Lonzo Ball REACTS To 10 Facts About Him

Lonzo Ball REACTS To 10 Facts About Him

A couple of years ago the name Lonzo Ball likely wouldn’t have rung a bell. Nowadays, you can pretty much name his entire family. The former number two overall draft pick is one of the most loveable players in the game today and is just one of three brothers, all of which have gotten NBA opportunities with LiAngelo playing in the Summer League recently. While there is a lot of information out there regarding Lonzo and his siblings, everybody has likely heard from his father LaVar Ball more than anyone. He brought tons of attention over to his first-born son and is a large reason to his success in the league. However, there is still so much that we don’t know about Lonzo yet. In today’s video, we are going over ten of the most interesting facts that we could find regarding Lonzo Ball. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video to find out why Lonzo was so highly recruited coming out of college!

Number ten. Lonzo Ball was the real deal in high school. Now, a lot of people likely remember him from his college days due to his father LaVar hyping him up so much, but Lonzo was dominating throughout high school. In just his senior season alone, he averaged 24 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists per game! Those stats were more than enough to get him named the Naismith Prep Player of the Year along with the USA Today Player of the Year and Mr. Basketball USA awards. However, Ball wasn’t into all of those accolades more than helping his team win basketball games. He did just that as well. Leading Chino Hills to a ridiculous 35-0 overall record and a national championship run. There are very few players that can drag their high school teams as far as Lonzo was able to do, displaying everything that you could ever want in a point guard that year. It is also worth noting that Lonzo played alongside both of his brothers during that same season. LiAngelo and LaMelo were both major contributors on the roster that was the number one ranked in the country at the time.

Number nine. This one might catch some people off guard, but Lonzo isn’t a minority owner of the Big Baller Brand. In fact, he is the majority owner. Due to all the talk that LaVar does regarding the company, you would imagine that both him and his wife Tina would be the majority owners. That just isn’t the case here. Lonzo owns the largest portion of the company at 51 percent, while both of his parents combined sit at just 32.7 percent. Although, those numbers were from a year ago and Lonzo and LaVar kind of had a small situation regarding the company in between so those numbers may have shifted a bit. Still, it is pretty weird to think about how Lonzo used to be the main owner of the BBB brand that we have all heard so much of ever since he made it into the NBA.

Number eight. Lonzo Ball was forced to cover up a tattoo once he made it into the NBA. He got BBB tattooed onto his body to show support for the brand that he and his family own. It likely didn’t have any marketing plans behind the tattoo, I think Lonzo just wanted to get it inked onto him so that he could always remember it and be proud of it. The league wasn’t as happy about the idea though. They got in touch with him and forced him to cover up that tattoo during his rookie season because the Big Baller Brand wasn’t an official sponsor of the NBA. This isn’t the first time that this has happened in recent memory either. J.R. Smith was forced to cover up a Gucci tattoo over the same reasons.

Number seven. Lonzo is a pretty good rapper. I am sure the majority of you have heard a couple of his songs or the fact that he likes to rap in his spare time. There was some criticism at first once he went public about his passion for music, but it turns out he has some talent in the area. He doesn’t have the level of experience that Damian Lillard has shown in the industry, yet his song called ZO2 ended up reaching up to 12 million views on YouTube at one point. Obviously, people are interested to hear what Lonzo can cook up in the studio and its interesting to think about what he has in store for the future. After all, he even did a diss track on his good friend and former teammate Kyle Kuzma when the two were still with the Los Angeles Lakers. Speaking of the Lakers, make sure you hang around until the end of the video to find out what Lonzo was willing to compromise just so he could end up as a member of the Lakers coming out of the draft.

Number six. Somehow, his free throw shooting is just not that good. Lonzo has always struggled from the charity stripe and that has continued throughout his first two seasons in the league. Ever since then though, he has steadily improved his numbers yet is still not near the level that a point guard should be at. To put his shooting from the line into perspective, Lonzo shot 45 percent on free throws during his rookie season and found a way to get worse in his second season, shooting just 41.7 percent. Although like I mentioned earlier, his numbers are improving at the line. His first year with the New Orleans Pelicans he shot 56 percent from the line and his second year with them he shot 78 percent. Neither of those percentages are what a franchise is looking for from their franchise guard but the fact that those numbers are improving at all is a terrific sign for his shooting ability.

