Most Exciting Vernon Maxwell Fights

Most Exciting Vernon Maxwell Fights

Wait, Vernon Maxwell had a heated rivalry with who?!?!

Vernon Maxwell, otherwise known as Mad Max during his time in the league, was a guard for the Houston Rockets. He found himself involved in a number of fights throughout his career, including a few fights that saw him enter the stands and quite literally confront fans that were heckling him. Maxwell never backed down to anybody and that toughness and fearlessness has resulted in a number of exciting fights to look back on. In this video, we have grabbed the most exciting fights involving Maxwell to show you all. Make sure to stick around until the end of the video because the last fight we have saved could be considered his worst one, and it centers around him almost tackling a fan while heading into the locker room!

This first fight comes against one of the greatest basketball players to every touch an NBA court, Michael Jordan. Jordan was known to get himself involved in a lot of trash talk throughout his long and illustrious career that saw him win six championships and this game was no exception. The Chicago Bulls were setting up to inbound the basketball while Jordan and Vernon Maxwell were setting up for the play. They were covering one another and were seen talking or arguing for quite a while before this play. The ball gets inbounded and the two immediately start bumping into one another pretty aggressively. Jordan gets the pass on the block and Maxwell gives him a two-handed shove to his back. Jordan didn’t fall over or even retaliate but the referee immediately jumped in and whistled for a technical foul. Maxwell was upset over the call as most players usually are and while he was arguing it appeared that he was actually ejected from the contest. Maxwell was so furious at the call that he followed the referee all the way down the side of the court and had to be held back by two teammates to avoid him laying a hand on the man. While he was finally being escorted away from the official it looked like he took his gum out and threw it at him before leaving the court. I can only imagine how differently the referees viewed him after this incident, some were probably even scared to whistle a foul on him at all! Though it wasn’t just referees who were scared of him, as some fans were as well. Stick around till the end of the video to hear a fight that Maxwell had with a fan.

Before we get to that though we actually have another fight that Maxwell has had with Michael Jordan. The Houston Rockets were able to score a bucket down on one end of the court, so all of the Chicago players were making their way to the other side. Jordan got to his spot while a teammate was taking the ball up the court when Maxwell ran directly at Jordan and the two went forehead to forehead while yelling and screaming at one another. Then it finally escalated with each of them exchanging shoves with one of Chicago’s centers standing right in the middle of them in order to stop this scuffle before it gets any worse. One referee went to each of the players in order to get them calmed down, but the damage was already done. Tempers were flared and the hatred for one another began to grow as the season went further on.

For now, we will roll with another fight involving Maxwell. The Houston Rockets were up against the Phoenix Suns and Hakeem Olajuwon was fouled hard when attempted a layup. The cameras were watching him wince as he got help standing back up and before you could even process what was happening, Maxwell was being restrained by a teammate while screaming and pointing at a player on the Suns. His anger was clearly directed at Charles Barkley once the replay was shown to the fans. Barkley seemingly pushed Hakeem on purpose to avoid giving him an easy layup and Maxwell defended his teammate by getting up in his face. Barkley was actually the one who made physical contact as he shoved Vernon away with two hands. One referee motioned for Maxwell to be ejected straight away on the back line, though I don’t know if he heard that call. Because just a few seconds later another referee was seen talking to him and he motioned for him to be ejected and Maxwell threw his arms down and was arguing pretty hard over the call. Before he could even do anything, he had two security guards holding each of his arms to avoid him doing any physical damage on his way out. I guess that is just the reputation of Mad Max, somebody that won’t go down without a fight and boy was he ready to have one right then and there in this matchup.

Vernon didn’t just want to throw down on the court, he actually was one of the few players in league history to fight multiple fans off the court. In this particular incident, he was being relentlessly heckled while on the bench during an NBA game. He was yelling back at the fan for the most part, with his teammates not caring by the end of the game because, well, it had been going on for so long. But Maxwell, who guys by the name of Mad Max, decided that it was time to change things up a bit randomly. He just stood up one moment and slowly walked over to the stands to his right, then he began climbing the stairs as a few teammates and security guards followed to make sure nothing bad happened. Two men started yelling at Maxwell as he got in their face and Mad Max swung and punched the second guy right in the jaw. Both men started swinging back on him but by then a few teammates and guards were able to break it all up and send Maxwell back to the bench. The whole time he was walking back he was booed, and it wasn’t a surprise, seeing how he just sucker punched a fan. After looking further into the incident here is the backlash for both parties. The fan that wasn’t able to stop heckling Maxwell ended up with a completely broken jaw, I guess that is a fitting end to a fight which started because he wanted to trash talk. As for Mad Max, he was immediately ejected from the current game and was banned for the next ten matchups for his team, along with a 20 thousand dollar fine. Maxwell claimed that the fan was making very racist remarks towards him while also commenting about his daughter, which in my opinion would make the punch justified. However, the fan clapped back at those remarks but filing a massive 1.4-million-dollar lawsuit against Maxwell, claiming that he didn’t say either of those things to Maxwell and instead was just making fun of him for only having five points at the end of the third quarter. Sadly, I couldn’t find the actual end result for the lawsuit though I do know that neither side was able to produce much evidence for both of their claims, one could only assume that not much resulted from the lawsuit, especially Maxwell paying that much money though he might have paid something for his actions. Similar to a fight that we have coming up next.

Just like how Maxwell had some bad blood with Michael Jordan, he had a few issues with the former New York Knicks point guard John Starks. The two actually have quite a few of arguments recorded during their NBA careers as they were both known for being tough and hardheaded. During a dead ball between the Rockets and the Knicks, the two decided that they wanted to go at it. They were sharing a few words with one another before inching closer and going forehead to forehead, yelling and screaming. The referees must have known who they were dealing with here as each player was almost immediately handed a technical foul for the argument, though neither played shoved or anything. Maxwell didn’t seem to mind the foul whatsoever while Starks was pleading his case to the official that he didn’t do anything wrong. Even though they were separated, the tensions were still very high in that arena. That was most evident in the very next possession, when Maxwell was trying to walk over to his defensive assignment and was met with a hard shove. Charles Oakley took his chance to give a small elbow to Maxwell when he wasn’t ready, but because he is such a large guy, Maxwell kind of got knocked back a small bit. Thankfully for everybody on the court and the fans, Maxwell didn’t seem to mind the little bump and actually pretended like it didn’t even happen. He just continued to get up on Oakley and prepare himself for the next possession, which is rare for a man with the reputation of being a hot head.

Here we are at our final fight in this video. Maxwell must have been either ejected or fouled out of the current contest because cameras cut to him walking down the tunnel and into the locker room with no other player near him. He had quite a bit of security guards and staff members with him though, so nothing happened. Although, while the cameras were checking in on him something strange happened. He randomly stopped in the hallway and stormed back into the frame, seemingly yelling and arguing with a person off the screen. He was initially being held back for one person, but Maxwell eventually shoved him out of the way and literally sprinted at this fan or other person who was in the tunnel with him at that exact time. You could see the security guards grasping at him in an effort to hold him back, his jersey was being ripped and pulled back, but he had full intentions to physically hurt whoever he was arguing with. Had the other person have not been pulled away and protected by a horde of people, he could have seriously gotten himself messed up for getting into it with a man who has a nickname of Mad Max.

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