Why Everyone Is Obsessed With These Kyrie Irving Fights

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With These Kyrie Irving Fights

Kyrie Irving may be known as quite a weird dude nowadays because of everything he does off the basketball court. However, nothing can ever take away from the immense amount of talent that he has shown on the court. It doesn’t seem to matter which team he plays for; his ridiculous dribbling skills and shooting have put him in the conversation for the best point guard in the league at times. The former NBA champion has gotten himself into a number of fights throughout his career though, including a few nasty ones that we will get to at the end of the video. For now, though, we have compiled a few of the best fights with Kyrie Irving to show you all.

Let’s kick this video off with Kyrie Irving on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team was in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Toronto Raptors, and they were leading the series 1-0 in Game 2. Irving was defending Kyle Lowry when suddenly Bismack Biyombo stepped in to hand the ball off to Lowry and set a hard screen. Irving bashed into him pretty hard, and the whistle was blown. Kyrie started walking back down to his bench when Biyombo stuck out his elbow and held Kyrie from going anywhere. This sparked a pretty intense confrontation between both parties. Irving threw Biyombo’s hand off of his chest and by that time there was a ton of people running in to separate the two players. LeBron James, Lowry and Tristan Thompson were the first three guys there alongside a few referees who were blowing the whistle and trying to calm things down a small bit. Thankfully, the two didn’t have any more physical confrontation and they were each able to get calmed down on the bench and return to the normal playoff game at hand. However, in this next fight, there wasn’t any calming down at first.

Irving was on the Boston Celtics at this time, and they were up against the Memphis Grizzlies. Irving was able to fly past Shelvin Mack after unleashing a flurry of dribble moves against him. Mack was so unprepared for the quickness of Irving that he just reached out both arms and fouled him before Irving could hit the layup for two points. Mack was talking to the referees while play was stopped when Kyrie walked in between each of them to inbound the basketball for his Celtics. It was then that Mack had a few words to say to Kyrie which made him start trash talking back. Because there was a referee just inches away from them, the whistle was blown pretty quickly, and they were getting separated before other teammates even knew what was going on in the first place. Kyrie was seen smiling and clapping pretty hard to try and rile up his home stadium while Mack and the rest of the Grizzlies weren’t very happy. A technical foul was dished out pretty fast while everybody in the area did their best to keep both Mack and Kyrie separated for the time being. The rest of that game Irving went off. He had that chip on his shoulder throughout that final quarter and was constantly getting any shot that he wanted offensively. It ended up working out nicely for Irving, who didn’t even instigate this fight but was rather defending himself after being greeted with trash talk when inbounding the basketball.

This next fight didn’t start that same way though. As a matter of fact, it only started because of Kyrie Irving trying to defend his Cavaliers teammate. There was literally just a minute gone in the first quarter of the Cavaliers game against the Philadelphia 76ers when a player had bashed into the back of LeBron James during a play, making him fall to the floor. No whistles were called, and James slowly got back up to try and stop the 76ers from scoring that possession down the court. The ball was passed around a little bit longer before a shot was eventually taken, clanking off the rim and flying out of bounds. However, the same guy that knocked James down was sprinting after the basketball in an effort to save it, only to be met with Irving who gave him a hard two-handed shove out of bounds. Irving saw it as a terrific opportunity to get his revenge for shoving his teammate to the floor. The Philadelphia player ended up crashing into the first few rows of the stands and whistles were blown immediately on Irving for his shove. A flagrant was in fact called on Kyrie for the play but in his defense, he was able to stand up for his teammate. Thankfully nobody was hurt on this play and the game was able to continue without a serious injury. Make sure to stick around until the end of the video to watch the worst fight of Kyrie Irving’s career to date!!

For now, we will be hanging around his time with the Boston Celtics. The team was against the Denver Nuggets, and they were down by eight points with just nine seconds remaining in the ball game. Jamal Murray was just dribbling the clock out as the game was pretty much over, when he chose to take a three pointer with a second left in the clock just to rub it in. Now, it is basically an unwritten rule of basketball to never take a jump shot like that when the game is already decided, and everybody is waiting around letting the clock run out. A few Celtics players had some words to say to Murray on the way out, including Irving. When the cameras cut to Kyrie, he could be seen waving his hand off at somebody like ignoring them, before taking another few steps with the game ball and launching it up into the upper levels of the stadium. Murray had himself a fantastic night that game, and chances are he would have gotten the game ball from his head coach. If that was in fact the game ball, Irving didn’t want Murray touching that thing after the jump shot, he attempted. He may have overreacting a small bit by throwing it up into the stands, but emotions were probably already pretty high because their team just lost a close game.