Number five. Lonzo Ball and his family have a recurring television show. It goes by the name Ball in the Family and has aired multiple seasons already. It just shows how Lonzo and his family gel together and gives you a glimpse into their lives outside of the game of basketball. Lonzo has also made appearances in a couple of other TV shows as well. He found himself in a couple of commercials for the new movie Black Widow and debuted his acting career on Fuller House in 2017. You also can’t forget about his appearances on sports shows such as ESPN and First Take. Zo clearly has a knack for the big screen, and it’ll be interesting to see where he can take this in the future. Whether his families TV show continues to grow, or other future shows and movies decide to take the chance on him similar to Black Widow.

Number four. Lonzo’s three-point shooting isn’t actually as bad as everybody makes it out to be. Yes, he only shot 30.5 percent from the field during his rookie season with the Lakers, but it’s not that horrible when compared to other stars during their rookie seasons. LeBron James shot only 29 percent when he was brand new to the NBA and Kevin Durant only mustered 28.8 percent. Lonzo has actually gotten better from behind the arc each and every season, similar to his free throw shooting. He shot 32 percent in his sophomore season, then 37 percent in his first year with the Pelicans and finally another 37 percent season just last year. Stats can definitely be deceiving, and we may be reaching a small bit on this one, but you can’t ignore the fact that other stars also struggled to shoot the ball in their first couple of years. We could potentially see Lonzo transform into a decent to above average shooter if he continues to take massive jumps year to year.

Number three. Lonzo Ball chose the number two to represent him for a reason. No, he didn’t just choose the number because he just happened to wear it when he was younger. He said that he started to fall in love with the number two because he was always second in class when it came to alphabetical order. Whenever the teacher called attendance or tried to get everyone lined up alphabetically, Lonzo was always the number two. Everybody needs motivation when it comes to picking their jersey number and the majority of players in the NBA have that push as to why they wear their number. We can officially throw Lonzo on that list as well, and chances are he is going to stick with that number throughout the rest of his career in the NBA. I can’t imagine him wearing anything different after all of these years with number two.

Number two. Lonzo has a daughter! There was some controversy regarding Lonzo and his on again off again girlfriend Denise Garcia but nevertheless they still have a beautiful daughter named Zoey. Both Garcia and Lonzo were high school sweethearts that got together during the year 2015 and have been dating ever since then. Garcia happens to be an athlete of her own as she played Division I soccer for both the University of California and Seattle University. You could see their daughter and the relationship between both Zo and Garcia if you ever happened to tune into Ball in the Family, the TV show that we mentioned earlier in the video. However, it appears that the two are no longer dating anymore…. for good now. Lonzo said that he and Garcia officially split up during a radio appearance back at the end of 2019, though they still get together to spend time with their daughter and help out in any way that they can.

Number one. Lonzo was able to completely alter the course of UCLA during his year with the school. He joined them in the year 2016 and partnered up with another NBA player in T.J Leaf. Both of them were able to flip the UCLA offense on its head. Suddenly, a group that was average at best turned into the top scoring offense in the entire country. Then before you could even realize, Ball and Leaf led UCLA to a championship game against Texas A&M, which they won. Ball was named the MVP of the Wooden Legacy tournament shortly afterwards. Though his college dominance didn’t stop there at all. He ended up breaking Gary Payton’s former record for the most assists by a freshman in a single game with 14. Unfortunately, the school wasn’t able to keep up with the rest of them during the NCAA tournament. They were able to roll over Kent State in the opening matchup but later fell to Kentucky by a score of 86-75. Ball played decent in that game, scoring 10 points, eight assists with just four turnovers. All of those great performances were enough to get him selected number two overall by the Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft. This is where a lot of you ended up following Ball. His father LaVar made a huge deal about Lonzo being drafted to the Lakers, with Lonzo even saying that he wouldn’t mind falling a spot in the pecking order just to end up with Los Angeles. Apparently, the NBA world listened as Markelle Fultz ended up being drafted number one overall and had allowed Ball to head right to the team that he wanted to end up with.

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