to see what the worst fight of his extended NBA career was and who it was against.

We are now making our way into some of the most interesting fights throughout his career at number two. This fight happens to come between Hakeem and Antonio McDyess. Now, if any of you have ever gotten the privilege to watch the Dream play basketball, you would know that he was able to keep his composure pretty well. Though this time was a complete exception to that. It was very late in the fourth quarter and the Rockets held a huge lead over the Phoenix Suns. Hakeem and McDyess started bumping each other during the possession, and it seemed like they each just wanted positioning on the floor. However, it took a turn when they started slapping each other’s arms down during the play, then wrapped each other up. If you weren’t paying attention to the floor, you probably would have though the two men were just hugging it out during the play for some random reason, but that was the furthest thing on their minds. McDyess then shoved Hakeem backwards, who then threw a punch of his own in retaliation. As these situations normally go, McDyess decided to throw a haymaker of his own right back at him and the two started exchanging punches. I would say that each side threw about three punches and thankfully only a few of them landed. It was just a couple of seconds before multiple staff members, referees and other teammates were able to wrap up both McDyess and Hakeem and get them calmed down. Probably the funniest part of this whole altercation was what happened after they were separated. It honestly seemed like they were completely calmed down, with Hakeem looking like he was surprised that a foul was going to be handed too him for the fight. For the most part, when players get into it like that, they just know the punishment that will eventually reign down on them, but here it doesn’t seem like they even gave a though about that.

Now we head on down to one of his most memorable fights against Mitch Kupchak. This fight definitely takes the number one spot on our list for reasons that will become obvious. The Houston Rockets held the ball against the Los Angeles Lakers and Hakeem moved towards the ball handler as if he was going to set a screen. Kupchak was his defender on this play and kind of put both his arms on Hakeem as if he was prepared to fight through an inevitable screen. However, no screen ever happened, and Hakeem slapped Kupchak’s arms to get some space for himself which ignited a fire under Kupchak. He got furious and bumped Hakeem backwards, which is right when a referee desperately tried to get in the middle of them and stop them. It was no use though as each player started throwing and landing punches at the other. Kupchak actually fell onto the ground after taking one hit and Hakeem was dragged to the ground himself by two people. One was a Lakers teammate that had his arms around his neck while the other was a referee that basically tackled him. Once they hit the ground everything continued to get worse. Because Hakeem was tackled in front of the Lakers bench, everybody started to swarm around him while he was getting up, causing more shoves and pushes to be thrown around in the pile. Cameras couldn’t get in to see what else was going on, but they did see another Rockets player start exchanging shoves with another Lakers player on the outside of the pileup. It even looked like fans had thrown a few things onto the court because security guards sprinted onto the scene to get things cleaned up as best as they possibly could. As you could expect, both Hakeem and Kupchak were ejected for their actions on the floor. Hakeem looked a little disappointed by slowly walked off while Kupchak was seen screaming at somebody over the decision, constantly looking back while being escorted into the locker room.

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