I Found The 10 Craziest Devin Booker Facts

I Found The 10 Craziest Devin Booker Facts

Is Devin Booker your favorite NBA player, then make sure to watch until the end of the video to find out the top 10 facts about him

Devin Booker, the shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns that is turning heads at a rapid pace this season. While it seems like he has been around the NBA forever now, he is still in his early 20’s and is breaking franchise records as if it is nothing to him. The organization has struggled mightily in his first few years but has always stayed focus and locked on in his ultimate goal, winning a championship. Everybody knows what they are going to be getting from Devin when he steps on the floor, but there is still a lot of facts about the young guard that the public don’t know much about. In this video, we were able to grab ten of the most interesting facts about Booker for you all to know about as well. Hopefully this video gives you a better insight on the player who is dominating the playoffs in his first appearance there. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video also because we have some incredibly interesting facts involving Booker and the legendary Kobe Bryant that you won’t want to miss out on!

Starting off with number ten. Devin Booker used to primarily be a post scorer instead of an all-around shooting guard that we have grown accustomed to seeing. When he was growing up, he was always slightly taller than other kids his age. Devin was aware of his height advantage and chose to stay after practice consistently in order to work on his footwork and post scoring. I guess it is safe to say that those lessons and practice paid off now, as Booker is shooting 52.5 percent from his post ups this season with the Phoenix Suns. According to the leagues statistics, Booker is actually the tenth most efficient player in the league in post-up situations when talking about all players with 50 plus possessions like that. However, the post wasn’t the only offensive area that Booker excelled at.

Moving down to number nine, Booker was the leagues three-point contest winner early on in his NBA career. It all started back when he was just a rookie in the league, the 19-year-old guard on Phoenix drew a lot of eyes during his first few games. So much so that the league even asked him to participate in the three-point contest that same year, making him the youngest player to ever take place in one of them. Devin made it into the final round of that tournament but unfortunately lost to one half of the splash brothers, Klay Thompson. That wasn’t the only time he participated in the tournament though, as the league brought him back two years later for a second run. This time, he won the competition and defeated the man that beat him in 2016, Klay Thompson. Even this season he was supposed to make a return and try to claim yet another trophy but at the last second, he chose to back out due to an injury. Defeating a splash brother in a three-point shooting contest is one of the hardest things a player can do, though he would have had no chance if Steph Curry was his competition.

His 70-point special comes in at number eight on our list. While this incredible and rare scoring performance may be known to a lot of people, there is a surprising amount of people who have never even heard of this game. It came back on March 24th, 2017, with the Boston Celtics taking on the Phoenix Suns. Booker was only 20 years old at the time and had to lead his team back from a 26-point deficit. That was when he turned into a completely different beast in the second half, scoring at the rim, behind the arc and in the mid-range. Suddenly, it was about to be a single digit game. Unfortunately, though the team fell to the Celtics by a score of 130-120 but Booker dropped a whopping 70 points. The only other players in the history of the league that have scored that many points in a single game are David Robinson, David Thompson, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and the great Kobe Bryant. Booker etched his names in the history books with this one. Speaking of Kobe, he actually is involved in our number one fact involving Devin Booker, so make sure you stick around until the end of the video to find out what that fact is!

For now, we will move on down to number seven. Did you know that Devin’s father actually player in the NBA? Me neither. As a matter of fact, not many people do. It was once reported that only two photos exist of him in their current archives even though he played in the NBA for a couple seasons. Throughout that time in the big league, he played for three different teams, the Golden State Warriors, the Denver Nuggets and the Houston Rockets. Ironically, one of those two images of Melvin Booker in the NBA, show him driving the basketball while a member of the Warriors against none other than the Suns. Maybe the NBA knew what they were doing after all by taking that picture….

Did you know that Devin Booker never started a single college game? That is why this fact comes in at number six one our list. Booker grew in popularity pretty quickly during his time in college, which is why he selected earlier than most in the NBA Draft. However, he built that popularity coming solely off the bench for his Kentucky Wildcat squad. Throughout his singular college season, he averaged about 21.5 minutes per game but that didn’t stop him from shooting a blistering percentage from behind the arc. He was known as a college sharpshooter due to his 41.1 percentage from behind the arc. His shooting was one of the biggest reasons why that team made it to the Final Four in the March Madness tournament.

