Anthony Davis Was Traded For Damian Lillard

Anthony Davis Was Traded For Damian Lillard

Would trading Anthony Davis for Damian Lillard be worth it??

The NBA world often jokes around about potential trades that could theoretically break the league. In today’s video, I think we have a trade that would do just that while simultaneously surprising the entire community. We have all heard the rumors about Damian Lillard potentially asking for a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers as he grows more frustrated with the lack of an NBA Finals appearance and semi-competent roster. He has been linked to a number of different teams as NBA stars usually are but one of the more frequent was the Los Angeles Lakers. So, what would happen if they ended up pulling the trigger on a Lillard trade, only in this scenario they had to give up Anthony Davis?? Let’s start this off with going over the impact on the Lakers then move our way onto the Trail Blazers. Make sure you guys stick around until the end of the video as well because we take our guess on what could happen to the league if these guys actually got traded this week!

The Lakers are already NBA Championship contenders entering this season. They had a wildly successful offseason in which they acquired a number of former All-Stars along with a group of young players that have a lot they want to prove as soon as possible. Two years ago, this Lakers team with Anthony Davis and LeBron James won an NBA Championship, last season they kind of fell flat with their first-round loss at the hands of the Phoenix Suns. Now, instead of rebuilding for a potential bounce back year they go in a completely different direction and swap Anthony Davis for Damian Lillard. This move is assuming that it happens at this very moment, meaning all of their past moves in the offseason would still be cemented in place. The Lakers signed guys like Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Malik Monk, Kendrick Nunn and Wayne Ellington while trading for All-Star guard Russell Westbrook. The trade cost them Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell Pope, leaving them with very little trade pieces. The Lakers might have then grown desperate for more talent and decide to offer Davis to the Blazers in exchange for Lillard and two first round picks, a deal that Portland accepts quickly. Now, the Lakers enter a new year with LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Dwight Howard and Talen Horton-Tucker in the starting lineup. Let’s be real here, that lineup would honestly still be pretty good. LeBron would bring exactly what he has always brought to his teams and that’s leadership and playmaking, allowing his teammates to get far better shots. That may be a bit awkward for Westbrook due to his usual inefficiency with outside shooting but for Lillard it would cause problems for opposing teams due to his sharpshooting ability and the way he operates without the ball in his hands. Those two would be a tremendous combination but Westbrook would be the odd man out. Like I just said, he is normally very inefficient in all areas of jump shooting but when he puts his head down and attacks the rim, he is seriously explosive. The duo of Lillard and James would take the ball out of his hands quite a lot though, rendering him into a sixth man type of role or even a catch and shoot player which we all know Russ isn’t. He just wouldn’t fit in as smoothly anymore plus the Lakers as a team would be severely lacking in the defense department. We all know that LeBron doesn’t put much effort on that end of the floor anymore and while Lillard and Russ play with a lot of energy, they are average defenders at best. Horton-Tucker would be solid and Howard would be a nice shot blocker but they would still lack a dominant defensive presence on the perimeter. With all of that being said though, their offense would be phenomenal and teams would often get confused as to who to guard with them all being out on the court at the same time. They would be one of the most effective and explosive units in the league and the stats would certainly back that up.

Now that we have covered the kinks and advantages of this potential move for the Lakers, let’s talk about what their season might look like afterwards. I would say this group would take some time to get used to with all of the many new faces in the purple and gold. They would get off to a rocky start but really find their groove later in the season and stake their claim in the postseason as a two, three or four seed. They would admittedly have some trouble keeping up with wing-oriented teams like the Los Angeles Clippers. James could take one of them but the duo of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard may be too much for them to handle defensively. Who would guard them throughout the game? Horton-Tucker maybe but there isn’t anybody that could do that. I see them battling their way through the playoffs and eventually making it into the NBA Finals but not without two game seven series and a six-game series in the first round. They would line up against the Brooklyn Nets in the Finals. Probably their worst matchup yet though they are built in similar fashions. Kyrie Irving would take on Dame and Russ would line up with James Harden. Then LeBron would go up against Kevin Durant just like those past Finals matchups between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. As much as I think this Lakers team has a chance with this lineup, their star power is just not matched here. The Nets, if healthy, are way more connected offensively and we have seen Durant rise above James in a couple of big games. I see it going to six games with the Nets emerging as champions and the Lakers going up without any new hardware. Make sure you guys stick around until the end of the video to hear about the potential effects a trade like this could have on the rest of the league!

