Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Championship Will Forever Be Remembered

The Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors was a playoff match up for the ages, with Golden State Warriors beating the Bulls regular season winning record going 73 – 9 and being up 3 – 1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals, everyone thought it was over.

Until a Lebron James lead cavs team came back and won the 2016 NBA championship being the first time in NBA history to come back from a 3 – 1 deficit and brining Cleveland their first championship in over 50 years.

Throughout this video we will be showcasing some Cleveland Cavaliers highlights throughout the regular season and playoff. As well as how the Cleveland Cavaliers ended up winning the NBA finals and all the moments that lead to this victories season.

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Translated titles:
El Campeonato Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 será recordado para siempre

O Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Championship será para sempre lembrado

क्लीवलैंड कैवलियर्स 2016 चैम्पियनशिप ह

ستبقى بطولة كليفلاند كافالييرز 2016 في الذاكرة إلى الأبد


Ang Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Championship Ay Magpakailanman Maalala

Kejuaraan Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Akan Selamanya Dikenang

ਕਲੀਵਲੈਂਡ ਕੈਵਾਲੀਅਰਜ਼ 2016 ਚੈਂਪੀਅਨਸ਼ਿਪ ਹ

Чемпіонат Клівленд-Кавалієр-2016 назавжди запам’ятаєть

Giải vô địch Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 sẽ mãi mãi được ghi nhớ

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