You Haven’t Seen These Serge Ibaka Fights (Must Watch)

You Haven’t Seen These Serge Ibaka Fights (Must Watch)

Many NBA fans around the world may know of the man Serge Ibaka. He has always been a solid role player and started for quite a few teams around the league and seems to play with a level of intensity that not many players can match. He is a world champion but also, quite the fighter apparently. However, sometimes that intensity and fighting spirit goes a little too far. That was exactly the case in this fight against the former Cleveland Cavaliers player Marquese Chriss. It went so far to the point where Ibaka had his hand wrapped around Chriss’s neck and slammed him up against the stanchion! Without further ado let’s just jump right into the fight!

Back when Serge Ibaka was on the Toronto Raptors, he got into arguably the most heated confrontation in his entire career! The Raptors were up against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the quarter was just about to end. Ibaka ran all the way down the floor in an effort to steal one more basket be receiving a full court pass. Norman Powell cocked back and launched the ball downcourt to Ibaka, who got slightly tangled up with Marquese Chriss, eventually falling onto the ground. No foul was called, and the quarter ended but Chriss stood over Ibaka for a few seconds and had some words to say to him. As Chriss began walking away, Ibaka sprung up, reached around and put his hand around his neck. He held his neck all the way until the two players hit the stanchion under the net, which is when things just took a turn for the worst. Chriss threw a punch at Ibaka and missed just so that he would get off of him, which ended up getting Ibaka to retaliate to the punch and throw one of his own. They each tried to throw another punch but thankfully there was enough teammates and referees in the area to get them separated after just the one punch each. Still, punches aren’t all that common in the NBA anymore, and the fact that Ibaka both choked and punched an opponent made it seem like he was about to participate in a UFC fight. However, not all of the fights involving Serge Ibaka ended up getting to that point.

He had a fight a while back with Lamarcus Aldridge. The Raptors were playing the San Antonio Spurs with about a few minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Spurs holding a five-point lead. Emotions were at a high as both teams tried to pull together enough energy and momentum to rip away a win. Danny Green had the basketball and was making a flurry of dribble moves in order to get close to the basket, he then turned around and hit the mid-range shot to give his team a seven-point lead over the Raptors. The whole time that was going on, Aldridge and Ibaka were wrestling for positioning inside for a rebound when anger started to boil over. Ibaka threw an elbow at Aldridge under the rim when the two chose to just go right at one another. They walked up to each other and went forehead to forehead, bumping heads before Aldridge sent a two-handed shove to Ibaka. Ibaka went ballistic after that and was battling DeMar DeRozan who was holding him back so that he could unleash his anger out on Lamarcus. Meanwhile, there were about four Spurs players dragging Aldridge out of the pile so that the situation couldn’t get any worse than it already was. Though, even when they were all the way across the court from one another, they could still be seen yelling and arguing at each other, just itching to be released so that they could throw down right then and there.

Ibaka chose to do just that in this next fight against almost the entire Los Angeles Clippers lineup on the floor. Ibaka has been on a number of teams throughout his career, but he started off with the Oklahoma City Thunder alongside both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The team was up against the Clippers, otherwise known as LOB City at the time and there was just five seconds left in the opening half. Blake Griffin went up for a shot and was fouled by Ibaka. Blake turned around and tried walking back but got tangled up by Ibaka, as his arm was stuck in between Blake’s arm and his chest. Ibaka must have felt like Blake was intentionally holding onto his arm because he inched closer and shoved Griffin backwards to free his arm. Though it had some consequences as Matt Barnes instantly shoved Ibaka backwards to protect his teammate. Ibaka then shoved Barnes before Jared Dudley, Jamal Crawford and Chris Paul dove in to split the two men up, all the while there was arguing and yelling going on in the center of the pile from Ibaka, Barnes and Griffin. Boos rained down on the floor as each player was restrained and pulled away from the pile. It took quite a while for the referees to look over the footage and get everything sorted out on the floor. I could only imagine how many fouls and ejections could have been handed out if that pile ended up getting far more violent than it ended up being.

Moving forward, we have another fight involving Serge Ibaka only this time it was against Robin Lopez a few seasons ago. The Raptors were against the Chicago Bulls with four minutes left in the third quarter when a Chicago player chucked up a three-point shot. Lopez was running to try and grab an offensive rebound but was bumped by a Toronto player. He was knocked back into Serge Ibaka after the shot went in, but for some reason he was upset with Ibaka. Lopez started barking something right at Ibaka before slapping the basketball out of his hands, sparking the two to begin shoving and pushing. As they were being separated by a ton of other players, Lopez threw a punch, barely missing Ibaka’s face. Serge responded with a punch of his own, only this time he was able to somewhat connect on a shot. By the time the other players and referees saw punches thrown, they did everything they could to separate them. Ibaka was literally dragged to the ground by a few Toronto players just to get him away from Lopez, though he hopped back up and continued to rush over at Robin before being held back once more. All the while Lopez was screaming at one referee who pulled him away from the pile. It seems to be the usual case for Ibaka but while he was all the way across the court, he was still arguing with a player. That player was Nikola Mirotic. They were pointing at one another and yelling all the way across the floor from one another as they were being pushed back even further. It was an absolute mess to clean up for the referees as most fights usually are but this one was chaos.

Just like this next fight involving Ibaka and Lamarcus Aldridge. These two seemed to never get along when their teams matched up with one another. That was just the case here when the Oklahoma City Thunder met up with the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland was up by seven points with just ten seconds remaining in overtime, so they basically had the game all wrapped up. Damian Lillard took a tough shot while the shot clock was winding down while Aldridge and Ibaka battled it out on the offensive glass to try and rebound the basketball. Ibaka threw Aldridge around when Aldridge threw Ibaka back around and out of bounds. Ibaka then grabbed onto Aldridge’s jersey and yanked him out of bounds, which ended up being the final straw for each of them. From what the cameras picked up, it seemed like they began to wrestle each other while standing up, not throwing a punch or taking the other to the ground. But rather just wrapping their arms around one another and walking around until other teammates ran back to break up the two. It was just a few seconds before Ibaka was running back to his bench while Aldridge was being calmed down by some of his veteran Portland teammates. The initial spark that started this fight looked ten times worse than what the fight ended up being. Though given the earlier fight involving these two, I guess their hatred for one another just continued to build.

Finally, we have come to the last major fight of Ibaka’s career so far. The Raptors and the Miami Heat were up against one another in the second half when things got a little heated. Toronto was setting up an inbound play, so Ibaka was just trying to get himself into position against his defender, James Johnson. You could see them both exchange small shoves during the play before they each took a step back and shared some words. Then it took a drastic turn when Johnson threw a punch and connected right to the face of Serge. This resulted in Ibaka throwing a punch right back at Johnson, though he ended up missing the swing. Then both him and Johnson got up into each other’s face and shared some more words, although Ibaka just held his hands up in the air like he did nothing wrong the entire conversation before Johnson was pulled back by the referees. Given how intense these two guys can get on a normal basis, it was truly shocking to see both of them relax and calm down just seconds after the altercation. In fact, Ibaka didn’t need anybody to pull him back, he just walked away calmly and got back to his bench while Johnson went over to his sideline while being comforted by another Miami teammate. I would say this has to be one of the weirdest fights of all time, especially for Ibaka. It is wildly rare to see two players exchange punches mid play, then calmly walk away from the pile without talking that much trash or fighting to get another shot in. Either way, this was probably the best-case scenario because they would have been hard to separate had they actually wanted to throw down in the middle of the current game.

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