Here we are onto the Portland Trail Blazers side of things on this trade. Portland would definitely be upset about giving away arguably the greatest player in their franchise’s history, but the net gain wouldn’t be too bad. Yes, they lost some picks in the process but grabbed probably the perfect player for their currently constructed roster. The starting lineup would wind up being CJ McCollum, Norman Powell, Robert Covington, Anthony Davis and Jusef Nurkic. The size wouldn’t be much of an issue for them at all and their overall team defense would take a whopping jump in talent. They would lose some of their scoring but I believe it would only add more opportunities for the guards on this roster like McCollum and Powell. Powell specifically wasn’t utilized as much as he could have been in his first year with the Blazers and could be a solid 20 point per game scorer with McCollum taking point guard duties and distributing the ball more. Davis would pick up the rest of the scoring responsibilities with his catch and shooting and mid-range size-ups with smaller defenders. Nurkic has developed a three-point shot lately and could spread the floor even more and try to get dirty with some offensive rebounds. Having two defensive anchors and incredible scoring at the guard position is a fantastic combination. As much as this trade would suck for the Lakers, I believe it gives the Blazers exactly what they want right now and could instantly contend. I mean honestly, their bench is not that bad right now and the trade wouldn’t have costed them that much. I feel like Larry Nance was a wildly underrated trade pickup during the offseason and that he comes in as a lob threat and defensive anchor no matter where he slots in on the rotation. Ben McLemore comes in as a knockdown three-point shooter along with Patrick Patterson and then they grabbed a player that has potential in Dennis Smith Jr. Smith and Anfernee Simons would be a great one-two punch on the bench with Nance and newly signed Cody Zeller coming in right behind them. Surprisingly, it is a unit that would be able to hold their own against a lot of starting caliber teams if their shots are falling. Yes, it is going to take some time to get the chemistry all locked down but that would probably come quicker than most. They would similarly struggle at the beginning but not as much as the Lakers to start the year. I believe that if they get some chemistry going early on that they could wind up being the three or four seed barring any injuries obviously.

Then when they enter into the playoffs, they could beat probably anyone that lines up across from them in a seven games series. I think they would struggle with the Phoenix Suns and the Clippers due to their chemistry advantages and the Lakers would have a lot more veteran experience and clutch shooters now that Lillard would be on their roster. The majority of close games would end up falling against Portland due to that lack of a clutch shooter and go to scorer. It would end up being either McCollum or Davis but neither have consistently proven to be the guy that Dame was in the fourth quarter. I see this Blazers squad battling out of the first round in a seven-game slugfest, but in the second round they would end up falling in six games and get sent home early.

That is pretty much how this trade would affect both teams but how about we talk about the effects it would have on the league as a whole. If this massive blockbuster were to actually happen, I would imagine a lot of teams would do everything in their power to grab a superstar player for their roster. The Brooklyn Nets may not do anything crazy if they feel like the trade was a downgrade for the Lakers BUT if they feel threatened by the move, we could see them take a turn and grab another star. Maybe somebody like DeMar DeRozan and Bradley Beal will join the ranks and compete against the Lakers in the Finals. Other smaller market teams would have to make moves also in order to stay competitive. The Suns, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Clippers are all among the other teams that can compete for a title this year even with the trade, but are just a piece or two away. The Bucks did win a championship last year though so they likely would stay put regardless of any other move. At the end of the day though, this trade isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. Teams want nothing more than to improve and get themselves better and while the Blazers would get exactly that, the Lakers would be trading away LeBron’s best friend on the roster and closing their championship window. Their defense would struggle and they wouldn’t have the size advantage that helped them dominate in the NBA Bubble two years ago. There is just one reason for this trade to go through unless Portland tries going in a different direction with their trade offer. Expect Dame Time to spend at least one more season in a Portland Trail Blazers uniform before he officially asks for a trade and gets flipped over to a new team in order to make them championship contenders.

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