Carmelo Anthony Threw The BIGGEST Sucker Punch In The NBA

Carmelo Anthony Threw The BIGGEST Sucker Punch In The NBA

Carmelo Anthony arguably threw one of the biggest sucker punches in NBA history, make sure to watch until the end to see who was on the receiving side of it!

Carmelo Anthony has become an icon in the NBA, as a ridiculously talented scorer that has made stops with numerous teams across the way. Though he was never able to make it over that playoff hump and pick up a ring despite being on a few very talented rosters. In this video, we will be going over the top five fights of Melo’s established NBA career. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video to find out what the worst fight Anthony’s ever been in during a game. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Number five on our list happens to come between Carmelo Anthony and the legendary Kevin Garnett. It was a close game between the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks early on in the fourth quarter. Melo and Garnett could be seen bumping each other around throughout an entire possession in an effort to get inside positioning on the other. After the play finished, Melo started following Garnett up the floor while they each shared some trash talk. The referee who happened to be standing in between them while they were walking up handed each of them a technical foul for their actions, though that didn’t seem to stop anything. In fact, they got closer than they were before and continued to share words. Once they were separated, Garnett was explaining his side of the story to the referee while motioning that Melo talks too much. Meanwhile, J.R. Smith had to push Anthony out of the pile as he tried to get around him and walk back over to Kevin. Looking back on it, it was probably better off that Garnett wasn’t nearly as angry as Anthony was in this particular situation. Garnett has a few of the most heated moments in NBA history, so getting him as riled up as Anthony was here could have turned a simple confrontation into a fist fight.

Moving down to number four we have Anthony going up against Thabo Sefolosha. Melo was still on the Knicks during this fight, which is funny considering most of his fights came while he was on the team. I guess being on the Knicks just brings out the fight in you, after all, talent isn’t necessarily known to be elite there. A Knicks player attempted a wide open three pointer, only to miss and have it shoot back out to the three-point line. Melo and Sefolosha got tangled up fighting for the rebound, and it ended up with Anthony kind of elbowing him backwards. They both stopped and looked at the ref before Sefolosha started to jog towards Melo as if he was going to start a fight. Sefolosha gave Melo a shoulder bump before being rushed away from the pile by one referee. However, the crowd had caught onto the tension on the court and started to get louder after the bump. Dennis Schroeder started to slowly talk to Melo and move him away from the pile while a couple of other players started to get Sefolosha out of the way. Then right when you think everything is all over, both Sefolosha and Anthony start arguing with a referee over their punishments for the altercation. Then the entire way back onto the court they each started trash talking some more, with Anthony unleashing a little more on Sefolosha then what he was getting in return. Schroder once again sprinted onto the scene and got Sefolosha out of the way, so he wasn’t able to retaliate back to Anthony. Melo screamed at the referee a few more times after Sefolosha was taken out of the picture but then things finally began to calm down and return to normal. It wasn’t a great moment for Anthony, just like how our number one fight involving Melo was one of the worst in his career. So, stick around until the end of the video to find out who it was against!

Counting down to number three, we have the battle between Anthony and Jae Crowder. Finally, we come to a fight where Carmelo isn’t on the Knicks. Here he was on the Oklahoma City Thunder alongside Paul George and Russell Westbrook. It was during the first round of the playoffs and the Thunder were being smacked around in this Game 4 matchup, losing by 20 points. They missed yet another shot when Crowder was able to come down with the rebound and start sprinting up the court. He didn’t make it very far though as Westbrook wrapped him up quickly to avoid giving them free point in transition. As Russ started talking to the referee about something, Crowder followed him and began shouting in his ear over the intentional foul. Anthony walked over to push Crowder away from his teammate, though Jae ended up throwing an accidental elbow right to the face of Steven Adams. This sent Melo over the edge as they started walking backwards with one another, shouting and arguing the entire way. From some angles it looked like Melo was trying to shove him or get a hold of him but there was so many people sprinting into the pile that the two weren’t able to make any more contact. They could be seen arguing a little later though after things started to cool down and there wasn’t a massive pileup at center court. We will unfortunately never know how intense the argument was between these two guys, but one could imagine there wasn’t pleasant words being said between them.