At number five, we have his peer approval. One of the most interesting facts about Booker is that other NBA players have been hyping him up for years now. When Booker just turned 20, Kevin Durant appeared on a podcast to state that he was pushing for the Oklahoma City Thunder to draft the young guard back in 2015. Then, a few years later Damian Lillard suffered an apparent injury that held him off the 2020 All Star roster. He openly said that he wanted Devin Booker to take his spot because he felt he was more than deserving of it. The same situation happened again this past season as he was once again left off the All-Star squad. This resulted in LeBron James hopping on Twitter to claim that Booker is “the most disrespected player in our league.” Even if the fans don’t like his playstyle, Booker can sure bank on his peers respecting his game and admiring the way he plays.

Number four, Booker was heavily questioned about how he would perform if he were to ever make it to the big stage. He has answered all of those doubts this season during his recent playoff run with the Suns. In just his first postseason series against the Los Angeles Lakers, Booker averaged 29.7 points, 6.2 rebounds and five assists per game. Doing all of that on a ridiculous 48.8 percent shooting from the floor and a hot 42.9 percent shooting from the three-point line. His outstanding performance was the reason they knocked off the defending champions in six games and how they shoved the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers out of their way in order to make it to the NBA Finals. Without Booker, Phoenix may not have picked up their first series win since the year 2010! One of the likely reasons behind his playoff readiness is likely because his role model growing up was Kobe Bryant. There is another fact about Booker and Kobe coming up later in this video, so make sure you stick around a little bit longer to find out what that is.

Continuing one we have number three. He is a Latin American ambassador for the game of basketball. Many people may not know this, but Booker comes from Hispanic descent. His grandfather was an immigrant from Nogales, Mexico, something that Booker has been embracing ever since he heard his name called on Draft night. Devin was asked about his heritage a while back and had this to say, “I think the moment everybody found out that I had Mexican in my bloodline, I got on social media and started seeing younger kids of the Hispanic descent reaching out to me and saying, You’re my favorite player.” The impact that Devin has had too so many kids around the world is truly inspiring and is one of the largest reasons why he continues to take his game seriously and understands how important he is to the NBA.

We have a very interesting fact here at number two. Did you know that Devin Bookers first game in the NBA was on the exact same day that Steve Nash got his name enshrined into the Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor at halftime? Well, he did, and the Suns team didn’t really do well for him. They ended up losing that game pretty badly to the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 111-95. However, Devin Booker was the only positive takeaway for the franchise, as he played 21 minutes and scored 14 points on six for seven shooting from the field. Ironically, four seasons after that game, Booker became the very first Phoenix Suns player to be named an All Star since the legendary Nash played for them. Who would have ever thought that the sole positive for the Suns on the night that Nash was etched into franchise history, would end up being the best player for the organization since him? Devin happens to be in the right place at the right time more often than not… I wish I had that power.

Finally, we have the top fact regarding Devin Booker. There are a ton of people around the sports world that know exactly what drives him, but some don’t know that it is actually Kobe Bryant. Growing up, Devin would watch a ton of different shooting guards around the league, but none stuck with him more than Bryant. He always appreciated the way that Kobe looked at the game of basketball and how he approached it. The way that he was always competitive and hard working was something that Booker really looked up to as a young man. Devin even used one of Kobe’s famous post moves against him when the two shared the court in Bryant’s final game against Phoenix. Shortly after the game, Kobe laughed about the most and even went over to Booker in the locker room to share a private moment with him. Kobe gave Devin a pair of signature shoes along with the phrase Be Legendary written on them. That phrase has since been a part of who Devin is. He even has that phrase tattooed onto his arm now. A few members of the media had some questions involving the late Bryant after Booker eliminated his Lakers from the playoffs this season. Devin admitted that Kobe was on his mind quite a bit during that final series ending game, which is probably the reason he dropped 47 points. It is a very strong phrase to live by, and without that phrase or Kobe we may not have gotten the privilege of watching Booker on the biggest stage with the brightest lights.

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