Craziest Stories You Didn’t Know About Steven Adams

Craziest Stories You Didn’t Know About Steven Adams

The nicest man in the league has a couple of insane stories that you have to know!!!

Steven Adams, probably the nicest and most lovable giant in the NBA right now. He is always getting into fights, not to start them but rather to just break them up and play the peacemaker role. Which some would consider surprising due to his massive frame and build. Though, Adams isn’t a very open person and outside of a couple hilarious media interviews that we will get too later, not much is known about him outside of the sport. In today’s video, we are going to be going over a couple of the most fascinating stories about Adams that will blow your mind. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video because Adams almost joined a gang!

Starting this off with one of the most interesting stories regarding the gentle giant, Steven Adams. A couple of years ago while Adams was a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, a story was revealed about his free throw routine during practice. He is always working to improve every aspect of his game and because of the physical style of ball that he chooses to play, his routines mostly get physical. When he lines up to the free throw line, he would have an assistant coach randomly run over and give him a full-blown jab to the gut when he least expects it. I can’t say that I have ever heard anybody else revert to this strategy when needing to work on their free throws but hey, he did slowly improve his numbers that year. He shot 57.1 percent from the charity stripe throughout his career up to that point, but the next year he shot a career high percentage of 61.1 percent from the line. One could imagine that Adams still uses this strategy when working on his shooting.

Moving onto the next story, we have a pretty interesting one. Everybody always talks about the toughness that Adams shows on the court but not many people know just how tough he really is. Kendrick Perkins revealed on ESPN that Adams is without a tough individual but continued to say that he was a different type of tough. He mentioned a story regarding Adams that he annually travels to New Zealand alongside a couple of his giant brothers, and they hunt for wild hogs. There is a catch to that though. They only use a knife, and they hunt without any type of socks or shoes. Never in my life have I heard anybody do that before. Toughness is an incredibly trait to have in any profession but man, there’s no wonder why nobody messes with Adams in the NBA!

Jimmy Butler also shared his own story about Steven Adams in a post-game interview while he was still on the Minnesota Timberwolves. There was a pretty big play during the game between Adams and Towns, with reporters asking Butler a couple of questions about that tough and physical matchup inside the paint. Butler instantly went off topic just to talk about how tough Adams is as a person. To quote him here, he said “That motherfucker is strong. He hit me with one screen today, and I thought my life was over. Like, seriously. He’s like from Krypton or something, seriously. He’s strong. I’m gonna call him in here and let him set a screen on you. Dude…I’m trying to tell you.” This video went viral in the NBA community ridiculously fast and for good reason. It is always fun listening to players share hilarious stories about some of their competitors. As somebody who has been hit by hard screens himself during a basketball game, I could only imagine the pain you would be handed if you were caught off guard by one set by Steven Adams. I agree with Butler, his life was seriously on the line in that moment!

While many players who make it all the way to the All-Star break are relieved to get some time to themselves, Steven Adams happens to go in a completely different approach. It seems all too common that some of the worlds biggest stars in the basketball world take the trip out to wherever the All-Star game is being held. Some work on their skills, some take a nice long vacation, it truly just depends on the person. Adams was asked what his favorite part about the All-Star break was and he answered without skipping a beat. He said, “I think training my dog, mate.” In his defense though, who doesn’t love spending some quality time with their pet? Adams is simply just having fun wherever he goes, and it doesn’t look like he is that shaken up about not being named to the All-Star roster.

Remember when we mentioned that insane free throw routine that Adams does? Well, this next story may very likely be the reason he does such a thing. A couple of years ago, Adams and the Thunder were locked in a tight match against the Chicago Bears. The Thunder had to fight their way back into the contest after trailing but a substantial amount, which resulted in the game coming down to the final seconds. There was four seconds remaining on the clock and the game was tied at 106 apiece. Adams got fouled and was forced to head to the charity stripe in order to seal the game for his team. He banked in the first shot and unfortunately missed the second, though he did recover his own rebound and the team walked away with the win. It is no surprise that Adams isn’t that great from the free throw line, but it appeared he was calm and confident in his shot heading up to the line. A Thunder sideline reporter caught up to Adams to ask him about his thoughts once he realized he had gotten fouled. Without fully realizing that he was on live television, Adams quickly said, “I absolutely shit my pants. It’s pretty tough. I didn’t realize how much pressure it is. But I made it mate, can be happy with it.” To make that interview even funnier, Dennis Schroeder took the opportunity to sprint in next to Adams and make fun of him for having to use the backboard on that first shot attempt! At the end of the day though, the shot did go in and the team happened to walk away with the victory! That is all you can ask for in a tight contest like that, especially when you come from behind after trailing by as many as 26 points. Free throws may be a scary moment for any player in the league, but thankfully Adams was in this position and not what he could have been in earlier in his life. Stick around until the end of the video to find out about the story involving Adams and a local gang!

