Dennis Rodman Stories You Need To Hear About


Dennis Rodman Stories You Need To Hear About

Number 10

Dennis Rodman has remained the NBA’s most controversial star and did crazy things on and off the court, but made his name along with Michael Jordan and Pippin. He was given the nickname of THE WORM. He suffered from a very tragic childhood and attempted suicide. After his rehabilitation, he proclaimed himself as the BAD BOY. And he proved himself as a bad boy throughout his career and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for his crazy capers.

In March 1996, in a regular-season game against the New Jersey Nets, one of his fierier outbursts came, when he was given signs for two technical fouls in a game and was eventually asked to leave the game and go to the locker room. Raged by Ted Bernhardt’s call, Dennis took up the issue with the referee and started screaming in his face. Jumping out of the fire into the frying pan, he head-butted the referee. He made a scene by knocking over a water cooler and throwing away his jersey while leaving the court. As a result, he was fined $20,000 and suspended for six games without pay.

Number 9

Rodman has been a longtime fan of the band Pearl Jam. Once, he attended one of their concerts in Dallas. He made a scene there by going to the stage without his shirt, swinging a bottle of wine in his hand. According to a critic in the audience, this baller stayed on stage with the band for 45 minutes before they got tired of his foolish actions. He also attempted to sing and provide backing vocals for his favorite songs, so the management had to cut off his mike. Finally, after disturbing the whole concert, he rodman decided to leave the stage.

Number 8

Rodman once mentioned that he had a hot temper. His bad attitude and hot-headedness landed him in even hot water after this incident.

During a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rodman accidentally tripped over cameraman Eugene Amos while running, flushed with anger, he lashed out at the cameraman who was sitting just by the basketball stanchion.

Dennis landed a kick into the groin of the cameraman resulting in him losing consciousness. Eventually, the cameraman was laid on a stretcher and taken to the nearby hospital for immediate treatment. He had already shown his anger by head-butting with the referee in the previous season. As a result, he was again fined heavily with $25,000 and kicked out of the season for 11 games without pay, as a punishment for his deed.

Dennis also agreed to pay $200,000 for the inflicted injury but ended up paying $1million in total to the cameraman for treatment.

Number 7

Following his career with crazy feats, Rodman remained popular on American TV screens but in a unique capacity. With his basketball career now in his past, the five-time NBA champion made his venture at reality television. Rodman was the sixth contestant to be booted on in the 13th edition of the Celebrity Apprentice. But he was fired by ex-US president Donald Trump. The reason behind it was absolutely crazy; it was just a spelling error. He misspelled the Name of First Lady Melania’s name to “Milania” on a poster for her skin-care line. Hmmm… never ever mess with mister president, a lesson to be learned.

Number 6 

Have you guys ever heard of Kim Jong-Un? Yes, we are talking about the Supreme Commander of North Korea. Dennis Rodman visited him! Yes, he went to North Korea to call upon Kim Jong-Un. Kim is a self-professed basketball fan who was fascinated with the Chicago Bulls team of the 90s. Considering how hard it is to get in and out of this East Asian country, this meeting attracted a bunch of media attention. It was shazaam to see that Rodman and Kim Jong-un befriended each other, to our surprise Rodman pledged to be the dictator’s ‘friend for life’ and promised to visit him again. In celebration of Kim’s birthday, Rodman and other NBA stars played an exhibition game against the Korean men’s basketball team. He had lied about the nature of the trip with other NBA players and so received plenty of backlash from human rights activists.

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Number 5

While he was famous for making headlines into nasty things off the court, he also offered an incredible play on the court. When the bulls earned fame in the 90’s he was the one who earned victories for his

team by pursuing the rebounds and made his name in the history of bulls. In an interesting match with the San Antonio Spurs, Dennis went on an early-season run where he would achieve a lot of rebounds but surprisingly tab zero points in the process.


In three consecutive games, Rodman had achieved more than 24 rebounds in each game but only attempted 7 shots. Hmm seems this guy does not want others to ball the hoops. On December 1, 1993, the eccentric Rodman earned his name in the record books of the sports by collecting 28 rebounds while failing to put up any points this guy is really something.

Number 4

The less said about this one, the better. Because this is about the manhood of our star.

In a documentary called ‘Party Legends’ by Vice, Rodman revealed his secret in graphic detail about

how he broke his ahamm… manhood on three separate occasions while trying to

make love. Yes, that’s three different times on three separate occasions.

