Don’t Start Fights With Shaquille O’Neal – Rare Heated Moments

Don’t Start Fights With Shaquille O’Neal – Rare Heated Moments

Shaq is one of the most liked former NBA players nowadays, mostly because of his humor and fun attitude on TNT with Charles Barkley Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. However, when Shaq was in the NBA all those years ago, he was quite the troublemaker. It didn’t seem to matter who came up to him, if he felt disrespected, he was going to let you hear about it in more ways that one. We were able to gather some of the best fights throughout Shaq’s extended career to show you in this video. But make sure you stick around until the end to finally see the video of him putting his now friend Charles Barkley into a choke hold during the middle of a game!!

Before we get to that fight though, we will be looking at the major fight Shaq had off the basketball court. Shaq and JaVale McGee went at it over social media though neither man ever confronted the other in person, that we know about anyways. JaVale McGee was arguably the most disrespected by Shaquille O’Neal off the court. The drama between the two players more than likely began during the series Shaqtin’ A Fool, where McGee was being constantly placed on because of dumb plays and decisions during games. Shaq and the rest of the crew would consistently make fun of JaVale for these plays and turned him into their personal punching bag, which McGee obviously wasn’t a fan of. Not only that, but when McGee joined the Golden State Warriors and started to play the best basketball games of his career, Shaq and them didn’t say much. However, the second he messed up they placed him right back on the show to laugh at his mental errors. JaVale was sick and tired of it by now, hopping onto twitter and ripping Shaq up for placing him on his little TV segment. Shaq actually gave a heavy response back to JaVale and the two went back and forth as if they were going to meet up and have a fist fight with one another. Funny enough, Shaq actually took the time out of his day to photoshop JaVale’s face onto a literal homeless person. By this point it was just getting too far from both of them, one of JaVale’s teammates Kevin Durant stepped in shortly after. He talked about how he understands Shaq works for a company that wants him to make fun of players, but he shouldn’t have threatened McGee because he disagreed with him. He also went on to say how talented of a player that McGee truly is and that he simply wants to be respected just like everybody else. Then Shaq’s mother stepped in and told Shaq personally to stop the attacks between all of them. Shaq said on air that he didn’t believe the situation was getting out of hand but also said that he will no longer bring up the argument anymore and that it is over and done with from now on. Unlike this disagreement between him and a certain player on the Utah Jazz.

This next one took place on the basketball court though. He was on the Orlando Magic and the team was up against the Detroit Pistons. You may remember them because they still had Dennis Rodman at the time. Shaq went up to try and put in a layup but was being harassed under the rim by Bill Laimbeer, a man who is known for shoving and hitting players to show his physicality. Shaq had enough at that point and shoved Laimbeer out of the way. Almost instantly afterwards another Pistons player flew in and wrapped up Shaq with both of his arms for seemingly no reason at all. Shaq got even more mad at this action and the two began arguing and sharing a few words with Dennis Rodman right next to them. Almost in a flash, both Shaq and the Pistons players threw and connected punches to one another, lighting the court on fire. Both players tried sprinting to one another in an attempt to land more punches while teammates, officials and staff members ran after them to try and restrain them from dealing any more damage. Given how large Shaq is and how heated his opponent was, it was truly a miracle that they were able to settle them down without either landing another punch besides the first two that started it. That just goes to show how ruthless Shaq was on the court, this wasn’t the only time that he threw a punch during a game.

Here in this matchup between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, another punch was thrown by Shaq. It is also worth mentioning that Shaq was on the Heat at this time, despite him being a longtime member of the Lakers. He was standing down on one end of the court when Andrew Bynum ran up to him and backed up onto him as if he would post up. The two must have shared some words earlier in the game because Shaq didn’t waste any time delivering a mean right hook, directed at the face of Bynum. Bynum simply walked away and didn’t choose to escalate the situation any farther than it already was but there was a ton of other players running to their teammates aid because of how random the situation was. Maybe Shaq was angry at a comment from earlier or maybe he felt he was disrespected that Bynum went to post him up without the basketball. Or possibly the fact that Shaq was just furious at the way the game was going and needed to let some anger out, its honestly anybody’s guess at this point. Either way, each player was handed a technical foul for the ordeal and Shaq was lucky that the referees opted not to eject him even though he should have been. Which fight do you think we are going to show next? If you chose the fight between him and Charles Barkley, then you would be wrong! However, that fight will be coming later, so stick around to make sure you don’t miss it.

