Rodman Did What? 7 Must Watch Dennis Rodman Fights

Rodman Did What? 7 Must Watch Dennis Rodman Fights

When you hear the name Dennis Rodman, you think of the scrappy and physical player who was crucial to the Chicago Bulls dynasty alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. However, because of that physically he brought to the team, Rodman found a way to get involved in numerous fights and altercations throughout his extended career. It seemed like he was always trying to get other players riled up and angry just so he could laugh at them on the basketball court. Some would describe him as a player you would hate to play against but would love to have on your side. In this video, we have grabbed the best fights of Rodman’s career to show you all. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video for one of the most dangerous and violent fights that Rodman helped start.

This first fight involved Dennis Rodman and the legendary Seattle Supersonic Gary Payton. The Chicago Bulls and the Supersonics were locked in a close game when Payton tried to drive down the lane for two points. He was stripped in the air right before he attempted a layup by another Bulls defender, but Rodman still attempted to block him anyways. Because there was obviously no ball left to block, Rodman just kind of slapped Payton in the knee or groin area. Payton immediately turned around and literally had to be held back by two or three players because he was absolutely furious with the hit even though Rodman didn’t hit him that hard. The entire time though Rodman never even seemed to care, instead he was seen just smiling and walking around the court while Payton was being calmed down by multiple teammates and officials. He was still barking at the referees over what Rodman did, but he never ended up facing that harsh of a punishment. This next fight ended up being a little more intense than this one though. Though the fight we have saved for last is probably the best one by far, so stick around to find out who he fights!

We will be looking at the clip which shows Dennis Rodman on the San Antonio Spurs, with his team facing off against the Utah Jazz. John Stockton was bringing the ball up court with Rodman trailing behind the rest of the play, though instead of just getting back into position he chose to slap Stockton on the arm while he was about to drive into the lane. It was Rodman’s fourth foul in the ball game, and it just went to show how aggravated he was with Stockton and the Jazz at that time. After the whistle had blown, him and Stockton began sharing words with one another and getting up in each other’s faces. Then Rodman leaned in and headbutted Stockton during the argument, causing another Jazz player to run in and give Rodman a shove in an effort to defend his superstar point guard. Rodman was separated from each player with about four Spurs players and a few referees standing in between them so that the incident didn’t get any worse. After all, Rodman had been in the league for quite a while up to this point and everybody knew the type of personality that he had. Unfortunately, that reputation doesn’t always help him out in these types of situations.

Here Dennis Rodman was ejected for practically no reason. Rodman was working on the offensive glass and was able to follow up on a missed shot, snatching the board right over the head of Dikembe Mutombo. Rodman then dished it to his teammate right next to him for the easy assists. Mutombo went to inbound the basketball, but Rodman pointed at him and barked a few words over in his direction before running back to his end of the court. Mutombo had some words to say back and began walking over to Rodman but there were enough people in the area to split them up rather quickly. However, the referees decided that they were going to completely eject Rodman from the game while Mutombo would get to stay. Rodman was furious with the call and was storming down the sidelines with a teammate holding him in an effort to calm him down even a small bit. He went through a long conversation with his head coach Phil Jackson about the ejection on the sidelines as it took a while for him to catch his breath and explain was happened between him and Mutombo. Sadly, the referees weren’t able to go back on their decision and Rodman was forced into the locker room. He ripped his jersey off while going through the tunnel and chose to throw it into the front few rows of the stands in frustration. Had Rodman not had a history of fighting and instigating other players there is no way that he would have gotten ejected over something so minimal.

This next fight ended up getting a little more physical than the last one though. Rodman was fighting on the boards as he usually does in a game against the Utah Jazz. This was during his Chicago days with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as well. Jordan and Karl Malone were going at it over a missed shot, they each attempted to grab the basketball but got themselves tangled up trying to do so. When they both tried to break off one another they ended up knocking each other to the ground pretty hard. The referees instantly blew the whistles at the both of them and Malone sprung up angrily while Rodman was pleading his case to the officials. After some deliberation they decided that there wasn’t enough to eject either player so there were just a few common fouls handed out. Rodman picked up his fifth foul for the act, though it wasn’t enough to get him out of the game just yet and he made sure to let Malone and Utah know that. He blew a kiss towards them while walking back down the court and just laughed. He wasn’t laughing during the last fight that we have in store though, so stick around until the end of the video to find out who he fights there.

