Trae Did What? 6 Best Trae Young Fights You Need To See

Trae Did What? 6 Best Trae Young Fights You Need To See

Trae Young is just a few years into his NBA career, and he has already made a number of enemies, including an entire fan base. But we will get to that one later in the video. For now, we will be going over his brutal fight with Grayson Allen. He and Allen never seemed to get along and this feud has gone on for quite a while. So long, that this fight is actually two parts, one fight occurred shortly after he was first drafted and the other came just a year ago during a preseason game.

It all started back in the summer league between Trae and Grayson Allen. The Hawks had the basketball down by eight points in the third quarter when Trae wanted to give his team a spark offensively. He pump faked, got Grayson to jump into the air, and then attempted to shoot a three. The only problem was that Allen intentionally jumped onto Young so that he wouldn’t be able to get the shot off and chose to just foul him instead. The two got tangled up because of it and Young literally threw Allen off of him and forced him to stumble. The second Allen regained his balance he delivered a headbutt to the chest of Young before putting his arms in the air as if he did nothing wrong. Which is kind of ironic considering the fact he was the only reason this fight even started in the first place. Young continued to follow closely behind Allen, and they shared some words to one another before the referees and teammates got in between them and got them pushed apart. Both players toned down the arguments for the rest of that summer league game, but animosity is clearly still there for either player.

That was evidenced by their most recent fight this preseason in the NBA. Memphis held a solid lead in the third quarter when Allen caught a pass around a Jonas Valanciunas screen. Young followed him around the screen very closely but the two were bumping into each other on almost every step they took. Pretty soon after, Grayson lost his balance while being tangled with Young. Trae chose not to help him up and instead pushed him to the ground while he was stumbling. This immediately caused a ton of players to rush in and try and defend their teammate. Dillon Brooks and Young both exchanged shoves with one another and could be seen yelling something while Ja Morant flew in to argue with Trae a little bit. Just to recap, in about thirty seconds, Young pushed Allen to the floor, shoved Brooks off of him and had some trash talk for Ja Morant right after. Boy, talk about an eventful few minutes. Though Young has had quite a few other fights that ended up being eventful.

This next fight happened to come between Trae Young and Marcus Smart. If anybody has ever watched Marcus Smart play basketball, then you would know how scrappy and physical of a defender he is. The Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks were locked in a one-point game with just 40 seconds remaining. Boston held the lead and the ball and was hoping to further put this game away on the current possession. He drained a three right in the face of a defending Young, and while Smart was walking away, he was seen shouting something towards the Atlanta bench right before the timeout. A few more seconds fly off the clock and Trae had the ball down two points with under ten seconds left. He attempted a three after a small crossover and was blocked by Daniel Theis. He fell to the ground pretty hard, and Smart picked the ball up and stepped over Young while he was on the ground. Trae put his arms out and it ended up causing Smart to fall down in front of him. By the time Marcus stood back up he had two Atlanta players up in his face arguing with him. Then Young got up and had some words to say to him while also pleading his case to the referees because he thought he was fouled by Theis just seconds earlier. Surprisingly, it didn’t take very long for the officials to sort everything out. They just called a simple common foul on Young for pushing Smart when he tried to step over him. Smart knocked down the free throw and the Celtics held on to win the ball game. Trae isn’t somebody to get into fights for no reason and stepping over him while he is on the ground about to lose a basketball game is definitely enough to warrant a response like that.

However, this next fight was warranted a little bit differently. The Hawks were up against the Portland Trail Blazers about a year or two ago and they held a massive 16-point lead in the contest. Trae Young took the ball up the court in a hurry after a missed shot by Portland. He got up to the three-point line, sized up his defender Trevor Ariza, then threw the ball between his legs and went to run right around him. The only issue was that Ariza had a pretty big problem with being nutmegged and didn’t feel like going around on a highlight reel all week. So, he pretty much body checked Young out of bounds almost the second the ball went through his legs. The referees instantly called a foul on the grizzly veteran, but he wasn’t done just yet. Ariza continued to yell and try to walk over to Young over the attempted move and even sent a small shove to one of the referees trying desperately to hold him back. Meanwhile, Young just stood there after the shove, smiling and nodding like “Alright, I gotcha.” He was also waving his arm in the air to try and hype the crowd up and he was definitely able to accomplish that, as the crowd got louder after seeing the replay. After further review, the officials actually handed Ariza a technical foul for his actions and Trae knocked in the free throw to extend Atlanta’s lead. I guess it’s safe to say nobody should ever attempt to nutmeg Trevor Ariza or you will suffer the consequences.

Similar to how Young suffered the consequences here against the Chicago Bulls. It was about halfway through the first quarter when Young was taking the ball up the court. There was a timeout called on the floor and Young chose to just stand back and shoot a three to warm up, like most players do. When he landed from his jump shot, Kris Dunn chose to bump right into him. The two both turned around and started arguing a small bit. That was when everything took a turn for the worst, as Dunn reached out and slapped Young on the back of his head in order to get his attention again. Shockingly, Robin Lopez was the only player left to really get in between them and push them away though another Chicago player jumped in shortly after. Play ended up resuming a little bit later and Young was determined to make Dunn regret hitting him on the head. He pulled up from deep and splashed a three pointer right in the face of Dunn, then put his hands on his hips and stared down Dunn as he walked towards his bench. However, the referees blew a whistle on the floor and actually handed Young his second technical foul of the ball game for his taunt, ejecting him from the current contest. Dunn got the last laugh here because of that but Young was in total shock that he was just ejected for something so minimal. You could see him holding his head just completely confused as to why he was thrown out of the game. I guess the referees wanted to make an example out of him because both him and Dunn wouldn’t stop getting at each other. Just like how the New York Knicks and their fans kept attacking Trae just a few days ago.

See, the Knicks were just eliminated by the Hawks in the opening round of the postseason this year. Each team went at it and there was a ton of physicality throughout the entire series. Then one game in Madison Square Garden, Trae went up for a floater and just missed it. He fell to the ground as the clock expired for the first half. Julius Randle grabbed the missed and threw it behind it back at Young who was still on the ground. John Collins did what he could to stand up for his teammate as he pointed out who threw the ball and was even sharing some words with the veteran Reggie Bullock, who walked over to chat a little bit with Young. This probably would have been a much larger issue had the majority of Knicks players didn’t all leave the court and head into the locker room. Still, Young and the Hawks weren’t very happy about the disrespect that was shown by Randle and other veteran players on the Knicks. But this disrespect went far beyond just basketball. Apparently, during the first few games of this series, Young was verbally harassed the entire game. The Hawks were booed the entire game, but Young sank a clutch floater with a second left to win the game for his team on the road. He then shooshed the crowd while he walked back on defense, prompting the Knicks arena to chant “Trae Young is balding” for the entire second game of the series. Though some fans took it too far. One guy was even caught on video spitting on Young when he was trying to inbound the basketball, that fan was eventually banned for life thankfully. The Hawks then won both of their games at home before returning to Madison Square Garden to wrap up this series. As they were winning and the game was coming to a close, there was a classic photo going around of Young turning around and smiling at the crowd while being relentlessly heckled by fans. He even shouted back “are you gonna spit on me next?” to one of the fans in the front row. Young may not be the most confrontational player in the league, but he sure has turned himself into the villain of New York after that series.

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