The basketball star revealed the first incident occurred on a boat in Dallas, Texas. Someone got real kinks here… He told that:

“Me and my girlfriend, we were on the back of the boat in a king-size bed and she said, ‘I think I’m going to try something different. She told me to walk over there and told me to run and jump in her p****.”

And so our basketball hero ran, jumped, and heard a crunch. And after that witnessed “blood everywhere”.

“She’s screaming and screaming, ‘Oh my God, he’s dead,” the 55-year-old recalled. “I said, ‘No, honey, I just broke my d*ck’.” That is what we call destroyed in seconds.


The second incident didn’t happen on the boat but in a room. Rodman met a new lady

called Tracy and had just finished wining and dining with her. “During dinner,

she pulled out a book titled How To Suck D*ck in 10 Different Ways. Hightailing it back to the hotel room, things

quickly took a turn. Next thing you know, she turned around and pushed back on me hard. Crack! another one. Blood everywhere. I couldn’t do anything.”

Giving even more details, he said, “while I could still get erect despite the injury, it doesn’t get straight and instead looks like a big f*cked up carrot”.


This fool-hardy guy didn’t stop there and the third time happened during a similar situation. He told

“It was in New York. Same thing. We go to the hotel room and we’re having sex and it ended up breaking. We went to the hospital and my girlfriend is like, ‘Well you know, he has a problem with his penis. The woman comes up and says, ‘Oh, I’ll be right back’. She brought another doctor in, and then another one. I swear to God, she just kept bringing people in. They told me I had a contused penis.”

“Making matters worse, his girlfriend got a call from one of the nurses the next day threatening to sell the X-rays of Rodman’s junk if they didn’t hand over $25,000.”

What was Rodman’s response? “Sell ‘em”. Can’t stop laughing.

Number 3

On the exact night as the ‘flu game’ – one of the most iconic games in Michael Jordan’s career and NBA record – saw Rodman hit controversy once again but this time, it was for breaching the league’s hate speech policy.

Following the Bulls’ famous win over the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Rodman grumbled about the ‘f***ing Mormons’ in the stands. Utah is widely linked with Mormons and Rodman’s comments landed him the largest player fine in NBA history for his troubles.

Rodman tried defending himself at a later date, implying he didn’t know Mormons had religious ties.

“If I knew it was a religious-type deal, I never would have said it,”

Number 2

During the 90s, professional wrestling was at its most popular as WWE (then named WWF) went head-to-head with WCW in the ‘Monday Night Wars’ – a battle for the TV ratings.

And with wrestling the hottest thing on the planet at the time, it was only reasonable that Rodman would make an appearance alongside the iconic Hulk Hogan.

While his appearance on WCW thrilled those in the audience, it left those associated with the Bulls furious after Rodman decided to skip a mandatory film session during the 1998 NBA Finals to be at the WCW event in Michigan.

Number 1

When Dennis Rodman phones into a radio show and says he wants to be on the air, you have to buckle your seat belt because you never know what you’re going to get. Swear words could start flying around or he could completely change the subject and just start talking about random things and maybe even put another girl on the phone as well. That’s exactly what happened on that day. “Rodman called into the Jorge Sedano Show on 790 the Ticket in Miami and he started to talk about the struggles of the Miami Heat. However, it sounded as if his priority was somewhere else. Of course, his focus was somewhere else because it sure sounded like he was lying in bed with another woman presumably getting pleasured during the interview. This was by far one of the funniest and one of the strangest things I have ever heard on the radio, but then again it is Dennis Rodman so it kind of comes with the territory. You have to listen to the interview in its entirety to get the full effect of what I’m talking about here and you can then judge for yourself. Dennis Rodman joined 790 the Ticket in Miami on the Jorge.

While he was giving his stances on LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, listeners reportedly noticed that the Bulls legend was receiving oral sex while giving an interview on phone.

He told the Jorge Sedano Show: “The Miami Heat, right? You know what? There’s a reason that LeBron can’t accept, Dwyane Wade can’t accept, and (Chris) Bosh can’t accept the fact that you know what? I love that Michael, Scottie, and Dennis Rodman got along. They can’t get it together. That’s the main thing, they can’t get it together. Other teammates cannot adjourn to these people and that’s the main thing. If you see LeBron’s face and the way he walks on the court all the time.

‘What are you doing? What are you doing? This girl is really active. Oh, my Lord, she’s going at it right now dude.”


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