This next fight happened to be against Shaquille O’Neal and Jerome Kersey. Rodman came down with a very clutch rebound one game and made the smart decision of signaling for a timeout so that they could retain the basketball and come up with a plan on how to end the ball game. Kersey was unhappy that his team was on the brink of losing and forcefully took the ball out of Rodman’s hands while the play was already over. Rodman turned around and was about to give him a hard shove while yelling at him until Shaq flew into the frame and shoved Dennis backwards with two hands. Dennis was furious and was about to confront both Kersey and Shaq until Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen each ran over to Rodman in an effort to get him calmed down. They were holding and dragging him backwards to avoid any potential punishment that could cost them the ball game. That was when they all lost their balance, sending both Pippen and Rodman to the floor while Jordan stumbled. Even though it was a very heated moment for all parties involved, you could see Pippen laughing about it when he fell down.

Unlike the last two, there was no laughing to be found here in this fight. It was practically against the entire Indiana Pacers team; he was prepared to take them all on. Rodman had grabbed and offensive rebound after Pippen missed a layup, he tried to go up for a layup of his own but was fouled by a Pacers player who then wrapped his arm around Rodman’s head for a few seconds. Rodman shoved him off and began yelling at him while the Pacers player just stood there laughing about the situation. Rodman walked down the court but randomly started pacing back up to the other side as if he was about to fight somebody else. Just seconds later he ended up getting into a very heated argument with the Pacers head coach on the sideline. They were both yelling and screaming at one another and inching closer. You know its bad when there are players and other coaches jumping in to separate a player from a head coach before they end up swinging on one another. It was a wild scene all around for both the Pacers and the Bulls but luckily nobody was punished harshly for the altercation and gameplay resumed rather quickly.

Punishments were definitely handed out at the end of this fight though. Rodman was still on the Detroit Pistons with a number of other physical and tough players, so they had quite the reputation. They also had a very big rivalry with the Chicago Bulls. So, when the teams were facing off things got a little heated between both parties. Bill Cartwright was rolling after a screen when he bumped into Rodman, knocking him to the ground mid play. No whistle was called so Dennis stood up and threw his arm at him either to push him or send a gentle punch his direction. Things just got worse after that happened. Cartwright instinctively grabbed Rodman’s head with his arm and was holding him in what looked like an uncomfortable choke hold at first. Other players sprinted in to avoid anybody getting seriously hurt but Cartwright refused to let go of his head. There were literally players grabbing Cartwright around his neck to get him to stop holding onto Rodman’s head for as long as he was. Michael Jordan had walked Rodman out of the pile himself while Scottie Pippen helped out Cartwright. If only they both knew that this guy was going to be on their team in just a few years’ time, maybe this fight would have gone differently. Or knowing Rodman it would have went exactly the same.

Finally, we come to the most dangerous and violent fight involving Dennis Rodman. The Pistons were up against the Boston Celtics and the legendary Larry Bird. Bird caught a pass right under the net and was going up for a layup when he was met by both Rodman and another Pistons player. Rodman ended up flipping over the back of Bird and falling hard onto the ground while Bird was taken down by his neck by the feet of Rodman and the other Pistons player. Bird jumped on top of Rodman’s teammate and the two started throwing punches. Rodman attempted to stand up but was met by another Celtics player who literally dove onto him and held him down on the court floor. It didn’t stop Rodman from throwing the player off of him and trying to fight his way into the pile. The cameras showed what was going on between Bird and the other Pistons player and it just looked like a complete mess all around. There was about three Celtics player and three Pistons players all tangled up on the ground, throwing punches, choking each other and exchanging shoves as they go along. It was a mess to clean up, but I can only imagine how much worse it could have been had they let Dennis jump into that pile. He was still involved in a small mini fight of his own there with the other guy who jumped on top of him, but it could have been far worse had he been able to get a punch off on Bird or another player.

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