Emotions seem to be the true cause of a lot of these fights around the league and that was just the case here. The Nets were up against the Los Angeles Lakers when Dennis Schroeder and Kyrie Irving went at it. Irving spent half of the possession just chasing Dennis around an Andre Drummond screen before finally poking the ball away from him on the perimeter. Unfortunately, the referees whistled for a foul on Kyrie for the reach in which made the play stop and cause for an inbound pass. As the teams were getting set up, more whistles were blown. These whistles were because Schroeder and Irving started to walk at each other yelling and arguing right on the baseline. Everybody dove in to break the two players up but the entire time they were just yelling over everybody at one another, getting under each other’s skin. Eventually the referee called double technical on each of them, and play was supposed to resume. Though right when everybody started to get back into position, Kyrie and Dennis continued to argue while walking away and the referees jumped in to hand out ejections. Kyrie was ejected first but while the commentators were talking about Irving’s ejection, they threw Schroeder out of the game as well! Just when you thought it was finally over, Irving started following a referee and yelling at him for getting ejected over something he didn’t feel was that serious. Irving then had to get himself calmed down before angrily walking off the court and into the tunnel to the locker room. Right when he left, Dennis had some words to say to the referee because he was confused as to why he was thrown out also. I guess trash talk is enough to get yourself removed from the game nowadays!

This other small altercation also happened to involve some trash talk. Dennis Smith Jr. was able to knock into Kyrie while aggressively driving towards the basket, eventually forcing a whistle to be blown on Kyrie. Smith then stepped into Kyrie and bumped him after the play was called, getting all up in his face and yelling at him despite being a rookie in the league at this time. He was actually trash talking Kyrie so much, that other Celtics players had to step him and pull him away from Irving because he just wouldn’t stop. Now, I don’t really know why he wanted to talk so much trash or what he was even talking about to begin with, but it was clearly enough to get him upset. Throughout the rest of the ball game, Irving completely dominated Smith. He blocked one of his layups attempts off the backboard then schooled him offensively the entire time. Irving even hit him with a nasty crossover during the game to silence the young rookie. This should have come as a lesson to all future rookies who have to go up against Kyrie Irving, let your game do that talking and try not to get one of the most shifty point guards of all time riled up. Or he will make you and your team pay like the Dennis Smith and the Dallas Mavericks had to.

Finally, we have come to one of the most intense fights throughout Kyrie’s career. This one happened to be recent, he was on the Brooklyn Nets and the team was up against the New York Knicks at the time. Kyrie drove into the lane and jumped up for either a layup or a dunk and was met in the air by a Knicks player who sent him sprawling to the ground. The ball ended up bouncing right to him when he landed on the ground but when he was sitting there holding it after the whistle was blown, Bobby Portis walked over and was fighting Irving for the basketball for no reason at all. A jump ball may have been called in the middle of it all before Taurean Prince ran up in there and shoved Portis before getting up in his face in defense of Kyrie. Irving was able to get himself up on his feet when things just turned into a complete mess. It seemed as if every single player on the court at the time ran into the pile to get a few words out and argue with members of the other team. All the while there were referees trying to push players apart and get things sorted out before anybody were to throw a punch or try and tackle one another. Even after both teams were getting moved out of the pile, the chatter and trash talk was still very much going around on the court. Looking back at it, there was genuinely no real reason for Portis to be itching to grab the ball out of Kyries hands right there. I mean the play was essentially over and doing that just caused chaos and anger among everybody on the floor. Can you imagine how much quicker the game would have gone if he didn’t try to do that? Punishments wouldn’t have had to be dished out and the poor referees wouldn’t have had to fight their way through a pile for five minutes before looking back at tons of footage to determine what started this ordeal.

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