Who In The NBA Hasn’t Tried To Fight Marcus Smart?

Who In The NBA Hasn’t Tried To Fight Marcus Smart?

Everybody knows Marcus Smart; he is one of those players that you hate to go up against yet love to have on your team. He is scrappy and physical and has made a living off of being a terrific defender and teammate. However, that physicality doesn’t always help his team out. This video will have a number of exhilarating fights involving Marcus Smart throughout his career, but to kick everything off we have a crazy feud involving him and J.R. Smith. These two hate each other quite a bit and for good reason, they seem to always get into heated confrontations no matter the circumstances.

This fight took place in the Eastern Conference Finals just a few years ago, with the Boston Celtics going up against the Cleveland Cavaliers. At this time, Kyrie Irving wasn’t on the Cavs anymore so LeBron James, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith were trying to do everything they could to make another Finals appearance. Boston won the first matchup at home and were up by eight points with just three minutes left in Game 2. With all of the momentum on the side of the Celtics, Al Horford cut to the basket for two points and was met with a hard shove in the back by J.R. Smith. Whistles were blown as Horford flew to the ground, but Smith just turned around and started walking away like nothing even happened. Marcus Smart immediately ran over and bumped into Smith in an effort to defend his now slightly hobbled teammate. Smith sent Smart a shove to get some space while Marcus continued to try and charge after him. Smith was pushed away by Jeff Green and a referee while Smart was restrained by LeBron James, Love and Tristan Thompson. The two continued to share words and argue with one another the entire way they walked to their bench. Coaches for Boston had to make sure Smart was settled down because they couldn’t afford to lose him to a suspension especially when this current game was already wrapped up. Though, these two fought quite a bit actually. During the regular season, the Celtics and the Cavs faced off once again. Smith got tangled up with Aron Baynes and it resulted in the two players each exchanging hard shoves to one another. As Smith was being pulled away from Baynes by two Cavaliers teammates, Smart flew in from behind and sent Smith another shove in the back. As you could imagine, this just sparked absolute chaos all over the place. Smith was seen laughing and backing up from the pile while Smart was fighting through Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier like a wild dog to try and hit J.R. After a few second, Smith eventually sent a shove towards either a referee or Jordan Clarkson, as the two were trying to keep him away from Marcus while he got restrained as well. Smart was pushed away to try and get calmed down while Smith could be seen saying “I’m good” and clapping to try and get the crowd all riled up from the fight. This was probably the most insane fight of Smart’s career, though this next one could have been a lot worse had he not been pulled away.

The Celtics were going up against Dwight Howard and the Philadelphia 76ers in this matchup when an outburst occurred. Howard was fighting for positioning to grab an offensive rebound but he accidently knocked down Marcus in the process. Howard passed it to a teammate who drove into the lane and Howard and Smart once again started fighting for a box out. This time though, when they got tangled up, Smart wiggled free and gave Howard a hard shove. Then the two started arguing and yelling when Jayson Tatum and another Boston player ran over to pull Smart away. While they were doing so, somebody must have had their hand on Howard because he swiped hard and knocked away whoever tried to calm him down. Howard surprisingly didn’t need as much calming down as Smart did, but the situation resolved itself quicker than most fights. It definitely ended quicker than this next fight.

The Celtics were up against the Atlanta Hawks in a normal regular season game. Though nothing was normal about this fight. The Hawks were up by seven with just under eight minutes remaining in the third quarter when play was stopped. There seemed to be arguments happening from multiple players on the court that had to be figured out. There was a huge pile on the court while referees tried getting everyone separated and sorted out. Smart seemed to be one of the players that had to be restrained, as he was pulled away by maybe five people including Al Horford. Then out of nowhere, you could see Smart break away from his restraints and full sprint through everybody just to send a shove to DeAndre Bembry. It looked as if he may have thrown a punch in there, but it was too hard to tell because of how many people were around the two of them. Had he connected on a punch though, this situation would have been ten times worse for the scrappy Celtics guard.

Next, the Boston Celtics found themselves in a playoff series when this next fight took place. I guess this just happens to be when Smart is unable to get control of his emotions. Though this one wasn’t really his fault at all. The team was against the Boston Celtics and were up 2-1 in the series at the time of this matchup. Boston held a twenty-point lead in this matchup though, so the Bulls were desperately trying to flip the momentum. Chicago missed a shot and Marcus Smart came down with the board, as he went to dribble up court Jimmy Butler was locked onto every step he took. He literally didn’t get off of Smart, so Marcus tried to turn around and another Chicago player stole the ball and got a free layup. Right when Smart tried to inbound the ball again Butler followed him and put his chest on him once again. At this point Marcus had enough and shove him backwards and out of his face for a second. Butler went right back at Smart and the two started jawing and arguing with one another for a little bit. Referees and other teammates were stepping in to try and separate them for a while. Gerald Green could be seen giving words of encouragement to Marcus Smart and try to get his head back into the game, after all they were still winning by 18 points and held all of the momentum. Meanwhile, Butler was being talked to by the Miami Heat legend Dwayne Wade, who had his arm around Butler’s shoulders to try and motivate him so that he could get his head back into the game and not on the fight.

This next clip ended up being one of the biggest of Marcus’s career and it took place when they were up against the Sacramento Kings. The Celtics were thrashing the Kings in this matchup and frustrations started to get the best of Demarcus Cousins. Boston held a 21-point lead with just over seven minutes remaining in the game and it was just about time to wrap it up and go home. Cousins set an offensive screen for his teammate to try and spring him open but ended up getting wrapped around the defender that was guarding his teammate. That defender happened to be Marcus Smart, one of the scrappiest players in the league. So, you already know that the two of them would have started to get into a fight. But the fight didn’t start at the screen, it just intensified things a little bit. That exact same possession, Smart just happened to be standing in front of Cousins as the ball bounced off the rim, so Smart did all he could to box out Cousins on the perimeter and he was not happy about it. Before you knew it, Cousins literally flipped Smart onto the ground, with referees and players all sprinting over to separate the two before it got any worse than it was. Smart was luckily unable to get a swing or shove in but was still punished with a technical foul, the same punishment that Cousins faced. Though it wouldn’t have been that big of a punishment for Cousins had he not already had a technical foul to his name during that game. So, this fight ended up getting him ejected.

This final clip happens to take place during a college game, when Smart just got into it with a fan, something you don’t get to see very often. A player on the opposing team had gotten off to a breakaway and jumped into the air to slam the ball down for two points. As we all know, Smart never gives up on a play so he was chasing after the player and even jumped up with him to deflect the ball away from him to save the points. He ended up falling short of his goal but carried so much momentum that he went flying into the first few rows. While he was there, the cameras cut over to him speaking to a fan before he pushed him with two hands and the two women around the fan had immediately jumped to the fans aid and separated it before things could have gotten worse. Every time the cameras cut back over to the fan, he was just smiling and laughing over the situation as if he didn’t do anything wrong at all while the few people around him were shocked that it even happened in the first place. Smart walked back onto the court after the shove and pleaded with the referees to punish the man because he claims that he was yelling racist remarks at him while he was trying to get back up and return to the floor. The team ended up trying to review the footage to find out what exactly was said, and they weren’t able to clearly hear what was said though it sounds close to what the fan claimed that he said, calling Smart “a piece of crap.” It will never be known what actually was said but clearly it had enough of an effect for Smart to take matters into his own hands.

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