Stories You Didn’t Know About Paul Pierce

Stories You Didn’t Know About Paul Pierce

You will not believe these stories regarding Paul Pierce!!!

Paul Pierce has become a very common name nowadays in the basketball world. While some know him for some very outlandish basketball takes, others know him as the hard working and mentally tough individual that has had to battle through so much adversity throughout his life. In today’s video, we are going to be giving you a little more insight into his career and personal life. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to find out about his recent firing from ESPN, believe me this is a story that you don’t want to miss out on!

This is probably the most known story about Paul Pierce to date. This particular day happened about 12 years ago now and came during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Pierce was on the Boston Celtics at this time and ended up going down with what looked like a bad knee injury. He had to be carried off the court without putting any pressure on his legs. Then, he was lifted onto a wheelchair where they took him down into the locker room. Miraculously though, he came sprinting out of the locker room in just a few minutes. At first it looked like a heroic return for the Celtics star forward, but people then began to get thinking on possible conspiracies. The biggest one was that Paul had to just go to the bathroom. Some say that he may have accidentally gone in his pants which he why he wanted to be carried off and put in a wheelchair. Back in 2019 Pierce addressed these rumors by saying this on Twitter, “Sorry to busy y’all haters bubble but the only shitting I did June 5th, 2008, was on the Lakers.” However, that story didn’t last very long. Just a year later in 2020, Pierce fully admitted to faking that injury just because he had to go to the bathroom. He did add on that he never asked for a wheelchair. It was revealed on his document called Anything Is Possible that the doctor just came over with the wheelchair on his own. Regardless of it he was actually injured in the moment or not it made for a fantastic show for the people at home! At least Pierce doesn’t have to hide anymore and can start to let this get behind him now.

Another story about Pierce is that he was almost killed nearly 21 years ago to date. The date was September 25th, 2000, and Paul was at a night club called the Buzz Club. It was located in the Boston Theater District. The club quickly became a mess after a man chose to smash a bottle over Pierce’s head and proceed to stab him 11 times in the face, neck and back. Eyewitnesses say that Pierce was simply attempting to break up a fight between two other men in the pool room of the club, before he was attacked himself. His teammate at the time, Tony Battie, and his brother were with Pierce that night and were able to rush him out to the closest possible hospital. Once he got there, he had to instantly undergo lung surgery to fix up some of the damage that was caused. Luckily, he was able to physically recover from all of the wounds that night and got to play in all 82 games that upcoming season. However, the mental toll that it took on him was ridiculously painful. Weeks after Paul started to get out of the house, he was at Morton’s restaurant when a manager walked up to him and said that there was a call waiting for him. Paul picked up the phone to a man saying, “I’m going to kill you.” Right after this happened, he began to open up about his battles with the recovery and the paranoia. He said this, “I was stabbed 11 times, I felt like I was trapped in a box. I couldn’t go nowhere. I battled depression for a year. The only thing that saved me was basketball. So now I’m really paranoid. I don’t want to go anywhere. The police sat in the front of my house for months. I was a mess. I think that’s the reason I got back on the court so fast. Me sitting at home thinking about it didn’t work. I went to every practice, sat on the sideline for hours, because that’s where I felt safe. I didn’t want those practices to end because then I had to go back out there in this world that really scared me.” Not many people are able to undergo the physical and mental toll of something like this and it should really be taken seriously. I have the utmost respect for Pierce as an individual for what he battled through all those years ago and how tremendous of a man he turned out to be in spite of all that.

The next story involves a fantastic New Year’s party. You don’t often see players in the NBA set up parties for New Year’s, but Pierce didn’t care about that. He set one up on December 31st, 2007, and invited all of his teammates, coaches and front office personnel. The party went on all casual and normal until the clock became just a couple of minutes away from midnight. That was when Pierce decided to grab a shamrock pillow and stand up on top of a coach to gather everybody’s attention. Then he proclaimed loudly, “We’re winning it this year. This is our year!” Just as fate would have it, that team ended up marching their way through the playoffs and eventually won the NBA Championship. The team was 66-16 on the year and were able to beat start their postseason run against the Atlanta Hawks. They escaped with a narrow Game 7 victory before knocking off the Cleveland Cavaliers in yet another Game 7 finish. Then they won the Eastern Conference Championship against the Detroit Pistons in six games before knocking off the Los Angeles Lakers in six as well to cap off a fantastic postseason run. I guess Paul just knew something that the rest of us didn’t at the time. Also, be sure to stick around until the end of the video because we are going to talk about a certain racy video that ended up getting Pierce fired from his job!!