Steven Adams absolutely hates wearing suits. You probably couldn’t force him to wear a suit if your life depended on it. When Chris Paul was teammates with Adams on the Thunder just a year or two ago at this point, Paul got all of his teammates custom tailored Frere suits. The whole plan was set right before that, as the team was going to get all up in their new suits ahead of their next game which happened to be just a day away. Adams ended up wearing the suit, donning a cobalt tie, a white button-down shirt and some loafers to top it all off. Normally the entrance to the stadium is like a catwalk for NBA players, I mean, just look at Russell Westbrook and his fashion style when walking into the stadium. A suit was a wild change of pace for Adams at the time, who admitted that he would just like to wear some sweatpants and a pair of sandals, nothing fancy at all. Adams was eventually interviewed by ESPN, and they asked him about his through process once he received the suit from Paul. Adams said, “Chris was like, wear it to the game, it’s a team thing. I was like ah shit; I have to wear it. I was just gonna hang it up.” However, I guess when Chris Paul asks you to wear a suit, you have to wear the suit. Adams continued in the interview to say that he couldn’t remember wearing a suit since the year 2016, when Russell Westbrook had his Oklahoma Hall of Fame event. There’s more to this story though. Adams said this afterwards, “I didn’t realize how much time it takes to put on all that shit. It’s a lot longer than I take normally. I didn’t account for it. I was just like, eh, fuck this, mate. A lot of buttons, a lot of weird little things. It’s a three-piece suit, which means more buttons. But it’s all pre-made Italian stuff. I didn’t even know what I looked like, mate. I didn’t look in the mirror, had to get the valet dudes to kind of clean me up a bit. My collar was off and everything.” Despite looking incredibly dapper on what was eventually labeled “Suit Night” I wouldn’t be expecting to see Adams donning a new suit anytime soon. Especially after how long it took him just to get everything on correctly. ESPN wrapped up their interview by asking Adams when we could expect him to show up in a suit again. Adams simply replied, my funeral, mate.

Adams ended up being one of the most interesting players in the NBA Bubble and boy did we need something to keep an eye on throughout that time. Adams was joking around when the team first entered the bubble, saying that he had spent his entire quarantine period by just working out with cows on his personal farm. But that is just the start of this story. The team made sure to pack their bags and grab enough items to last them until at least a month or two. His teammate for example, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, packed three months’ worth of clothes for this period. Adams didn’t really seem like he was paying attention to the clothes aspect of packing but was rather caught grocery shopping. Adams was photographed with multiple bags of groceries in his hand and some street clothes, but there wasn’t any luggage in sight. I mean hey, there is still a strong possibility that somebody simply helped him with his luggage a little while earlier or that he just made a second trip later. Although it is still incredibly believable that he decided to walk his way in with the food of his choice instead of what the league was offering to their players.

Did you know that Adams was sort of in a mob? Neither did we until we heard this crazy story. His father, Sid, had 18 children with five different women. Some say that he even had 21 children but there is no official record of that just yet. By the time Adams started to grow up, Sid was in his 60s and was worn down from life. He had also just gotten into a bad car accident and was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Sid sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer which threw Adams completely off course. He skipped school very frequently and started hanging out with a local gang called the Mongrel Mob. Adams was adamant that he never joined the gang officially, mostly due to their gruesome initiation process that he said he didn’t want any part of. Apparently, the gang would literally beat the hell out of you for a while so that you could be a member. Personally, I feel like Adams definitely made the right call by choosing not to undergo such punishment like that. After this whole experiment Adams started to get his life back together and started to get into the game of basketball. I would think that the rest is now history wouldn’t you say?

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