This fight is more of an honorable mention than anything. Shaq and Charles Oakley had a number of incidents throughout their careers when they crossed paths. It seemed like every time they matched up against one another during an NBA game, one of them was hit with a hard shove or elbow during a box out. Probably the most notable incident between them was when Oakley and Shaq both went up for an easy rebound when they tangled arms. Shaq turned around to free his arm but ended up throwing Oakley to the ground in the process due to his strength and weight. But instead of saying it was an accident and helping him up from the ground, Shaq actually stood over him and yelled at him while Oakley tried to get himself back up. Oakley never retaliated but one could imagine that there weren’t many nice things being said during that confrontation. In this next fight, there was quite a bit of harm being done.

This fight happened to be one of the most violent ones Shaq was ever involved in. The Los Angeles Lakers were up against the Chicago Bulls late in the fourth quarter. Shaq got the ball in the post and was instantly double teamed, he kind of lost the basketball while turning around and shoved one player out of his face. Although his anger wasn’t directed at the guy who came to help defend him but rather the primary defender on the play, Brad Miller. Shaq chased after Miller when the whistle was blown and threw a punch to the back of Miller’s head. The two then scuffled for a bit before they fell onto the ground with teammates and staff members doing everything that they could to somehow get these two big men separated. Unlike many other fights in NBA history, officials and other players were unable to break these two guys up right away. There was actually quite a bit of violence going on inside the pile and everybody wasn’t able to get cleaned up. Miller ended up walking out of the pile without a shirt, because it was completely torn in half while he was in there fighting Shaq. All of the audience that was in the front row literally ran out of their seats when they saw Shaq and Miller heading towards them. They just crashed into the chairs in the front row and made a huge mess there that people had trouble slowing down. Even the commentators in the video were talking about how violent Shaq was throughout the whole fight. Not only did it take about ten people to coral Shaq when he stood back up, but he wasn’t even finished. He had his right arm cocked back ready to throw another haymaker but had a few people grabbing his arm with two hands to avoid letting him throw another punch. When Miller made his way out of the pile without his shirt, he instantly was escorted into the tunnel and made his way to the locker room. One could only imagine that Shaq followed closely behind because there is no way he wasn’t ejected for a fight as serious as this, especially because he was the one that started it by throwing a punch at Miller when he wasn’t looking at him.

Shaq did something similar to that with Dennis Rodman, although luckily no punches were thrown in this clip. Rodman and Shaq have had a number of heated moments throughout their careers but the majority of them were simply pushes or shoves that they were able to move past. However, during one game between the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic, they each ended up getting a little too heated. Rodman had great positioning for an offensive rebound but when he tipped it up into the air, Shaq jumped in on top of him and grabbed it over his head. Rodman ended up accidently knocking Shaq over while they wrestled for the basketball but at first it didn’t seem serious at all. When Shaq hit the ground, he reached out and grabbed Rodman’s ankle with two hands, dragging him onto the ground with him and whistles being blown immediately. Shaq got hit with a fast technical foul while Rodman didn’t really get any punishment because well, he didn’t do anything wrong here. It was honestly pretty lucky that Shaq didn’t end up hurting Rodman’s ankle or arms from the fall and both players were able to continue their current ball game. I am sure you could find a number of smaller shoves and pushes from either player as they went at it quite a bit throughout their careers. Including a few that ended up with both of them on the floor. Though for now we will head to a different fight.

Finally, we get to the infamous fight between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Barkley was tied up in the air when he tried to go for a layup. He then collected himself after landing and tried to jump again, only to have a whistle blown while also being met with the shoulder of Shaq. Nothing was intentional about the play from what you can see, Shaq just accidently bumped him in mid air and his hand landed on Barkley’s head. Although that isn’t quite how Barkley saw the whole thing. Charles winded up and threw the basketball right at the head of Shaq, actually connecting and hitting him. Shaq instantly grabbed Charles and put him in a chokehold while Barkley picked his leg up and tackled him. Both players ended up wrestling on the ground for a bit before Shaq was pulled up from the pile and another Lakers player jumped in on top of Barkley to wrestle. They were both ejected from the contest given their actions on the floor, but it is truly ironic how they can go from choking each other out and wrestling during the middle of a game to longtime friends on a television network. I guess that means anything is possible in the long run!

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