Melo decided to go after a superstar here at number two, getting into it with Kevin Durant. The Thunder were up against the Golden State Warriors, Russell Westbrook had control of the ball and passed it over to Paul George in the post before the whistles were blown. Anthony had gotten into it with Durant in the middle of the possession, when he stepped to the right of Durant when George was running up the floor. To Durant, it looked like Anthony was about to set a hard screen on him, so he fought through it. This caused them to get a little tangled up and Durant had thrown Melo out of the way once he broke free. Anthony then sent a shove right to the back of Durant, with the two going forehead to forehead and yelling the whole way. A ton of other teammates and referees got in between the two guys with Westbrook literally pulling Melo away by his waist, but they were just determined to go after one another. They were somehow finding ways to slowly get a little closer even though everybody on the floor wanted the two to break it up. The arguments finally slowed down a little bit and everything returned to normal, but Anthony made sure to state his frustrations with the referee once Durant got out of his face. Thankfully this fight never got worse as the two veterans know what not to do during an NBA game, but the shoves and pushes were enough to get onto this list.

Finally, we hit our number one fight, which comes between the New York Knicks and the Denver Nuggets. Surprisingly enough, the worst fight of Anthony’s career didn’t come from something he started but rather when he tried to defend a teammate. J.R. Smith was fouled pretty hard by Mardy Collins, and he took offense to the foul, the two of them got into each other’s faces and started yelling at one another before sending over a few shoves. At first it seemed just like your normal NBA scuffle until Nate Robinson flew into the pile and gave Smith a hard shove when he wasn’t looking. Smith was already angry, so he took the opportunity to grab Robinson and the two of them tumbled to the ground and into the first row of the stands. As is the case for many fights, you couldn’t really see what was going on under the giant pile but what the cameras were able to see was Carmelo Anthony land a nice clean punch to an opposing player before running away from the pile and out of harm’s way. Seriously, players were throwing themselves at Anthony while chasing after him in order to avenge their teammate that was wrongly hit in the face. But that wasn’t the only thing Melo did to stir things up for his side, prior to that punch, Melo was seen literally throwing players off of Smith and onto the floor when the fight first began. Officials and teammates and even other staff members were doing everything that they could to try and restore order to the court while the crowd was going wild over the fight. After things finally started to calm down, it raised the question of what was going to happen to Smith, Robinson and even Anthony because he did throw a punch. The referees got themselves together and held a long discussion, reviewing everything that had just happened along with how the entire incident started and their final decision was shocking. They stepped out onto the middle of the court and announced to the stadium that all ten players that were on the court playing at the time the fight first broke out, were to be completely ejected from the ball game! This may be one of the only times in NBA history that this has ever happened, and I still can’t believe it did. I mean, NBA teams only have about 12 active players every game and if you suspend the starting five, your only left with about five to seven bench players who normally don’t get minutes. All those poor fans in the stands that were excited to watch their favorite players ended up getting screwed over and they were all ejected…. Though the fight must have been a joy to watch as it all started to break out. The fight was later hit with a nickname given the extremity of the fight, with the majority of reporters naming it the Garden Brawl. Not a bad name as it was a fight right in the middle of Madison Square Garden, if you couldn’t already tell!

But that just about does it for this video on the top five fights of Carmelo Anthony’s long career. Though there may be more to come as he is still in the league and looking good, you never know when he might lose it on a player and start a fist fight! If you enjoyed this video, make sure you smash that like button and subscribe for more content like this! Also, be sure to hit that bell icon so that you never miss another video because we have some amazing stuff planned for the future that you won’t want to miss out on!

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