We Talking About HEATED Moments (Allen Iverson)

We Talking About HEATED Moments (Allen Iverson)

Allen Iverson once Fought a referee? Well, kind of. You’re going to have to watch until the end to see what exactly that’s all about!

Arguably the greatest Philadelphia 76er of all time. Allen Iverson was a staple for the NBA during his time in the league. He was a ridiculously talented scorer and passer and has handles that are hard to match to this day. However, despite his insane talent he had quite a few fights. In today’s video, we will be going over a few of his best fights throughout his career, including one that has him fighting with a referee! So, stick around to find out how that happened!

Kicking off our list, we have the fight between Allen Iverson and Sasha Vujacic back in 2006. Iverson found himself on a Fastbreak with two Los Angeles Lakers players running besides him to try and stop him. It was early on in the fourth quarter and the Philadelphia 76ers were only down by five points at this time, so two easy points off of a Fastbreak would have definitely helped. Iverson went up for a layup and was met by both Lakers defenders, with one of them grabbing his arm as he went up and ripping the ball out of his hands while he was falling to the ground. That man happened to be Sasha Vujacic, who was whistled for a foul on the play but that didn’t deter Iverson from unleashing some frustration towards him. He sprung up and literally charged Vujacic as if he was going to tackle him. He slammed into him, but it didn’t look like Sasha was affected by the hit whatsoever as he slowly took a step backwards. Iverson had to then be restrained by another teammate while Vujacic continued to walk after him yelling and shouting at him. Allen let some words fly of his own but was again restraint and held back by none other than Kyle Korver. Philly knew just how important he was to their team at the time and didn’t need him getting ejected over something stupid. Meanwhile, Sasha wasn’t a very memorable player in Lakers history, and it would have been a win for him and his team if he was able to get Allen off the floor.

It seems like Dennis Rodman makes an appearance in any video about fighting but here he is once again at number five. Iverson was walking back down to play defense after a failed offensive possession, and he looked frustrated. Rodman must have realized that because he ran down and gave Iverson a small bump before looking right at him and clapping. Iverson kept his composure for the time being but later in the game the two went at it once more. The two players both jumped up for a rebound and Rodman accidentally elbowed or pushed Iverson in the back. Rodman didn’t think much of it but Iverson charged him and bumped into his back. Iverson had gotten a hold of Rodman’s jersey and refused to let go despite being dragged away, he was just holding on for dear life. Meanwhile, Rodman was back up against the first few rows of fans and was literally just trying to get Allen off of him. Players were taking turns holding and pushing Rodman back but when you look at the clip, he really didn’t care at all. He was sort of smiling towards the end of it also and didn’t look at all angry like Iverson was when he was pulled away.

This next altercation never turned physical but there was certainly a lot of trash talking and arguing, which is why it lands at number four. It was right after a timeout, and players were beginning to return to the floor to prepare for the next possession. Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant had started chatting when walking back onto the floor and it looked like the usual trash talk. However, the talking wasn’t stopping at all, and they were following each other across the court. Soon enough everybody started to get the idea that they were arguing over something, and you could see it get a little more confrontational as they went on. These are both very mentally tough guys though, so they didn’t let it get to them enough to where they threw punches and started swinging for the fences. Instead, they just continued to trash talk and argue until a Lakers teammate ran in to push them both away. After you could see other referees and fellow players jump in between to get the two superstars back to their own side to avoid losing them to a technical foul or ejection. Neither player seemed thrilled to be broken up by the referees and Iverson was actually arguing with them also because he felt they were just trash talking. Which is likely the reason why they kept on going right after everybody left them alone again!

Here we have Iverson going at it with a referee at number three, though if you ever watched him play basketball you would know this happens quite often. This was one of the only times he had to be held back from an official though. The Philadelphia 76ers were playing the New York Knicks and it was a pretty close game. The momentum was starting to shift in favor of the Knicks, so Philly decided to call a timeout right when they tried double teaming Iverson when he crossed half court. Allen threw the basketball pretty low to the ground over at an official before turning to walk back to his bench and was shockingly whistled for a technical foul because of it! When he first heard that he was hit with a tech for simply throwing the basketball over to a referee he just lost his mind. He turned around screaming and yelling “how” while pushing teammates out of the way. Eventually somebody actually had to grab his arms because he was charging over to the ref that blew the whistle on him. It took about four teammates to get him pulled back and he eventually just started walking back to his own bench. Later in the contest when the game started to wind down. The same situation occurred, when a timeout was called when Iverson was holding the basketball. He gingerly ran over to the ref that called a technical foul on him and faked handing him the ball, only to run over to a different referee and gently give the ball to him. It was a perfect and hilarious way to get back at the guy without actually doing anything to get ejected! Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to hear about the time Iverson was almost sent to jail over a fight! You won’t want to miss out on that story!

Coming in at number two we have the battle between Eddie House and AI. Eddie House was truly able to get under Allen Iverson’s skin on this one. Iverson played an inbound pass beautifully right in the middle of a game, as Glen Rice got a little bit lazy and tossed the ball right in front of him. Iverson saw that he wanted to inbound it quickly, so he jumped the pass and went up for a free layup. Eddie House was the only guys prepared to even defend against it, so he jumped and accidentally hit Iverson on the head with both of his arms. Allen was apparently already hit in the head earlier in the game so this one was the last straw for him. He instantly went to charge House but was held back by three teammates in the area. They were pulling him back and doing all that they could, but Iverson looked determined to at least get a punch or push off on House. When the replay was shown to see what actually went down between them, you could see House put his hand on Allen’s chest while he was trying to charge at him so they could keep their distance. Iverson responded by pointing his finger right in the face of House, who pushed his arms away and had to be pushed away from Iverson as well. For the next few minutes while the referees tried to sort everything out, Iverson was seen just holding onto his head in pain while House was just like “hey it wasn’t intentional.”

This final fight was probably his worst which is why its ranked number one on our list, and it didn’t come when he was in the NBA. As a matter of fact, it came when he was just a high school kid. Iverson was able to absolutely stun all of the scouts that came to see him in Indianapolis, with USA Today claiming that he was the Jewel of the upcoming draft class already. Every single college in the country basically wanted to get their hands on Iverson and lock him onto their roster but things got a little confusing a few days later. Iverson was hit with three felony charges over a fight he had with random strangers at a bowling alley. One employee said that he saw Allen strike a woman over the head with a chair, yes you heard that correctly. The man then walked over to intervene in the altercation and Iverson struck him with the chair also, completely breaking his glasses in the process. When he was later asked about what set him off, he claimed that people called him racial slurs for quite a while before he decided to take action against them. The fight ended up turning into quite a large brawl as other people were jumping in and beating each other up. Iverson pled guilty to all three charges and was very lucky that he didn’t go to jail for years and years. Three other people were charged in the fight as well, but their trial was a little later than Iverson’s. It was a huge deal at the time because as I mentioned earlier, everybody in the nation wanted Iverson to play for their team, and NBA scouts were likely already taking notice of this young high school kid. To put his hype into perspective a little bit, Iverson was averaging 31.6 points per game during high school while simultaneously playing football for his school, scoring 21 touchdowns and passing for 14 more. He was considered one of the best athletes of his generation which is why this felony charge was such a massive deal. Luckily, everything was able to work out and we eventually got to see him play and star in the NBA, but boy could this fight have been ten times worse.

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