A wonderful story about Pierce came from Jeff Twiss, the Celtics vice president of media services. He recalled a time where the organization had taken a trip back in 2007 to Rome. Once they were there, Pierce had apparently grabbed a head piece from somebody who happened to be dressed up in a Roman outfit, then proceeded to pick up a plastic sword to complete the look. He spent the rest of the afternoon walking around as if he was the general of an army that was marching their way into town. Twiss said that this was by far his favorite memory of the longtime Celtics superstar, though he also mentioned another story that was a close second.

That story happened to be at Red Auerbach’s Golf Tournament. Twiss mentioned that Pierce had never played golf at the time of this tournament. However, Pierce would always hang around this massive golf parlor in the clubhouse with his buddy Red. The room was always completely empty and the two of them were just sitting there smoking a cigar and relaxing. Twiss said that Red was going into heavy detail on a certain subject while Paul sat quietly, just listening to every word. Even though Paul knew he couldn’t play golf, it apparently didn’t stop him from chatting it up with the man who was running the golf tournament that day.

Moving back onto that 2008 championship season. One of Pierce’s former teammates, Leon Powe, detailed a story about Paul during that year. Everybody watching that playoff run knew that Pierce deserved the Finals MVP award that he received due to his consistency and big play ability. Powe on the other hand talked about a private contribution that Paul made to this Boston squad that could have heavily impacted the result of this series. Throughout the entire Eastern Conference Finals series against the Detroit Pistons, Leon was only able to score eight points. That unfortunate scoring streak carried into the NBA Finals, when he only scored four in Game 1. Leon said that he couldn’t help but hide his frustrations after that game and was visibly upset in the locker room. Pierce walked over to him and said, “Leon, don’t trip. Relax. It’s just a regular game. Go out there and play your game.” Powe took that advice seriously and tried to take it easy on himself throughout the rest of the series. In Game 2, Leon flipped the script on his scoring and dropped 21 points on high efficiency to give Boston a 2-0 series lead. None of that could have been possible without Pierce taking some time out of his day to help out a teammate.

Next up on our list of stories, we have the infamous Dungeon that Pierce loves to go into. Whenever somebody needed Pierce before any type of basketball game, they always knew exactly where to look. He would be in what he calls the Dungeon, which was really just the office of Johnny Connor, the equipment manager. The two of them happened to be terrific friends and would be able to sit around and talk about practically anything that came to mind. When a crew came in to interview Connor about the Dungeon, they noticed a small stack of boxes in the corner of the room on a shelf. All of those boxes had the numbers 34 written on the side of them. Connor noticed they were checking them out and he said that they were Pierce’s footwear. He followed that up with, “His shoes stay there, a jersey too. Just in case he wants to come out and come to this locker room.” I could imagine that those boxes of shoes remain there to this day, though the chances of a Pierce, Boston reunion may not be in the cards anymore.

Finally, we get to the best story of this video. This story happened pretty recently and got him punished awfully harshly. One night, Pierce decided to open up an Instagram Live video for all of his followers to tune into. He was sitting on a couch with a ton of friends around him and a couple of poker tables out. The first thought was that gambling was taking place there, but it somehow got worse for Pierce once exotic dancers started to come into his screen and hang around him. Obviously, fans of Pierce and the NBA in general actually ended up loving the video. A lot of people thought it was hilarious and the memes that followed were just brutal. However, it got a little bit awkward because he does in fact have a wife. It got worse for him when ESPN, the company that he works for, decided to part ways with him a couple of days after the video caught fire on social media. I personally don’t believe that he should have been fired for those actions, but I definitely see how it was poorly reflecting the company that ESPN was trying to build up. Let’s face it, sitting in a room with strippers, cigars and poker tables doesn’t really give off that role model vibe that everybody is looking for nowadays. This video isn’t something that you want to miss, and I heavily recommend you checking it out.

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